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300 Don Hayes Rd
Boone, NC, US 28607
(828) 264-7865
Watauga Dog Park Overview
Pets will love to play off-leash at this fenced dog park with separate small dog area. Passes available at Watauga Human Society (call 828-264-7865) with proof of vaccinations and license.
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Average Rating:
Watauga Dog Park in Boone, NC, US has an average rating of 2.8 based on 4 member reviews.
4 acres of running space? Yes please.
Nicole in Boone, NC
This is the largest dog park I have ever encountered. Poopie bags are well stocked, there's a small covered area to shelter you from the rain, there are three separate fenced areas in case your dog is skittish or small, and did I mention it's HUGE? There are chairs and benches and trees to sit under. The website has been updated with all important information for folks who want to visit this invaluable space for dog who need to RUN. Also, it is operated by the Humane Society, so you can feel good knowing that your purchase of a daily or weekly pass helps support them.
Great space for pup to expend energy!
Angela in Washington D.C.
We went Sept 2015 and it was well worth the $5 for a day pass since our pup got to stretch his legs after being cooped up in a car and hotel room last night and today and epecially because the money goes towards supporting such a great humane society/dog park! There are 3 different areas for the dogs to run, hoses to refresh water bowls, a plethora of dog poop bags, and LOADS of space. Sure some of the chairs are old or broken, but there are a couple random newer benches and chairs that have been donated over time from the looks of it. There's a huge hill in the main area which was fun for our dog to run up and down playjng fetch :) He had so much fun this afternoon that we went back for round 2 after dinner for a last hurrah. He. is. pooped. and sleeping peacefully now!
Foundation Pres
Jane in Boone
They habg a sign saying BEWARE of ... and make sure you DO XYZ. They charge you per visisit yet the park is not maintained daily and is in pitiful nasty condition for humans musch less your fav family member. Dog Poo Trash cans are running over with blue poo bags that are provided for the members to use. There are holes in area that have gone unfilled for months. Holes so deep and a size 13 foot human could break their leg . Warning do not attempy to set down on the furniture without checking to see if its safe underneath first, This is not due to dog damage this is due to no maintience and no inspection of furniture for over a year. The water containers harbor and promote illness in your pets. The water containers are not maintained , neither cleaned or of the right material to clean . never filled by the park. Grass so higj you can not see the dog poo left behind or find your own dogs poo if you blink your eye. Germy nasty used up tennis balls also await the human in the long grass. Let your pet play fetch with one of these will cost you alot more than one trip to the vet. The outside port a john well use you thimk about that or visit it when you really do not need to go. Unsanitary is constant condition .
Dog owner
The Boone dog park needs to be more forthcoming in their description of their restrictions and requirements. We visited from Wilmington and had read on line that they required proof of vaccinations, which we brought with us. Upon arriving, we were told they needed the date and number of each rabies vac, and there was a limit of two dogs (we have three) AND it costs $3 per day or $50 per year. Per dog, I suppose. They should be up front about these requirements. Regarding the dog park, it's a green space surrounded by fences. No big shakes.
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