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6131 E Cholla Ln
Phoenix, AZ, US 85253
(602) 261-8312
Camelback Mountain Overview
Leashed dogs are welcome to hike with you on Camelback Mountain. Located in the middle of Phoenix, Camelback is one of the best urban hikes in the country, and since Camelback Mountain offers four different trails with varying degrees of difficulty from easy to strenuous, you and Fido can choose the best hike for you. Spend less than an hour along the easy trails of Bobby’s Rock Trail or the Ramada Loop Trail. Make sure to hike at a time when your pet will not succumb to heat exhaustion or illnesses, and always carry plenty of water for your pet. Wildlife is prevalent on the trail. Keep your pet from straying off the trail and sniffing in burrows. Pet waste must be picked up immediately, placed in a secure plastic bag, and disposed of in a solid waste container. Phoenix leash laws apply on all trails, and pets must be leashed at all times.
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Average Rating:
Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, AZ, US has an average rating of 2.4 based on 5 member reviews.
Be Careful
Caryn in Scottsdale
Do not hike this with your dog when it's hot out. Cholla is definitely not a super easy hike for a dog. My fiance and I hiked Cholla when it was like 93 degrees and saw people carrying their dogs down because they got too hot and exhausted. Even in the cooler weather, be sure to allow your dog to rest and have them drink plenty of water the day before, the day of before you start hiking and during the hike. The last quarter of the trail is literally boulder climbing on all fours, no idea how you would get a dog up there unless it was a tiny dog you put in a backpack. I live right near Camelback and don't ever plan on taking my dogs here if I intend to go to the top.
Not to the top
Katie in Broomfield, CO
It's damn near impossible to get with your dog all the way to the top… But right before it gets really stupid and ridiculous it's a pretty enjoyable for most dogs. Mine is only about 20 pounds over her it was a little bit rough but it definitely gave her a good workout.
dogs allowed on cholla
Briana in connellsville
I just hiked camelback yesterday and wanted to clarify a review. Allow I didn't bring my pups dogs are allowed on the cholla side just not the echo canyon side. Depending on how well your climbing and dog does on a leash it may be tricky getting the whole way to the top but you definitely can still get a good view.
No Dogs Allowed Anymore :(
Erin in Scottsdale
As of July 2016, dogs are not allowed on either Cholla or Echo trails on Camelback. Too bad because Cholla was such a nice hike and fairly easy for the dogs.
Camelback Echo Canyon is closed to dogs!!
Teri in Phoenix
Since the reopening in February, Echo Canyon Trailhead in Phoenix is closed to dogs. This site needs to be updated!!
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