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3469 Loch Haven Dr
Hoover, AL, US

Dog Park at Loch Haven Overview
Hours: Closed after dark
Cost: Free
Spacious park with separate space for small and large dogs. There is also a K9 obstacle course, walking track, covered pavilion, and a creek nearby.
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Average Rating:
Dog Park at Loch Haven in Hoover, AL, US has an average rating of 4.3 based on 26 member reviews.
Ryan and Teresa in Oxford Alabama
We took our 2 Shi Tzus to experience a new doggie park. We were worried our male dog would be a problem but he had a blast. There were plenty of other dogs there and they all played well together. Both my babies loved the creek and didn't want to leave. We will be returning.
great park for big dogs
Donald in Angie,La
Easy to get to from motel. Large space to run. Clean owners clean up after their dogs. For a dog park the people were nice.
Great Fun!
Elizabeth in Kincaid
Large, separate areas for large dogs and small dogs. Benches, water bowls, sand, grass, shade and sun! People and dogs all so friendly! The creek that runs alongside the park is so cute...it's calm and peaceful and full of smiling, swimming pups with their wading owners. My advice is to wear shoes and clothes you don't mind getting wet in and to bring a towel if you and your pup plan to swim. My 12-week old puppy and I couldn't resist! It was the best time, we will make it our tradition for sure!
Good first exeprience!
Wayne in Trussville
We took Rory, our nearly two-year-old Border Collie/Rat Terrier mix, to the park today (May 3, 2014). It was his first time in a dog park and he loved it. He was shy at first, but most of the other dogs came over to make friends and soon won him over. The park was very clean, the dogs (and their owners) were well-behaved and friendly, and it was a vey pleasant time for us as well as for Rory. We definitely will be coming back as often as we can.
Just passing through
Sharon in Toronto
We were just passing through the area in need of a place for our dog, Heidi. We found this park via bring fido.com. It is just lovely. Heidi really enjoyed her visit. The park is large and divided into areas for large and small dogs. Well worth the visit.
Awsome Park
Miriam in Alabaster
The first time I went with my Jack Russell "Sam" I was kind of scared he'd not like it since he's never really been around other dogs. But when we got there he made lots of friends, loved it, and now if the weather permits we try to go every weekend.
My first day
Kenji in Alabaster
I'm the proud owner of a Shiba Inu pup of 5 months. It was our first time being out of wellington manner and well he loved it. Made new friends. The other dogs were great! Even the bigger dogs played gently with him.....we will be defiantly going back soon.
Great FUN!
Heather in Birmingham, AL
My German Shepherd Willow is a regular at this dog park. I am very GRATEFUL that we have such an EXCELLENT place to bring our dog to run, exercise and play with all her friends. The park itself is in great shape. The Dog owners are a great group of ppl that are responsible for their furry kids. It's a wonderful Community of ppl & dogs. I recommend to everyone!
AWESOME dog park!
Libby in Hoover
Hoover did a great job on this! It is so nice, and there are always tons of people/dogs here. This park features an agility course, plenty of places for people to sit, sand pits for the dogs to roll around in, doggy water fountains, and tons of shade. The only thing I could complain about is that there really isn't enough parking!
Rainy day 8/29/10
Diane in Tecumseh, MI
I just drove in from MI and my Lab/Saint Bernard mix desperately needed off leash exercise. I found the park on-line, it is 5 miles from my Hotel. I was very pleased to find an excellent, nice size dog park with lots of trees, a sand box, and a doggie drinking fountain. It was raining so we only had one other dog to play with but if we lived here we would visit daily. Thank you Hoover, AL.
Great Find
Lisa in Hoover
I just took my 3 month old Sasha to the Hoover Dog Park and it well worth it. I've never seen her happier! I was worried at first because she's still a puppy, but all the dogs were very well-behaved and under the control of their owners. It was a very friendly environment and Sasha had several playmates, both canine and human! :). It was hard for me to get Sasha to leave, so I'm sure she'll be a frequent visitor at the Hoover Dog Park.
Great fun
Madeline in Birmingham
Very nice big park. Shade and plenty of thick grass. Plus agility course. Dog owners very quick to clean up after their pets. Our dog just loves it.
Great Dog Park
Tammy in Calera
We visited the Hoover Dog Park for the first time this past weekend. I love the fact that there is a doggy water fountain. The park was clean and very nice. We are going back today and plan to go this weekend, too!
