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Unit E Ground Floor, Fort Palm Spring, 1st Avenue
Taguig City, PH 1634
Pup Culture Dog Daycare & Grooming Overview
Pup Culture is a hub dedicated solely to Dogs. They offer grooming, boarding, daycare, walks and training services. Pup Culture's duty is to assist dog owners in achieving well-rounded and happy pets even when they run a busy lifestyle. They focus on their hygiene, proper socialization, and mental and physical well-being. They make sure that their pets get enough exercise, are always mentally stimulated and kept socialized with other dogs and humans.
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Average Rating:
Pup Culture Dog Daycare & Grooming in Taguig City, PH has an average rating of 4.2 based on 25 member reviews.
Best Daycare by far
Andrew in Taguig
Pup Culture is the perfect place to send your dogs for socialization. They provide a safe controlled environment with experienced caretakers to guide your dog in interacting with other dogs. The owner is always involved, and could aptly be called a dog whisperer.
My Christmas Experience
New Yorkie in Alabamg
Spent christmas this year away from my family. Fortunately, Pup accommodated me and gave me the best holiday experience ever! I met a lot of new dog friends. My mom thought I wont get along with anybody because she says I am a spoiled rascal! She was surprised to see videos off me playing with a bunch of doggy friends! I will prepare for my return. I need to see them all once again! PC, my mom says youre the best!
preciosa my high five girl
ginger in makati
preciosa learned to walk on the leash when she was a pup she was also a mini terror on leash now she walks properly on the leash. ginger my dr. dog gets more exposure with the other dogs. she learned the high five through role modeling and watching other dogs do it now blue,preciosa and daisy can do the high five.
my 5 dogs including my cat love it there.
jackie in makati
my five poms one which was slightly a terror turned out to be a good boy already he hasn't become a terror since going for daycare. he learned to be social with other dogs and my dogs love their grooming also daisy when she was younger bit the groomer and he is very patient now daisy allows him to groom her. my cat is also comfortable at pup because he is used to the noise of the dogs and doesn't get stressed. blue changed a lot and has learned tricks also and has mastered his basic obedience. I bring blue there because he loves it and has many friends in daycare and what i love is that he comes home tired no need to run him in the hallway chasing after his ball. they are also strict about health and cleanness and the health of the dogs come first. the owner helped blue come out of his shell and daisy and the rest learn that not all dogs are aggressive when it comes to pons they are temperamental breeds so they learn in daycare that they don't have to be aggressive always.
Real dog lovers
Jerome in Makati
Everyone at Pup Culture has genuine concern for their furry guests. Dogs are not caged but are alllowed to interact/play with other dogs under the watchful eye of the owner or one of the dog 'nannies.' I honestly cannot imagine raising my dog without them.
They love my dog for real
King in FBGC
I have a very finicky female pup that hates to have her nails clipped. The groomer at Pup Culture has been patient enough to work with her to eventually allow her nails to be clipped. They used to spend more than an hour on her just coaxing her and making her relax until she lets her nails get clipped. (no overtime charge) They did not force her or use fear to make her stay put. As a result, it only takes 10 minutes now and she is more cooperaive. The owner, Jennie, has a passion for dogs and it shows that she loves her clients' dogs just as her own. In training, she is experienced with many breeds from aspins to German working dogs to toy dogs to northern spitz breeds and when you see her work with them, you can tell that she's loving it and that they're loving her back. No wonder she has been invited quite a number of times to be guest speaker in dog events organized by the Mind Museum.
Gold Standard
Mya in Fort Bonifacio
I have been bringing my first dog to Pup Culture for about 3 years now. Though her breed is known to be predisposed to dog aggression, her constant playtime at Pup socialized her well that she gets along with other dogs. Now that I have a second dog, they both go there for playtime and socalization. Pup Culture is a place I bring my fur kids to not just because I need to board and leave them someplace, but because they have fun there. Sometimes, I bring them there just because. They are strict about health and cleaniness, which, for all of us patrons is a big deal too!
My boys super love the place!!!
Bong in QC
My kids love Pup Culture, the place, the owner and the staff. I own three spitz breeds - a husky, a sammy and a shiba.... all of them have learned to get along well with other dogs and with people as well... I am particularly happy with my shiba. At 2 months, he was the ultimate toughie. He wouldn't allow anyone to touch him and would growl and snarl at the slightest touch. A few months later, under Jennie's guidance and with the help of Pupfriends, my little demon has turned into a cuddle-bug. He actively seeks human touch and attention. I have so many other touching anecdotes of how my dogs have improved through the constant socialization at Pup. I highly recommend the place. Much better than the cheaper alternatives that just cage your dogs, and some more expensive options that provide no personal interaction with the dogs.
Nothing but the best for my dogs
Maiko in Q.C.
My kids have been going to Pup Culture for years now. I have 3 chihuahuas that all finished their obedience and socialization there. I also have one Doberman puppy that is currently doing socialization/day care and has finished her basic obedience at Pup. Pup clients are one big family! my dogs love the place and i'm thankful for meeting so many great friends in the dog lover community. Pup Culture cares about your dogs, they dont just leave them in cages like other so called daycares. plus our vet who they also know is close to the place so i know my kids are safe and well taken care of. even after i moved out of fort bonifacio, i still make the 40min-1hr drive there to bring my dogs <3
Thank you to Pup!
