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20 Bellevue Ave
Montclair, NJ, US 07042-0000

Brookdale Dog Park Overview
This huge new dog park is fully fenced with a separate small dog area, agility equipment, running water, waste bags, and gravel mulch.
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Average Rating:
Brookdale Dog Park in Montclair, NJ, US has an average rating of 3.6 based on 14 member reviews.
Amazing experience!
Alana in Suffern NY
Today I went to this park for the first time with my morkie puppy. I could not have been more impressed with the whole park. Beautiful dog park with water, agility and plenty of space to run. The owners were all keeping a close eye on their dogs and very friendly. I loved how large the park was and that I could walk around the park with my dog on the paved paths and also could go in the enclosed area for dogs. Beautiful park! I will certainly be back.
S Butler in Nutley NJ
My dog and I love coming here. People are friendly and very respectful with 'dog etiquette'
Nice Park
Erika in newark
We went there today on May 26,2013 for the first time and loved it. I have a 10 month old golden retriever with a lot of energy so i was happy to see him running around and chasing every single dog. No dog fights and every owner was watching their dogs which was another plus for me.
An obvious favorite
Joli in Bloomfield
Please visit my website brookdaleparkdogpark.com for pictures and info!
Best dog park we have been to
Nicole in Rutherford
Very clean, stocked with poop bags, lots of water areas, friendly people with well behaved dogs. Love this place and will go back
Awesome park for Dogs
Trish in Totowa
Been going there for a little while now with out new puppy. He love it! They have two sections, one for large breed dogs and one for small breed dogs. People are friendly, and dogs are too. Must be careful as always and watch your dog. They have agility tools, and lots of room to run and play! You will love it
Awesome park for Dogs
Trish in Totowa
Been going there for a little while now with out new puppy. He love it! They have two sections, one for large breed dogs and one for small breed dogs. People are friendly, and dogs are too. Must be careful as always and watch your dog. They have agility tools, and lots of room to run and play! You will love it
Dog Lover in Verona, NJ
Nearly everything about this park is very positive, with only one big negative which are the dirty sometimes muddy dirt floors of the two dog parks. There are no wood chips covering the inside areas of the Large and the Small dog areas. Therefore my little white toy Maltese gets very dirty just from spending a few minutes in the dog park. I find I don't bring him there anymore due to that problem. He is a toy breed and therefore a lap dog, he is on our laps and our furniture and we need him to be as clean as possible. I wish the powers that be in charge of Brookdale Park would put wood chips down a couple of times a year in the dog parks. My dog and I visit other dog parks in other towns that have the wood chips and our dog stays much cleaner using the parks with the wood chips. Other than that problem, this is an excellent large dog park in the midst of a beautiful stand of large old shade trees in a gorgeous old park. Overall the entire park is maintained beautifully, it is a treasure.
Bea in Clifton
It's a wonderful place to take your dog so they can have fun and meet new friends while you do to. My only complaints are the mud that is created from the doggie fountain (grates to drain the water near the fountain would prevent the mud) and the fact that the sprayer is not working to spray the mud off the dogs before you leave. Barring those 2 issues, it's a great place
Decent park
Tammy in Montclair
Decent place for a dog to play in. Be mindful of other dogs. My dog got attacked by another dog. Other dog's owner acknowledged that it was not the first his dog acted up. Stupid, careless owner.
Some dogs should not be allowed..
Paulina in Garfield
The dog park was nice, but some owners sux just as their pets. It was the first time for my pet to come to a dog park. He's a small 6-months old baby who loves playing with other dogs to death. Of course he was a little shy and scared at first because he did not know any of these dogs. He always plays with my friends dogs who are 3 times bigger then him and everything is fine. But anyways, he was slowly getting there to play with other dogs until he started to be aggressively chased by some white person russell terrier. I understand this is a very active breed, but if he likes being aggressive to smaller dogs then take him to the big dogs area!! My dog started to cry and the owner just said "(name of the dog) stop" with a tone like this is funny. SHe just said because my dog is squeaking like a toy so her dog thinks he is a toy and thats why he is growling at him. No wonder why for the rest of the time my dog was hiding behind my legs every time he saw that dog. He tried to come up to other dogs and play, but that terrier was everywhere and my poor baby was completely scared of him. After they left with him, my dog finally started to go out and play with other dogs. Besides this stupid dog, the park was ok.
Pit bull attacked my dog
BT in Montclair
My dog was in the large dog park for about two minutes when a pit bull targeted him from about 20 feet away and attacked. The dog had him around the neck within 3 seconds. I was able to pull him away--with NO help from anyone in the park including the owner of the pit bull who was way across the enclosure. The very obese owner told me he was going to "kick my ass" for kicking his dog- which I did not do. I did my best to pull his dog off and get between them before the pit killed my dog. I should have "kicked the old mans ass" but thought it best to leave before his dog attacked me. I asking around, it seems that this is a daily occurrence at the large dog park. Stay away unless your fond of large Vet bills.
Great Park but Bad Little Dogs gone Wild
anna in clifton
First time here love the park, wanted my dog to meet other dogs. Thank goodness I was aware of the previous posts. Soon as I got there to the gated area this Brown and White Terrier charged at my dog with some other little dogs too. I wasn't even in the gated area more then 10 seconds with his leash still on him, before I had to scooped my dog up off the ground. The Terrier tried to nip my dog even when he was in my arms with the owner right there too but didn't do anything except say oh he on a leash that's why here do charged my dog. That's total @##$$%^^. I left for good some dogs and owners don't belong there that's for sure. I been to many doggy parks never had a problem. Just be on the and careful too! Its a shame great park my dog loved it outside of the doggy area it didn't totally ruin our time there!
Dog Fights
Helen in Newark
I used to love this dog park - it is large and relatively well maintained. Lately, every time I visit this park there is a dog fight. I have seen dogs leave the park with gaping wounds. I always thought dog fights arise because of the personalities of the dogs. However, on my last visit, my dog was attacked. A dog barked at her, she submitted by rolling on her back and then the dog proceeded to bite at her, causing about 15 other dogs to approach and do the same. The owner of the aggressor dog did and said absolutely nothing. Because this is the type of dog and dog owner that frequents this dog park, I will never return. I caution everyone who goes to this park to be very careful - no matter how docile your dog might be.
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