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8000 Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, TX, US 75218
(214) 670-8895
White Rock Lake Dog Park at Mockingbird Point Park Overview
Locals rave about the friendly crowd at this popular, 2-acre, off-leash dog park. Fully fenced with waste bags, water fountain, access for swimming, separate small dog area, and nearby restrooms.
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Average Rating:
White Rock Lake Dog Park at Mockingbird Point Park in Dallas, TX, US has an average rating of 2.6 based on 5 member reviews.
Dog Lovers
Robert in Dallas
White Rock Lake has a great dog park, nature trail (east shore), bike and runner trails! http://www.dallasparks.org/Parks/whiterock.aspx
Big park, friendly crowd
Jamie in Albany, GA
I love how bit this park is. It's got a huge "all-dog" area and a pretty big small dog area. And then you can also take your dog to a fenced area of the lake, which is amazing. The people are generally pretty friendly although you do get a few agressive dogs. This park can get pretty busy during the after work hours but at least it's big enough for everyone. My only complaint is that there aren't any fun things for the dogs to play on. But at least they have the lake!
Hard to get to it
Vaus2000 in Dallas
I wanted to love this park, had been going for several years until finding a much better one. White Rock Lake Dog Park is hard to find, parking always good, but the small dog side too small, all dirt, no shade or seating.
White Rock Lake Dog Park
phoenix in Dallas
At one time I would have recommended this Dog Park... However, I now believe this Dog Park should be SHUT-DOWN... There are Fecies all over the ground at one time if there was a problem with an aggressive Dog you were adviced to call 911... They will not respond, 911 says to call Animal Control... I have been bitten by aggresive Dogs and owners that do nothing... I contracted an infection from a dog bite... 911 said to call Animal control... I spoke to my Dogs Vet, who informed me that White Rock Lake Dog Park had more problems than any other dog park and strongly encouraged me NOT to take my K-9 to that park.... The Vet said there were more deceases report at that park than any other park do to lack of sanitation... I can comment from personal experience on the fact that no one is enforcing aggressive Dogs... At one time if there was a problem you could call 911 for help if there was an aggressive Dog and the owner did nothing not any more... I have had to take intravence antibotics and a long term course of oral anti-biotics.. Good lick I wish you well if you should decide to go anyway......
Donna in Midlothian
I took my young lab here several weeks ago (He is almost 2 years old). He developed a fatal bacterial infection (mycoplasma). The dog park is the only place he has gone besides home that we can think of that he possibly caught the infection. He was vaccinated properly and otherwise a very healthy dog. I know things like this can happen but just please be mindful of risks in such a setting. There were numerous fecies on the ground where unthoughtful owners had left them and the black buckets of water standing around were really nasty. After my dog's sicknessI have spoken to numerous vets and the one thing they all said was DO NOT TAKE YOUR ANIMAL TO A DOG PARK. If this saves one dog, then my comment is well worth the effort. I have visited dog parks in Austin area and there is NO comparision to the difference in sanitary measures as compared to the White Rock facility. It was the first one I had experienced in Dallas. Never again.
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