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800 Beach Rd
Fairfield, CT, US 06824-0000

Penfield Beach Overview
This is an on-leash beach open to canines between after October 1st to March 31st, as long as you pick up after them.
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Average Rating:
Penfield Beach in Fairfield, CT, US has an average rating of 2.5 based on 6 member reviews.
NCD in New Haven
Penfield and Jennings beach are great for letting the dogs swim in the waves and meet other dogs. Just be sure your dog is "dog friendly" many people are there.
marty in fairfield
I love this beach. I thought the cut-off was March 31 and we are going through withdrawal. Which is it in 2012? Are there any beaches that are still open to dogs in Fairfield? Perfect for dog running and beach walking
Not leash-free (please obey the rules!)
Peter in Fairfield, CT
Access to Penfield Beach is only from October 1st through March 31st; not "Labor Day to April 30th." Moreover, Penfield is NOT a "leash-free" beach: dogs are required to be leashed above the mean/average water mark. Please see: http://FairfieldBeachAccess.org
drove an hour
leah b in waterbury
My friend and i and her family took two cars and drove an hour to this beach just to find out that it closed April 1st for dogs. not sure if the security just didn't want us on the beach or if it's true but either way it was a waste of time and gas.
I walked up from Jennings beach towards Penfield and had the dog warden start shouting at me 150ft down the beach to put my dog on the lead. I walk the beach everyday and 2 days before the beach shuts for the summer the warden is on the beach yelling at everybody. The guy is ignorant, obnoxious and has no manners and should certainly not be in a job dealing with the public. I did not know that dogs should be on a leash on that part of the beach and where are the signs ???. I do not mind playing by the rules but I need to know what they are.
Obnoxious Arrogant Officer
john in kensington
took our puppy to the beach on 9/9/11. According to the website you can take your dog to Penfield Beach after Labor Day, which was 9/5. We were thrown off the beach and threatened with a $90 fine by an 'officer', claiming, by yelling across the entire beach that we were in violation, Not only did he not have the courtesy to come to talk to us privately about the situation, but he had no clue what the website said, nor apparently when Labor Day is. He was ignorant, obnoxious, and arrogant. DO NOT TAKE YOUR MONEY TO SPEND IN FAIRFIELD!!!!
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