Dog Park
Marshall in Hoover
Abby, my three year old mutt, had the opportunity to visit this new dog park over the 4th of July weekend. What a great job the city of Hoover has done. Its exceptional and we plan visiting and making new friends as often as we can-Thanks Hoover
Great playground for toddlers
Mel in Birmingham
We have really enjoyed this park with our daughter from ~8 mo. to now 16 mo. old. We keep her in our arms whenever dogs come around outside the fences & definitely don't go in the big dog fence, if either. She loves seeing the dogs, even when they bark at her. The playground sign says it's for kids at least 5 yrs old, but since it's typically vacant it's no problem staying right with her. One improvement it could really use is some afternoon shade on a slide, as they are often too hot. The large grassy field is nice if she needs to burn some energy & is dressed so that a little dirt is ok. The walking path is also good for 'sightseeing'. Very thankful to have this park within 10 mins from home!
great park....lots of kids sometimes
jason in hoover
Great park, so much room for my dog to run around get his energy out.. one problem is there is a childs park right next to it... parents dont bring your kid into the big side. Its the one place dogs can be dogs and when you bring your child everyone is terrified of what could happen. dogs are still animals. and big ones at that. If my great dane decides he wants to play with your little kid. chances are he will be hurt and i wil be liable...other than that. GREAT PARK
Great Park but be aware
Travis in Fultondale
I took my dog to the park he loved it lots of things to play with. 1 owner brought a pit bull and although he was muzzled. He started a fight with my dog. No serious wounds. I will be returning to the park. But be careful. I felt awful about the fight but my dog has never done that and has meet many strange dogs and only wants to play with them.
Great Park!!
Lindsay in Tuscaloosa
My husband and I took our 2 pups to this park today! I wish we had a place like this close to our house. The only thing I would add is more seating for owners! We will definitely make it back there any chance we get. All the other dogs were so friendly and my dogs loved being able to make friends! Great job with the park!! :)
Great park if rules follwed
Mary in Vestavia Hills
This is a very nice facility for dogs & people. I go to the park most every day. It is frustrating with the number of people that walk the track with their dog/dogs off leash! This problem has lead to numerous tense moments for me & my dog when aggression is displayed. Also, the rules state no food or dog toys allowed inside the fenced areas; I have seen frisbees, tennis balls, stuffed animals, & treats being used many times. The park is badly needed for all; it is important for all to obey the rules.l
Great park!
Dippy in Trussville
My Great Dane Kobe loved the park, he made all kinds of new friends! There were a few aggressive dogs and I witnessed two dog fights in my three hours there, but they were quickly tended to. The water fountain is a nice touch, but perhaps add another? There were at least 15 thirsty dogs all trying to crowd around the one little fountain. Either way, great park and I wish I lived closer, I'd visit everyday!
Rainy Day 8-8-10
Eric in Hueytown
Took my two vizsla mixes to the park today. They loved it, lots of other FRIENDLY dogs for them to interact with. Water fountain is a nice touch, could maybe use some more seating outside the park. There is a nice mud hole by the water fountain, my vizla laid in it like a pig, then it rained hard so we left.
big dogs in small dog area
Laura in Birmingham
almost always people bring big dogs in the small dog area. i do not want a 50 Lb dog playing roughly with my 15 Lb dog.
nice park to take your dog !
Izzy in AL
my dog had a great time playing with the other dogs . he did get very muddy from the watering place . you can take your dog down to the creek to wash them off a little but the owners of other dogs let there dogs off lead so my dog did not get a quick rinse off . and now the back seat of my car is mud stained :/ but other wise it is a nice park and i would bring my dog back . however the small dog area does not have this mud problem
Fun but falling apart
toya in Homewood
This park needs to be updated. The dirt is turning to mud. the small dog area has little grass. Owners are bringing big dogs in to the small dogs pen. Bring this park back to life clean it up!!
be aware!
judi in hoover
There was a very aggressive white dog at the park on the morning of Saturday, Sept. 18, 2010. It trapped my dog between the two gates and bit her -- I never even had a chance to take her leash off before the attack. My dog required sutures. This is a wonderful park, but if owners bring aggressive dogs, or if they cannot control their dogs, it will soon lose its charm.
aggressive dogs owners dont care
Heather in bock
In large area a dog pinned and tried to rip my dogs ear and owner did.not help remove dog and when approached ownerblamed my dog. Plus this has hhappened continually in large dog section people r bringing aggressive dogs and dont care about anything they do ! Also people are not picking up their dogs poop ! I love this park but irresponsible owners have ruined it !
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