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Elkhorn Rd and N Buffalo Dr
Las Vegas, NV, US 89131

Centennial Hills Dog Park Overview
Pets will love to play off-leash at this fenced dog park which includes two separate areas. Often crowded, your pet will be sure to find others to play with!
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Average Rating:
Centennial Hills Dog Park in Las Vegas, NV, US has an average rating of 3.5 based on 2 member reviews.
Karson in Las Vegas, Nevada
This dog park is the best dog park I have ever been to. This dog park is temporarily closed. They are putting in new shade areas.
Irresponsible owners
Audrey in Las Vegas
I have taken my dog here ever since he was 4 months old (he is a lab) he is very high energy and is very playful. He has gotten bit twice at this park. The first time he got a ball that another dog wanted, so I can understand that it was his own fault he got bite. The second time, an owner brought is dog in on a leash. You could tell that his dog was not friendly to other dogs and was a little aggressive, the rest of us at the park kept our dogs away from his dog. He let his dog off the leash after 5 mins of being there, and naturally all the rest of the dogs when to sniff him out. Everyone at the park figured since the owner let the dog off the leash, the dog was nice. Within one minute of the dog being off the leash, he went crazy and bite my dog on the ear, my dog was just the closest dog to him. The owner then called his dog back to him and put a mussel on the dog. If you have a mussel for your dog DON'T LET HIM OFF LEASH AT A DOG PARK! the owner didn't even acknowledge that his dog did anything wrong. Everyone but him left the park. I haven't taken my dog back since. many owners there just go to socials with the other owners, or talk on the phone, or smoke they don't even watch their dogs. Talking to other owners about 5 of them said that their dogs have gotten bite there as well.
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