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1594 N Sierra St
Reno, NV, US 89502
(775) 785-4512
Rancho San Rafael Dog Park Overview
This convenient off-leash park has over 3 acres of space for your pet to play, including a pond and drinking fountain. Be careful as the area is not fenced.
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Rancho San Rafael Dog Park in Reno, NV, US has an average rating of 4.2 based on 6 member reviews.
The best
Janet in Reno
Yes the park is flooded April through Labor Day. I relocated here from the Bay Area (SF/Marin) 2 years ago, and Reno is far more dog friendly and the dog park is exceptional. People are friendly and maintain control over their dogs. The field has many trails for family walks, and when the field floods, I get on my rain boots and head on over.
Amazing park
Sarah in Buffalo
Absolutely love this park. The pup is exhausted after a day of playing with other dogs and wandering around the park. Looking forward to going back again.
Luke in Indianapolis
On an extended road trip with my Australian Shepherd. This place was a welcome surprise. Big space, chill people and dogs. No real drama. The place not fenced, so keep a close eye on your pup.
Wonderful park
Kimberly in Grass Valley Ca
What a great park, not fancy, but an awesome place to run and play. The dog park is a big open field that was once part of farm and they grow some type of grain there so the grass grows tall. It is interesting to see how the field is manually irrigated during the summer. Really nice people and dogs frequent this park.
This is the best dog park!
Jeanette in Reno
I go to this dog park often with my large dog and my new small dog. The park is huge with tons of room to run as well as hike if you want to get away from the excitement of other dogs. First off, about the flooding: It does get flooded to help the vegetation grow (before the irrigation is turned on, the park is dry as a bone unless you go over to the pond). The irrigating is quite annoying as it does cause a lot of mud and actual streams going across the little dirt path which goes down the middle of the park, as well as hidden streams in the tall grass. It started around March this year, so if you can make it out there from when it is dry after the snow until about March/April when they turn on the water, it is very dry. Here are some good and bad things I have discovered about this dog park. Pro: It is massive; dogs can run to their heart’s content. Con: It is massive; dogs can run away and stay away very easily. If your dog has ever run off or refused to come back when you call, I suggest a different park. Pro: There is tons of room for playing chase with other dogs and balls, many times a pack of 5-10 can be chasing the same ball, which is awesome to see and great to get them tired. Con: The shade. Although the rest of the park (where dogs need to be on leash) is gorgeous and covered in shade trees, the dog park area can feel like a desert on hot days. There is also no water provided to fill up a bowl (at the dog park itself) unless you count the brown water in the pond that many will happily drink. If your pup needs frequent water breaks or is sensitive to heat, I suggest early morning or late evening trips when the weather is hot, bringing a large bottle of water and a bowl (they close at 7pm or 8pm, depending on the season). Another con, the gate that opens to the parking area is wide open, which is very tempting for dogs playing inside the park to run out and greet new incoming dogs. (Currently) since it is muddy further in, people tend to congregate near the front gate. So if you don't want your pup to constantly be running out, wander down further to the middle of the park with fewer temptations - and unfortunately, not as many dogs to play with. When it is dry, the same habit of gathering at the opening is common, it's where people grab bags, let their dogs potty, and chat with others standing around. When the ground is dry, the park has small trails around the perimeter (there is some fencing, and chicken wire on the side bordering a play area for kids) which is nice to walk around and let your dog explore. I have gone to other dog parks, and although it lacks shade, seating, water faucets and complete perimeter fencing, it makes up for it (for the right dogs) in space and friendly atmosphere. Many people (including me) bring water and set out a bowl for any thirsty dogs. It is excellent for getting your dog tired just from running around alone! Hope this helps any worries you had about the place, it really is a fun time and my dogs absolutely love going!
has potential
harry in bay area
Nice big open area for your dog to roam but there is a caveat. Its a damn swamp!!!!! If you take your pet here he/she is going to get extremely dirty (no avoiding it) and you are also going to get very dirty. There is absolutely no dry area in the dog section. Fix this damn irrigation issue and it has the potential to be a great park.
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