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When you want to really spoil your dog, or just meet other dog owners who are as crazy about their pets as you, there's no better place to bring Fido than a dog event. Attend any of the dog shows, agility competitions, costume parades, festivals or fundraisers on our Worldwide Dog Events Calendar and you'll meet hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dog lovers. And since 70% of the events listed benefit humane societies, attending one is a great way to help homeless pets in your community.
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Haunted Cotton Exchange Tours
Oct 18, 2014 to Oct 31, 2024 in Wilmington, NC, US

Tour Old Wilmington Tour Old Wilmington invites you to join us for a History Walking Tour. Discover hidden history and a lost time as we travel to Wilmington during the Victorian Era (1837- 1901) Learn about ...

Self Wash
Oct 19, 2014 to Dec 31, 2014 in Dallas, TX, US

We would like to make everyone aware that we provide a great service at our store. We have a self wash that is $10, it does not matter the size of the dog. We provide shampoo, ...

Toothy Tuesdays
Oct 21, 2014 to Dec 30, 2014 in Charlestown, MA, US

Come visit our Self Pet Wash at Unleashed by Petco in Charlestown, MA at the Bunker Hill Mall. For only $10 you get to wash your pet, and we clean up the mess!! We supply everything ...

Tubby Time Tuesday
Oct 21, 2014 to Oct 27, 2015 in Round Rock, TX, US

Our self-service dog wash makes cleaning up dirty dogs a snap! We supply everything you need! You clean your dog; we clean up the mess! Come in on Tuesday's and receive a complimentary Unleashed bandana! *While ...

Unleashed By Petco Dog Training
Oct 23, 2014 to Oct 23, 2015 in Portland, OR, US

At Unleashed By Petco we offer positive reinforcement dog training. We focus on rewarding the positive and avoid punishing for the negative. We have a variety of classes for puppies and adults alike.... trust us when ...

$10 Self-wash!
Oct 25, 2014 to Dec 31, 2017 in Glenview, IL, US

Hey all you folks with dirty dogs! We have a $10 Self Wash, open every day, all day. If you don't want to get your tub dirty, stop on in and wash your four-legged kid in ...

Puppy Playtime
Oct 26, 2014 to Jan 25, 2015 in Round Rock, TX, US

Come to our fun and free puppy playtime! This is great way to get your puppy socialized and get some tips and tricks from our certified dog trainer! *Only for puppies under 6 months. *Bring proof ...

Self-Serve Dog Wash at Unleashed by Petco
Oct 30, 2014 to Dec 31, 2014 in Beaverton, OR, US

Srub-a-dub dog only $10. Bond with your dog over bubbles at our self-serve dog wash. You clean your dog, we'll clean up the mess! All supplies provided at no additional charge. Located in the Progress RIdge ...

Good Neighbor vet
Nov 8, 2014 to Dec 5, 2015 in Spokane, WA, US

Good Neighbor Vet is built on providing the best possible animal healthcare while offering friendly mobile veterinary service at an affordable price. Our team of veterinary professionals (in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon locations) establish a relationship ...
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