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Post a Restaurant
11027 US Hwy 24
Divide, CO, US 80814
(719) 687-5800
Smokin' Q Overview
Smokin' Q serves up Teller County's finest BBQ with fresh side dishes, baked breads and pet-friendly seating.
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Average Rating:
Smokin' Q in Divide, CO, US has an average rating of 4.4 based on 14 member reviews.
New Owners, still pet friendly
Angela in Florissant
My name is Angela Arnold, the new owner at The Smokin'Q, we still serve great BBQ and welcome pets. Come see us soon.
Keith in Florissant, CO
Mona you are truly the "Mona Lisa" of great ribs, fish and many other dishes. I am so sorry you lost your old doggie friend. Congrats on getting a wonderful new canine. Love your place with its great food. Keith
Great BBQ - Wonderful People!
Dan in Colorado Sprigns
The Smokin' Q is as firmly in our travel plans as stopping for gas or groceries. Mona is great, the food is great, and our 14 year old Golden (that can't easily get out of the car anymore), gets carhop service. signed, a devoted fan!
On our way out camping
De'Dee in Winnemucca NV
We were traveling thru to a campsite called Hecla. We stopped for food, my husband waiting in the car with the dogs. My cousin and I went in to order and when the owner found out we had the dogs he said bring them and come eat. I had pulled beef brisket. My cousin says the trout is incredible. My husband had pulled pork. They offered the pooches meat but they are on a strick dog food diet. Wonderful hospitality!
What a wonderful surprise!
Erin in Fort Collins
Good grief is the food good, and they even brought out brisket for my pup who was sitting in the car...before I learned that he was perfectly welcome in their nice outdoor seating area. Fantastic find. Will go back to Divide just to get more smoked trout (for both me and the dog!)
Robbie in annArbor
The food is awesome and the owners dog friendly. my pup was served before me with delicious shredded meat. I was tempted to try her snack. Nice outside tables, clean bathroom. Super friendly bikers and patrons. I'll be back
Tongue-lappin' Good!
Lisa in Colorado Springs
This place is amazing. The owners make you feel like family. They even invited our dog to dine inside with us. Don't miss the smoked trout! Molly (our dog) says it's "tongue-lappin' good!"
They Fed My Precious
Patti in Divide
I could not believe it when one of the employees brought some sliced brisket out to my Precious. I have told everyone how nice they are to pets. Thanks Smokin' Q
A must try for dog owners
Beverly in Palm Springs
What a great little (and I mean little) place. They brought brisket and water out to our Terrier. What kind employees.
Great Place
Quinton in Denver
When we go to 11 mile we always stop. Our Terrier (Stan) loves the place. The BBQ is always good and the breakfast burritos are to die for.
Jill in Colorado Springs
What a wonderful little cabin with a great staff. The food is off the chart. Our favorite is the spareribs. Missy (our Lab) loves the brisket and they actually gave her a plate of food. What great people!
They feed your dogs!!
Jack in Newman
The BBQ is unbelievable...but, they actually brought brisket and water out for our Lab.
Not the Same
Becky in Woodland Park
All I can say is I wish Mona would come back and start another place here. The new owner has destroyed this place. Not as pet friendly as it was and the food is terrible.
RUDE "New Owners
Peter in Florissant
Bbq was like it was warmed up from yesterday.. they put it in the microwave..then we sat to eat and the new owner just stared at us. Not worth the stop!
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