Cera in QC
I stayed at Pup Culture when my mommy went away for a trip. She loves me very much and said I deserve the very best care she could find. Mommy said I didn't "play well with others" and needed to be socialized, too, so Pup was perfect because the owner is not afraid to let dogs interact with one another and play under supervision (you can see it the moment you enter that dogs are not hidden away in cages). I learned to get along with the other dogs at daycare. My mom was thrilled when she received email updates about how well I was doing (I sent her photos, too, of me with my new friends!). I would love to see my friends and stay at Pup again.
Neat place!
Thatcher in Manila
I chance upon Pup one day and I saw small dogs and big dogs playing together. It was an amazing sight! My dog loves meeting and greeting other dogs so much and I want her to be have fun and be a part of that doggie group. I was a hilarious sight when I first brought her there. She went gaga over her pup mates! Her tiny tail wags like there's no tomorrow. I'm so glad I found this place!
great place for doggie socialization
Scottie in Park Avenue
I've known terrier as yappy or barky dogs. So I just try to live with the yappiness of my terror terrier every time he meets another dog. I just said, "Ah.. it's a terrier thing.". But it just gets annoying when you go and have lunch with your friends and my little dog would bark his head off when he sees another dog... and embarrassing too! One friend nicely suggested I tried socializing my dog at Pup Culture. And I was glad I took her advice! My lunch dates with my friends and walks are a lot more peaceful now!!
my dog's 2nd home!
Callie in Libertad
I have a doxie who's a bit aggressive towards other dogs. I felt sad about how he would bark madly at other dogs. I love taking him outside when I do morning walks. But after seeing how he was when he sees other dogs, our walks together became less and less. I felt so guilty and helpless about it. So one day, I just decided to ask for Pup Culture's help. I was amazed at how well Jennie could understand my dog! She was more willing to trust my dog (and me) than I did back then! It was a valuable lesson for me. I learned to trust my dog more and to give him chances/ opportunities and not hold him back. My doxie has improved every time we visit Pup! So a big thank you Pup! You guys are totally awesome!
My kids love Pup Culture
Jay in Pasay
My dog loves this place. Every time we pass by Pup Culture, my dog would drag me to the entrance of Pup. Also when they said daycare they really mean daycare. They won’t just put your dog in a kennel for the rest of the day. Plus during daycare your dog will learn to socialize with other dogs. The daycare price is reasonable with the amount of care, attention, and love they give each dog; and considering it’s in Global City.
Love Pup Culture!
Wilma in Pasay
We've been going to Pup for more than a year already. My dog has had problems with humans and sometimes with other dogs. I booked a couple of sessions to concentrate on those problems and I was thrilled that I was immediately seeing wonderful results! It has encouraged me to work more with her and has taught me not to easily give up. Ever since then, I've been dropping my little one at Pup Culture to learn more manners in dealing with both people and dogs. The best part in this is that I can see my dog really happy and relaxed. And I simply can't deny her that joy since she has given me so much happiness!
Great Place
Ashley in Makati
I love it. Its an actual dog day care . Dogs get to make friends with other dogs and socialize. the place is light , clean and well air-conditioned. The biggest high point for me is you can see the day care happening. The day care floor is open for everyone to see. Its nice to see dogs of all sizes playing happily with each other.
One of the best in the Philippines
LifeisMelo in Philippines
Check out our review of Pup Culture here: http://lifeismelo.com/pup-culture/
Good Place for Pooches!
Dani Y. in QC
One thing I like about this facility is that it is owned and run by the owner who actually handles, cares and trains her own dogs and is still willing to learn. I have met a lot of trainers in our country and there are some who don't really handle/train their own dogs to begin with. How can I trust them to handle my dogs? And a lot are so close-minded that they are not open to learn more than what they already know. I just wish they have a place nearby my home for me to board my dogs regularly.
My dog loves Pup!
Marie in Pasig
This is what a true daycare should be. I've been to places that advertise "daycare" that charge large fees and keep your dog in a cage the whole time. Pup Culture is different. The area is open and the dogs are free to socialize and play with each other under the watchful eyes of the owner and her staff. My dog loves spending time at Pup and has made so many new friends!
Great place!
Unknown in Metro Manila
Great day care/boarding that allows supervised interaction and socialization for the dogs while the mommies/daddies (aka owners) are away - unlike other places that keep the dogs in cubicles, crates or cages. The owner is very hands-on, which is extra plus points! There's even snack time and nap time! I know of several dogs whose behavior and social etiquette has improved because of Pup Culture. Thumbs up for Pup!
Great place!
Mark in Makati
They really care for your dogs here. Mine even learned some tricks when I got back. Not your usual place where they just lock up dogs in cages. Didnt hav to worry bout my dog when I went on vacation.
Not a good place! Too expensive!
Michiko in Taka
Yeah right this place is expensive and the owner is really biased or with favoratism amongst dogs. The more you become or the longer you patronize, they keep adding boarding fee too!! My dog lost weight after several days of staying.
Very expensive
Anonymous in Quezon City
Prices are very expensive, sometimes double the prices of other dog daycare and grooming.
Not Really Good
Anonymous in Metro Manila
The owner is bias to certain breeds. She underwent dog training but really an amature in this industry. Do not this place totally. Of couse they will do the sales talk and be nice, but they are not always nice. Please be careful of putting your dog here.
Bad experience
Anonymous in Quezon City
I brought my dog to this place and he stayed there for three nights. When I got back, he was so thin already and he wouldn't eat! I brought him to the vet and the doc said he got infected by an airborne disease when he was staying at Pup Culture! If you love your dogs, dont bring him there!
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