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9833 N 25th Ave
Phoenix, AZ, US 85021
(602) 261-8011
Rose Mofford Sports Complex Overview
Hours: Daily, 6:30 am-10:00 pm
This 2.5 acre, off leash dog park is a great place for your pet to make friends. The park is fully fenced and has separate areas for small and large dogs. Each area has benches, trees, water fountains, waste and waste bag dispensers. Includes water fountains, separate small dog area, waste bags, and shade trees. This park is also ADA accessible. After heavy rainfall, the park may be temporarily closed to allow time for the turf to properly dry. Please call for information on wet condition closures.
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Average Rating:
Rose Mofford Sports Complex in Phoenix, AZ, US has an average rating of 3.4 based on 5 member reviews.
Love this park!
Kimberli in Phoenix
Great park with plenty of shade, water, seating bags & trash cans. Super clean with nice walking path which is great for a little cool down walk. Definitely recommend.
Amazing dog park
Sarah in Phoenix
This park is by far one of the best dog parks I have ever taken my dog. The other dogs are friendly, the owners are friendly and it is an overall nice environment for dog parents and their dogs.
Huge park
Lacy in Phoenix
The park is huge with so much room to keep distance if needed or to run and get out energy. There are trash cans hanging everywhere with poop bags and pooper scoopers. Nice that there are chairs all over even if many seem to be cracked plastic ones. There are definitely regulars here who have their own click and kept to themselves, but some were also very nice and sometimes I want to keep to myself too.
DRY as a BONE!
Matt Hope in Phoenix
Once a lush green grass has now turn in to lumps of dried grass. Almost a quarter mile walk around the perimeter of the large side fenced area was a highlight of my trip. Now Twisted ankles and broken promises. Most owners have great control of the pet friends but there are a few that tend not to know when it's time to make an exit.
Not a safe place for you or your dog
Anon in AZ
The park itself had potential: chairs/benches, water, several trees, a lot of pooper scoopers and trash cans, etc. The park was dirty, a lot of dog poop (no one using the pooper scoopers provided). I visited this park on a week day afternoon, there were about a half dozen people there, and about a half dozen dogs. I understand all dog parks have their regulars who know each other, this was my first time visiting this dog park. I was greeted by rude, aggressive, barking dogs at the gate with no owner intervention. I continued walking my dog on leash to give her time to acclimate to the new environment and walk away from the rude dogs. During my visit to the dog park, a couple of the dog owners did help their dogs mind their manners, most did not. Typical of dog parks, the best place to find the worst dogs. About the same time I arrived, two men came with a dog, obviously in training, on a lunge line. Same scenario for them, rude dogs greeted them at the gate with no owner intervention. What looked like a dog trainer, ignored the dogs and continued walking his dog briskly through the dog park. Later I heard a woman screaming at the trainer, challenging him to fight a woman. After that many of the regulars left the dog park. It was quiet for a while (thank goodness). A short time later a man started screaming, swearing and carrying on with threats to the "old man" with the dog on the lunge line. Because this was the second outburst I heard, I took a video (link below). Because I kept my distance from the regulars, I could see that the man leading and training his dog had no effect on the people at the park or the dogs. Other than general sniffing, I didn't see any inappropriate behavior from the leashed dog. I don't know what the issue was, but clearly uncalled for behavior from a total stranger. I will NEVER visit this dog park again (that should make the territorial regulars happy), it's not clean (a reflection of the regulars who visit this dog park, because the tools to keep it clean are there) and clearly unsafe for newbies. Need proof that the regulars are crazy? Here you go: http://youtu.be/tEuM7SXy7Aw
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