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7374 Monterey Blvd.
Tampa, FL, US 33625
(813) 635-3500
Logan Gate Dog Park Overview
Hours: Dawn to Dusk
Cost: Free
One of Hillsborough County's newest dog parks, this park is located in Citrus Park/Carrollwood area. The play area features 5 acres with a 6 foot galvanized chain link fence with double gated entries. The area is split into two separate access areas for small and large dogs. In addition, there are water fountains for people and dogs, picnic tables, shelters, dog washes, a hitching post, and doggie mitt receptacles.
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Average Rating:
Logan Gate Dog Park in Tampa, FL, US has an average rating of 4.3 based on 11 member reviews.
logan dog park
r wolfe in tampa
This park is nice size both small and large dogs have nice room to run/play ..the owners seem pretty responsible picking up after there dogs. water stations,doggie poop bags,every one very friendly they talk and socialize but are on top of there dogs,occasionally there is a irresponsible owner , But the locals/ regular's keep every one informed of the park rules! nice place for fido to play:)
Great dog park
Naomi in Tampa
We loved our visit to logan gate dog park. clean, water and bags provided. We were on the small dog side and were the only ones there for almost an hour. It was Sunday afternoon on beautiful October day. Bud and Lou loved running around. Highly recommend this park for pouches and their owners.
Very nice
Meg in Tampa
This dog park is very nice. I like how there is mostly grass and no dirt and there are seperate areas for small and big dogs. However, there is limited shade and limited seating. Putting picnic benched in with a overhang would help with the heat. also the park is difficultt to find the first time b/c its hidden. I would like to go back but will rember to bring my own chairs and umbrella to sit under.
Nicest Dog Park We've Been to in Tampa
Tiffany in Tampa
This park is very clean and every time we've been there the dogs have all been very friendly and the owners very responsible. The large and small dog area are the same size so you don't have to worry about your smaller pooch not having room to run. There's hardly any shade, but there's a watering station and some benches with little awnings over them.
Best Dawg Park around
Hugo in Land O' Lakes
Thank God for GPS because this park is in the middle of a neighborhood and a little tricky to find. The park is spacious and clean, also as mentioned before almost all Grass. I have only been one time but everyone there was very polite. They have a few water bowls for the dogs and supply poop bags for the guest. Their are benches w/limited shade that's the only reason I rated it a 4 instead of 5. Other then that NO complaints.
Awesome Dog Park
Eleny in Tampa
This dog park is really clean and the people and dogs in it are super nice. My dog had a great time playing with friends and romping around. I would love to see in the future if more trees or a small pond could be added so that the dogs have a nice place to cool off. Overall, it was an excellent experience.
Not that shady"=(
Mara in Lutz
It was a nice dog park. Very clean and a decent amount of room for the dogs to run. My only issue with it was that there was little to no shade which isn't the best thing for those hot bright days.
Heather in Tampa
I really love this park! I went on memorial weekend and it wasn't too crowded but there were still plenty of dogs to play with. It seemed to be very clean and everyone kept after their dogs. My dog can go in either the big dog or small dog area because he is right in the middle but I prefer the big dog area because of a doberman that lives in a house that is right next to the park. He/she was going crazy the entire time we were there and I thought the fence may fall down while he was jumping on it. Once we moved over to the other side it was perfect!
Fletch loves Logan Gate
Cindy in Tampa
Fletch goes to Logan Gate. We go every Sunday during the school year and during summers, at least 3 times per week. He loves the park. There's so much room for every dog to run and play. Each side (big and small) has a "time out area" too. The small dogs can fence run with the big dogs. Unlike other dog parks I have been to, most people at Logan Gate take care of there pet's messes and pay attention to the animals. Even though we do meet, talk, and socialize, the dogs are number 1. Sunday mornings on small dog side- Italian Greyhound meet and greet. But all dogs are welcome. The iggy's love everyone!
My Favorite Dog Park
Stephanie in Wesley Chapel
Logan Gate Dog Park is a well maintained and clean. Each time I have visited, other pet owners have been very friendly and responsible. I also like that they have equal areas for the small and large dogs to run. It's only downfall is that there are no trees to provide shade, so bring a hat and lots of water!
Big but lacking.
alex in tampa
This park is a little hard to find so make sure you bring your GPS. it is situated on the backside of a playground and looks like it may have been a baseball park at one time. Double gate entry and doggie bags along with human and dog fountain like many of tampas dog parks. very large had to walk a bit to get to the one bench inside the play area. there are two one for small dog and one for large. they look exactly the same (large dogs is on the left as your walking up). a little dirt here and there with a pool and a hose to cool down your pup. My complaints would be there is a sidewalk running thru the middle of the play area, which with its size isn't a huge issue. but the areas with dirt do seem to have a large number of rocks. The complete lack of shade. there are 2 coverings per side if i remember correctly. with only one having a bench.and absolutely no trees within the park. and like with most parks you have some unintelligent humans. one dog was constantly trying to dominate mine even tho she was not responding. eventually after 20-30 mins of "them playing" so the owner said my dog had enough and started to tout back. TL:DR pros: large, double gates, separate sizing play areas, doggie bags, water fountains and hose. cons: no shade, sidewalk thru park, rocking dirt, questionable parents.
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