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100 Ocean Blvd
Coronado, CA, US 92118
(619) 522-7342
Coronado Dog Beach Overview
Hours: 24 hours
Cost: Free
Coronado's Dog Beach is leash-free year-round on the western part of the beach. It's marked by signs that run along Ocean Blvd. from Sunset Park on Ocean Drive to the border of the U.S. Naval Station. For scenery, it doesn't get much better than this. On one side there's the beautiful Hotel del Coronado; the Point Loma skyline fills the view to the north. Parking is available along Ocean Boulevard, but it is a rather long walk to the beach from there, so be sure to keep your dog leashed until you reach the beach. Coronado Animal Patrol maintains a zero-tolerance policy with fines up to $500 for unleashed dogs. The dog beach is open 24 hours. Owners must monitor their dogs at all times and clean up after them. Dogs must have current licenses and be free from contagious diseases. Excessive barking and aggressive behavior are not permitted by dogs or humans. No food or pet treats allowed. There are no restrooms, but there is a foot shower south of the entrance on Ocean Blvd. The city provides free dog litter bags at the entrance to the run.
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Average Rating:
Coronado Dog Beach in Coronado, CA, US has an average rating of 5.0 based on 7 member reviews.
Best Dog Beach
kayley in mesa
Having been to all the dog beaches in the San Diego area, I would rate this as #1. The beach is clean and offers a dog water fountain at the entrance.
Try To Share
Tanya in San Diego
Coronado dog beach is, by far, the most beautiful and well kept area for off-leash water fun for the dogs. But, I run into many dog owners who don't like to share play time. They get upset if another dog wants to play with their dogs and their balls. To see such angry, selfish people so early in the day makes the visit unpleasant. Dogs play unconditionally and are not selfish. I always allow other dogs to play with my dog's ball and join in the fun. If you want to be that rude & selfish please go somewhere else or stay in your backyard! This beach is so nice and pleasant without jerks who get mad if my dog runs after your ball!
Good Times
Scott in Tempe, AZ
This was our dog's first trip to an ocean dog beach and it was great. There is a large area for dogs to play in the sand and ocean. Lots of friendly people and dogs. I highly recommend this place. I know we'll be back.
Great Beach but watch for irresponsible people
Michelle in Waggener
We love going to this beach - great views, sand, surf and large place for dogs to romp (on or off leash). Pluses are the hose and grass at the entrance. Most people are conscientious and pay attention to their dog(s) behavior and location but there are some who let their dogs run free without monitoring, like on the afternoon of 9/10/10. A lady brought her 2 dogs and let her yellow lab/corgi looking male run wild while she took pics of her smaller white & black dog. The male peed several times on our sun shade poles, chased the birds, and then around 4.30pm, proceeded to charge our two labs while we walked along the water. We tried to shoo him off but he'd keep returning. We thought he was playing but one such time he apparently got a mouthful on my girl's waist/ribs - we found the puncture after the lady/dogs left the beach. The emergency vet said the outline of the jaw was visible in her bruises and her abs were chewed up; she's healing well now after surgery. I hate the thought that this lady has no clue she has a vicious dog and that someone else/their dog(s) can get hurt. Lessons learned: (1) don't be afraid to ask someone not paying attention to their dog(s) to do so, (2) check your dog carefully for any wounds asap, even if you think the other dog(s) were 'playing', and (3) report any incidents at the time they happen and see if there are any witnesses, if possible (while tending to your pup's needs first). Note: this beach is on Navy property so the Lifeguards would contact naval animal control.
Ro n Pia in San Diego
Spacious, clean, with very nice and responsible doggy owners who make sure their pups are behaving. We usually avoid it during peak summer times b/c the social scene changes a bit - gets very crowded and non-locals don't watch their dogs' behavior as much. Plenty of baggies, hose to wash off and even a small water fountain for those lower to the ground. Plenty of dog-friendly establishments, restaurants and stores, to visit after a great day at the beach!
The Best
Deb in Coronado
This wide expanse of pet friendly sand is open to all of our canine friends. Directly on the Pacific Ocean, with views of Point Loma on one side and the Hotel Del Coronado on the other, this spot ranks #1 in my doggie book.
Jane in Coronado
Our favorite dog beach so far. This is an absolutely gorgeous spot, and dog owners are generally friendly and responsible. Dogs can run the beach leash-free. There are no fences or separate areas for small and large dogs. There is also an area to hose off man's best friend before heading home.
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