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3998 Solstice Canyon Rd
Malibu, CA, US 90263

Solstice Canyon Overview
Bring your pet out for a bit of exercise on this mild hike, which afford breathtaking views of the ocean. Leashed pets are welcome.
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Average Rating:
Solstice Canyon in Malibu, CA, US has an average rating of 4.0 based on 8 member reviews.
Taylor in Simi Valley
I went hiking with my best friend, her little sister, my golden retriever, and her Brittany spaniel mix. The dogs loved it. Even though the dogs were supposed to be on leashes at all time, especially around the ruins, no one really cares if they are off leash as long as they are friendly to other dogs and people. Gorgeous nature, lots of shade, and amazing sights. Highly recommended. I didn't let my dog swim but the dogs love to swim in the little creek near the end of the trail.
Lighten up
John in Los Angeles
Dean in Fields needs to relax
Dogs Not Allowed
Dean in Fields
Dogs are not allowed past the ruins and near the waterfall. The photo of your dog in the water depicts illegal activiy and will be forwarded to rangeras. Its sad that this site promotes irresponsible dog ownership and attempts to ruin thing for hikers and swimmers. Just because you believe your dog is cute and friendly does not mean you should be allowed to force him on the rest of us
Solstice Canyon
C&M in Simi Valley
Great hike with our dogs! Beautiful scenery and waterfalls.
An unexpected gem
Faith in Topanga
What a treat Solstice Canyon is, for dogs and people alike. Gorgeous scenery, easy hike (if you take the main trail) and the waterfall at the end feels like the lush green Pacific Northwest and a Disneyland attraction all at once, will deep pools, huge boulders to climb on, ruins, etc. And the dogs can have fun splashing in the water, too!
sunday hike
michelle in LA
great hike - especially for non-hikers... the park could use better signage for dead-end trails, and snake warnings! All in all a good way to spend Sunday morning with the pooch!
Must depend on the time of year
Katya in Los Angeles
While the site & the park claims that the walk to the Tropical Grotto is only 1 mile, it was the longest mile I ever walked. It is not all that shaded; only in spots, so summertime is hot. My dog is young so he had no issues making the walk. I do recommend bringing a lot of water;enough for you & your buddy. & the water is not only for drinking but dousing, cause you will feel hot & grimy. Summertime hiking yields no big pay-off to the effort of the walk. The grotto is pretty dry. Only a slight trickle of water "cascaded" down the rocks. The pool is very minimal. Further, no 1 mentions that you have to climb to see the grotto. That's fine, if you expect it. But it is a 7' rock climb. I did it, out of principal.
dog friendly!!! ya right!
Jezebel in none your business
I hate places that say they are dog friendly then turn around and say oh past a point they are it allowed!!! Screw that if you don't like dogs stay indoors! They are not doing any harm people are the ones leaving there trash all over the damn place!!! Screw this place, your either dog friendly or not not half way bull crap! My dogs are way too good for this place if that's the case! And all you dog hating people can just go screw yourself.
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