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Link Piazzo Dog Park at Hidden Valley Regional Park Overview
This fenced dog park is a safe, friendly place for your pet to run and play off-leash. Includes separate small dog area, water fountain, and waste stations.
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Average Rating:
Link Piazzo Dog Park at Hidden Valley Regional Park in Reno, NV, US has an average rating of 4.3 based on 12 member reviews.
Best dog park!!
Aspen in Sparks NV
Aspen loves this park, there's always dogs to play with and lots of other huskies that frequent the park as well. Everyone is really nice and the dogs are super friendly. I highly recommend this park for anyone.
Super Dog Park
Marilyn in Sparks, NV.
I just got my little Shih Tzu 2 months ago and since he's a pup, he's got a lot of energy. A woman here at our condos told me about the park and away we went. The first time he was a bit scared and stood between my legs whining a bit. The next time he started to socialize a bit and each time after that it just got better. He now has a couple of "regular" friends that he sees on certain days of the week and they have a ball playing together. The owners are very concientous about picking up after their dogs, which is a good thing. My favorite thing is there is a fence separating the big dogs from the little ones. If you're coming through Reno/Sparks with a dog, you should check it out.
You aren't in Cali anymore Toto!
Lola in Sparks
This dog park is the best bar none!! They separate the dogs by weight and most pet owners honor that. Very friendly people who watch their dogs. As to the person who is complaining about the gravel walk way in the large dog park...there is one in the small one also, it is so that people can walk too, without stepping on a bomb. "The NV sage brush and desert plants cause rashes." What? You are in the Nevada desert...go back to Cali if it bothers you and your dog.
Great dog area & trails
Sarah in Arcata, CA
Off-leash area is great for socializing your pups and trails are beautiful, too!
Monika in Reno
*PLEASE READ* I almost always take my 2 year old great dane Bettie to this park because the other owners are usually mindful of their dogs. Today there was a heavy set woman with dark brown hair with a black lab mix who off the bat stated her dog does not get along with big dogs. She still felt the need to walk over with her dog and see my 10week old Dane pup Milo. Bettie sniffed her dog and was attacked I Immediately jumped (within seconds!)in the middle in defense of Bettie. I felt like I was in shock and was shaking so hard I could hardly speak. I looked down and immediately noticed that Bettie's lip was bleeding. The woman just kept standing there and offered no help with what her dog had done. Bettie is CGC certified and registered with therapy dogs inc as well is a trained service dog. BETTIE IS THE PICTURE OF WHAT A DANE SHOULD BE "A GENTLE GIANT" I was in such shock I rushed to the vet immediately without getting this woman's information SHE DID NOT OFFER ANY HELP OR INFORMATION other than stated that "he has his rabies shot she will be fine." PLEASE BE CAREFUL IF YOU SEE THIS WOMAN AND HER DOG SHE SHOULD NOT BE BRINGING IT TO THIS OR ANY DOG PARK! I DON'T BLAME THIS PARK AS IT IS A WONDERFUL PARK BUT BEWARE OF IDIOTIC AND SELFISH OWNERS THAT ARE NOT MINDFUL OF THEIR DOGS AT THIS AND ANY DOG PARK. I called animal control to see what I should do and was told that when you bring a dog to a dog park it is at your own risk and you can seek damages in small claims court. Owners are SUPPOSED to be mindful IF THEIR DOG HAS PROBLEMS, AND NOT BRING THEM!!!
4 paws
Sammy B Hound in Reno
I go to this dog park and i give it 4 paws i do not go to any other dog park. The humans are really frienly and they pick up after us. you do not have to watch were you step, there is an area for big dogs like retriver, husky and tall dog and then ther is an area for dogs like me short. We all have a howling good time.
Greyt Dog Park
Leah in Lockwood
I love this park! So far the dogs and humans have been very friendly. This is the only place I can let my Greyhound off-leash without any fear of him running away, except for today.... I keep a good eye on him and he likes to follow the people around that are walking around the perimeter of the park, yes he does get a burst of speed and then continues to follow, my biggest complaint is the exit gate, why in the world it is even there is beyond me! The entrance gate is double gated to keep any loose dogs from getting out but the exit gate is not, therefore my dog followed a couple leaving with their dogs right out the gate! The couple did catch him and brought him to me halfway to the tennis courts. I think the exit gate is a ridiculous idea! Only the entrance gate should be used for entrance and exit , that way there would be no accidental escapes!! After reading the other reviews I agree that little dogs should not be in the big dog park. The owners are taking a chance that a big dog who is not little dog friendly could attack the little dog. Okay, I said my 2 cents worth .
Great park, but what to do about owners who don't follow the rules?
Karen in Reno
We've taken our two dogs to play at this park three times, and each time has been a joy - until today. There was a small un-neutered dog that was very aggressive with one of my dogs. Not to be crass, but he humped my smallest dog and made a mess on her. The owners said they knew un-neutered dogs aren't allowed but made no attempt to leave the park after the incident. I suppose this is just part of the risk one takes in a public park. But it would be nice if there were a way to officially report irresponsible owners and encourage them to either A) NEUTER their dog; or B) accept the fact that they can't let their dog enjoy dog parks until he has been properly cared for. Otherwise, I've found the owners and their dogs delightful.
Good park, but use GPS
Julie in Foster City, CA
We were traveling across the country with our golden retriever and found this listing in BringFido. It is a nice, big grassy dog park. We had a little trouble finding it because the map on BringFido led us astray. We recommend using Google Navigation and there will be no problem finding the park.
Best Dog Park in Reno
Diane in Reno
There are some great people who come to this park. The dogs seem more gentle and the owners, for the large part, are attentive and watching their pets. I haven't seen much problem with pet poop not getting picked up. This is by far the best dog park in Reno and one of the best I've been to anywhere.
Dogs are better than people
Kelley in Reno
I have take my fur babies to this park numerous times and people do not watch their pets and I have seen at least 4 dogs attack other dogs while there and the owners do NOTHING. My dogs like to just walk around and smell everything and other dogs try to hump my dog, start a fight etc. So we just take them on the trails and they seem to like that more.
HV Dog Park
Pits 4 Us 2 in Reno
We like the size of the park and have frequented it several times. However, With the small (30# and under) doggy park divided by a single fence creates problems for big dogs with small dog aggression, Runnung bak and forth along the fence as the small dogs encourage this by they're continual YAPPING!! The pathway all around the large dog side is dirt and gravel ((should be grass like the little dog side) thus tearing up the pads on sensitive dog paws & the sage brush and other NV desert plants cause rashes (dermititis) to sensitive canine. Owners do not always pick up after they're pets. I have stepped in & have cleaned up after several other dogs. Some of the poop was fresh and some of it was hard dry old. And last but not least, some dog owners think its OK to bring their small dogs in to the large dog area even with signs posted. We have seen puppies, 20# and under get trampled by larger dogs playing. Or small breed owners bringing in their small dogs to throw the ball for their dogs to fetch and get angered when other dogs go after the same ball. We don't recommend this dog park. PLease fix this problems. Otherwise could be an enjoyble experience. People come from all over to have an enjoyable time with their 4 legged furry kids and met new humans. Please fix these problems. We think this is the safest and best park in Reno/Sparks, but can't take our kids there for above mentioned reasons. Thank you!!!
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