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11717 Clay Pit Rd
Seffner, FL, US 33584

Mango Dog Park Overview
Mango Dog Park features 5 acres of play area with a 6 foot galvanized chain link fence and double gated entries. The Park is split into two separate access areas for small and large dogs. In addition, there are water fountains for people and dogs, picnic tables, two pavilions, a place to hose off your dog, and a ’swim area’ on both sides (plastic pools). Doggie ‘Clean Up Mitts’ are provided. Restrooms are available. There is also some outdoor night lighting. Park is open from 7am to 10pm daily, but closed Wednesday mornings till noon for maintenance.
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Average Rating:
Mango Dog Park in Seffner, FL, US has an average rating of 3.3 based on 15 member reviews.
first time visit
deva in valrico
My lab loves this park i have never gone to a dog park in fear of aggressive dogs. The owners were nice and the dogs were very well behaved I will for sure be back .
Love it!
Jessica in Tampa
This is the largest dog park I've ever been to! There's no much room for the dogs to run - they all love it. They have a couple of kiddie pools for the dogs to play in and many picnic benches for the humans! Favorite park I've ever been to :)
The Best
drew in Valrico
Lily loves it -- dogs are playful and watched by owners, Plenty of room to run, dig, & have shade and water. If I still had a kids pool I'd donate it. May donate a hose tomorrow if I have one in the shed. I will bring ~ 10 tennis balls there SAT a.m. Will start trying to bring something every visit -- at least a couple buck$ for the donation box.
Great Park
Robin Johnson in Riverview
Went today and took my lab who does not get out much. I thought it was great! Huge park, water and shade, I thought it was great! will be back.
Great Time
Sheri in Plant City
After reading the reviews, I wasn't sure about this park for my new 5 month old. But it was the closest park to me for my boy to have a play date. After our visit, we had the best time. Everyone was very friendly and this park was very clean. I commodore the staff and recommend this park to everyone. Hope to see you there. We will be back on Saturday due having such a great experience.
Good park
Molly in Brandon
I love this park when it's not the busy hours. I go during lunch and there are usually 3-4 dogs. When it starts to get busy people don't pay attention to there dogs and fights happen. they have
LM in Valrico
Great place, my Lab/Pit mix loves the area. I also like it, for the most part the dogs that attend are well behaved. The area is clean, there is shade, and there is a big open field with small hills to allow the pups to expend all their built up energy. They separate the large and small breeds as well. My dog Jeter and I visit often.
Large and fairly boring
Cooper in Lake Wales, FL
Nothing exciting about this park but it is close to I4 so if we're traveling to the Gulf Coast this is a convenient stop to let out some steam. It is large with a few shade trees, lots of grass but nothing else to warrant a higher rating. The other dogs were decently behaved.
just OK
Jack in Doylestown pa
We travel in an RV so always look for off leash park for our golden 10 month pup. Always things to watch for in any park, but in addition here watch for large holes, fell in one right to the ground=sprained ankle. Large park which equals lots of poo not picked up. Nice cement area w/ plastic pools. We returned each am while in town, just be prudent of what's going on!
good park but
Sara in plant city
My 3 year old husky beagle mix loves the big dog side but go when it's not busy. Days when it's really busy there have been fights and some owners just laugh and say they are playing but they are not it's clearly a fight. Other than that it's a clean nice park to let your pups run around
Mango Dog Park
WD in Seffner
Large park with separate sides for large and small dogs. Includes mixture of grass field, some shade. Heavy usage in the evenings... sometimes 3 dozen dogs at a time. Dogs are generally well behaved, but not always on the large dog side (some Pit Bulls, etc). Just depends on the day and time you go (morning is best). They have plastic bags for cleanup, but not everyone uses them. My yellow lab usually ends up dirty from playing with other dogs in the dirt areas, but they have water hoses to give your dog a bath before leaving.
bob in valrico
the last 3 times i have gone to this park...bad experience. today, took the dogs, a big/unaltered mastiff-pit mix jumped all over my dog. the owner grabbed his leash, but then immediately released him again. lately lots of this activity. i have a pit also, but do not want him to play this rough, bc then he plays too hard at home. be a RESPONSIBLE pit-owner, and keep your dog occupied with something...or he WILL find a TOY at this park!
Mango dog park
David in F
Took our two yr old lab here this afternoon, since he goes to camp 3 or 4 times a month he is very well socialized, loves people and all other dogs, even cats, Once you get through the gate, it;s like walking in a mine field of dog poop, literally you cannot look 20 ft in any direction without seeing a pile left behind by lazy owners, actually witnessed 3 dogs doing their business while were there ( only stayed 15 minutes) and watched the dog owners just walk away like it was something they were accustomed to doing everywhere, for the following, I do not believe there is anything such as a bad dog, just bad owners, There were two guys there who each had a pit bull, obviously one male and one female, they were trying to breed them, My problem is this, my lab was smelling everywhere, like labs do, being friendly with everyone and every dog in the place, when he approached the pits, immediately they both became very aggressive towards him, the owners had to quickly grab them by the collars to get them of of him, luckily they had not bit him, My wife and I immediately decided to leave this horrendous place before we either were witness to a dog fight or would have had to confront these idiots who think it perfectly ok to take your dog to a dog park to breed them, I will NEVER take my or any other dog to this park, it is unkempt, smelly from dog feces and obviously some people there who have no business at such a place. I personally think it needs to be a manned by a county employee to stay on top of people since some dog owners do not know what responsibility is. Even while leaving, there was a woman taking her boxer in the gate as we exited, I told her, watch out for those two pits, the guys are trying to breed them and they are a bit aggressive, her response, Oh, he will tell them ( her dog). I suppose he is superdog and can single handily take on two pit bulls , again, another fine example of people who do not need to own a dog. In the end, had my dog been hurt, I would not have hesitated to protect him by whatever means necessary, from man or beast..
Kelley in Brandon
Worst place to take your dog! My dog got bit and ended up getting fleas and a nasty virus ! Never again !!!! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!
horrible park
Sarah in Holmes
I have two dogs and have brought them to this park a handful of times. The last couple times I brought them I would notice them getting sick and scratching real bad. My dogs are up to date on their shots and are not out for long periods to even get fleas..plus they are on preventative. Both came home sick for a week..ie: diahrea and vomiting and one started scratching so bad she scratched her hair out. Had to take both to the vet and will never go back!
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