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13000 Minnieville Road
Woodbridge, VA, US

Prince William County Dog Park Overview
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset
Cost: Free
Great new dog park in Woodbridge. Has a separate small dog area, benches, a picnic table, agility equipment, and poop-bags and trashcans. Located between Colby Dr. and Sturbridge Rd.
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Average Rating:
Prince William County Dog Park in Woodbridge, VA, US has an average rating of 4.4 based on 5 member reviews.
nice dog park
william in Alexandria
Today was my first time at this dog park with my dogs and they love it. It is a very nice size and fenced in, so can let your dog of the leash. Although they have two sides one for big dogs and for small dog I was in the big dog size. Is nice to see the dogs run around playing catch or chasing each other burning steam, everyone there was very friendly and everyone cleaned up after their dog I will definitely go back and I know my dog will be happy too
Amazing Park
Eric in Woodbridge
I really like this park because it's spilt up into two sections. For small dogs and for normal dogs. Other than that, the park is really clean and friendly. There are many dogs and very welcoming. I can't wait to take my doggy there more often.
Dog Lover
Belinda in Woodbridge
We have 4 small dogs ranging from 3 Scotties and 1 Cairn. If there is no one is the small side we take them to the big one. I agree with the person that said it seems some people don't know how to clean up after themselves. We take our 4 and run them till they are tired then they come home and crash out! :)
Large Dog Park
Kris in Stafford
I've been to this dog park a lot. My dog loves it and law at gets a Goidelic workout. Back towards the trees is where thers a lot of poop where owners ignored picking it up, otherwise it's a big area, friendly people for the most part. I noticed at my last visit there were about 20 tennis balls just laying around. If owners bring them, take them home! Some are dirty and there are so many it would take 40 minutes to find and throw them away. The dogs are too busy playing and chasing each other and don't care about the clutter of tennis balls. I do love the exercise my dog gets at the park and glad it's there.
Great Park!
Kat in Woodbridge
This is a great park, there are trees around so there's usually always some shade. Very well maintained. People are generally really responsible about picking up after their pets and taking care of any fights. There is the occasional person who keeps their dog there even after it starts a few fights (fights usually only break out when people bring their un-neutered males), but most people are smart about it and if their dog can't behave they leave. Also, the group running the park is very responsible and pro-active and regularly holds meetings (which anyone can attend!) where you can give recommendations about any issues that may arise.
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