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Mesa Ln and Edgewater Way
Santa Barbara, CA, US

Arroyo Burro Beach (Hendry's Beach) Overview
Currently the one beach that is legal for off leash use in the City of Santa Barbara is the beach that runs below the Douglas Family Preserve -- it begins east of the slough at Arroyo Burro (Hendry's) Beach, and stretches almost to the steps at Mesa Lane. The fallen eucalyptus trees are considered the eastern boundary. From the parking lot at Arroyo Burro, walk to the beach, turn left, and cross the slough -- this will bring you to the off-leash legal area. Please be sure your dog is leashed in the parking lot and on the beach until you cross the slough.
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Average Rating:
Arroyo Burro Beach (Hendry's Beach) in Santa Barbara, CA, US has an average rating of 4.5 based on 13 member reviews.
S in Santa Barbara
We visit this beach almost daily. Couple pointers for visitors: Parking; you will always get a spot but you may have to circle a few times, be patient and polite! Obey the sign for off leash vs On-Leash (off leash is to the left of lifeguard; the actual boundary changes so just look for the sign that day). BYO Towel and a water dish. PICK UP YOUR POOP! There are bags and bins by the entrance. There's a coin operated dog wash complete with blow dryer, but it recently got refurbished and now it's $10 for 10 minutes (certainly enough time to quickly wash up to three dogs but too expensive for daily use now). Please DO NOT let your dog off leash if it is aggressive or not under your control (will he come back if you call him or "leave it" if harassing another dog). Folks are friendly but nobody likes a dog that is overly rambunctious and knocking everyone over. And finally: don't stop at the first 10 feet of beach.. walk along a few minutes and you will find it a lot more enjoyable!
dog beach can't be beat
kb in LA
Very fun place to take your dog on or off lease. Friendly dogs abound. Also great looking beachside restaurant there. Btw self service shower now $10/10 minutes w various shampoos, blow dry options, etc. Takes credit cards. Perfect end for sandy pooch. Hard to know that it's located towards front entrance of parking lot.
Best dog beach
SR in Scottsdale
This beach tops the charts. Very clean, far from roads, large area and friendly dogs for the pups to run around with. Cute dog wash to clean the dogs off before the ride home. We brought food to grill since there is a nice green patch with grills and tables. I would highly recommend this beach and hope to visit again!
Anonymous in Santa Barbara
Best dog beach in Santa Barbara
Wonderful Dog Beach!
Hillary in Los Angeles
Brian and I drove up to Santa Barbara with our dogs, Archer and Lana and went to this wonderful dog beach. There is a restaurant called the Boat House at Hendricks beach that has two options for pets. There is a small outdoor kitchen with burgers and fries etc that you can sit with your dogs and eat, or there is a dog tie up with a partial mini tree cover for your dogs so you can go into the restaurant and eat. The only down side is if your dog doesn't get along with other dogs you can't use the tie up b/c they are right next to each other. The food was delicious there though. As you walk down to the beach you will see a sign that says to the right is on-leash, and to the left is off leash. The beach was wonderful. You are basically on your own private beach and the further you walk down the less people you come across. All the dog owners and dogs we came across were very friendly. There were even some tennis balls along the beach that everyone can use to play with. Afterwards there is a dog wash station there that is coin operated and very nice. Unfortunately we didn't bring towels for our dogs so we ended up going to TJ Paws to wash our dogs. I will review them as well. But short answer they were awesome! Overall I would drive up from Los Angeles to just go to this beach! It was wonderful. They do have alot of parking, but as the day went on it was getting full, so come early.
What a day
Katrina in Los Angeles
Had a great time at this beach. Drove up from Los Angeles and it was totally worth it. My friends Yorkie got hurt somehow and a local named Mary was such a saint getting us to the emergency vet. Mary I lost your number so if you read this call the vet and get mine. Pj is doing great tho and has really healed up nicely and looks normal. You were such an angel to help us.
Arroyo off leash beach
John in Pasadena
Went there January 2011 and had a blast with my 2 labs. I'm planning on going back this January 2012 and I can't wait for the pups to get wet...
Lots of Fun!
Debbie in Temecula
We took our two dogs to Arroyo Burro Beach and had a great time. Everyone there was very friendly. Can't wait to go back next time we're in Santa Barbara.
great dog beach
Chelsea in Burbank
This is a wonderful, clean off-leash dog beach. There are boo bags available and a coin operated dog wash station in the parking lot. There is always parking every time I have been there and very friendly dogs and owner. Only one time we got there and the tide was too high to reach the off-leash section so you may want to check tide maps if you are coming from a long way for the day. Great Beach!!!
Great beach for dogs; so-so for humans
Gretchen in El Cerrito, CA
Beautiful beach for playing with an off-leash dog -- lots of sand, and interesting rock formations at the water line to bounce balls off of. Slightly less appealing for people: the slough was super-smelly the day we came here, and the sand was a little too rocky for beach games with the kids. Also, the great-sounding dog-wash has been removed.
Arroyo Burro Beach
John in barcelona
really a nice beach for traveling with dog.The environment here is good and friendly for the pets.I again want to travel to Arroyo Burro Beach with JOJO (my dog). _______________________________________ [url =http://villastossademar.clubvillamar.co.uk/findAllVillas.php?filter=Tossa+de+Mar&lang=en] villa tossa de mar [/url]
Great, but be careful...
Nicole in Santa Barbara
I bring my frenchie here almost every weekend. I always keep him on a long line because he won't come when called. The beach CAN be perfect if the right crowd is there, however twice my dog has been attacked by other dogs. PLEASE if your dog is aggressive, training them to not be aggressive at the beach, off-leash is the worst way to go about it. Also, don't bring your dog here and let them run loose without keeping track of them. During one of the attacks, we couldn't even find the dog's owner. Besides some people ruining it, it is usually a really fun experience for everyone.
Mae in Pasadena
Wasn't too bad but nothing to write home about. The beach was rocky. There were a few people who didn't have dogs hanging out on the off leash side of the beach then getting upset when a dog would come up to them; thus causing the 3 star rating. Otherwise it's a nice beach for the pups to play.
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