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1700 Fruitville Pike
Lancaster, PA, US 17601
Monday-Saturday 9am-9pm; Sunday 10am-6pm
PetsHotel Lancaster Overview
PetSmart's PetsHotel is a revolutionary alternative in day and overnight care for cats and dogs. PetsHotel provides superior care and personalized attention for all pet guests so pet parents have peace of mind that their pet is safe and happy while they're away. All caregivers are hand-picked for their love of pets, and someone is always there with your pet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Average Rating:
PetsHotel Lancaster in Lancaster, PA, US has an average rating of 3.5 based on 4 member reviews.
What A Great Place!!!
Deb in Lancaster
The Petsmart Hotel is a great place! Our large black lab doesn't do well with strangers, but when she is there she responds well to the Petsmart Hotel staff right away. They handle her so professional, but at the same time in such a warm and gentle manner. Brandy loves to play with the other dogs, eat ice-cream, and play with the Donkey Kong treat filled toy! When we go on vacation, she goes on vacation And when I drop her off, and the staff takes her - she never looks back! We have worked with their trainers in pet training classes, and Brandy has visited the Petsmart Hotel several times, and all of our experiences have been wonderful. I would highly recommend their services any time.Thanks Petsmart Hotel staff for making both our vacations and Brandy's vacations a huge success!
The Best
Mary in Lancaster
I have a one yr. old dog and a senior dog, and we've boarded them everywhere. Petshotel is awesome for many reasons. You can drop off/pick up at any time between 7am and 9pm, and you can provide anything from home to make them feel cozy. The doggy day camp makes them waaaaay tired and the staff is always so helpful and nice. Every 10th stay is free and someone is there 24/7. They also have adjoining rooms that have a guillotine door so your dogs can be fed separately or get some alone time, then the door can be put up so they can be together. There aren't a lot of places around here except Oscar's which I was not impressed with. The staff is not very helpful, the dogs are not allowed to eat all day if they go to the day camp, they are encouraged to "be quiet" as if they are humans and they spray them with water bottles and put them in a time out cage as "punishment". It was kind of disturbing. Also their hours are extremely inconvenient. The only pro to the place is that the dogs are outside for some of the time. Anyway Petshotel is a great place and we couldn't live without them!
Okay when needed
John in Lancaster
My dog watched overnight. All services and such seemed worthwhile. When I picked up my dog, her eyes were bloodshot, she was panting with a high fever, and she seemed disoriented. It was as if she was smoking weed and didn't know me. She is a breed that can die if overheated, so I was concerned. Also, her harness was put on backwards by the expert. The part that goes around the neck was cinched around her waist. Despite the harness stupidity, not sure I can blame hotel for more.
My dog got kennel cough and an upper respiratory infection
Tim in Lancaster
I dropped my boy off at the Lancaster Pet's Hotel Saturday, Dec 1 and had paid extra for him to have the one on one time 3 times for the 4 nights he was there. They also said they would walk my dog and I assumed that meant, they walked him alone outside. Instead he was walked with other dogs inside the building and never went outside! The place all of your dogs pee and poo is the same room they go to play. My dog was house trained and highly doubt he wanted to poo and pee inside. The day I picked him up, he was sneezing a lot and the next day he started to cough bringing up mucus. I took him to my vet and now he has kennel cough and an upper respiratory infection. I thought to myself, how can that be when they required to see copies of his Borditella vaccine? They may had been friendly outside with the customers, but this dog is NOT going back to Pet's Hotel.
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