The Joe Station Dog Park sign.
Puppies get to make other puppies and those human things!
Look at all the land us puppies get to play in!
Who doesn't love a cold one on a hot day?
Places for our human pets to sit.
What a big area for me to run around in.
The Joe Station Dog Park sign.
Puppies get to make other puppies and those human things!


Joe Station Dog Park offers separately fenced areas for small and large dogs along with lights for nighttime use.


BringFido Traveler Rating

Joe Station Dog Park has received a rating of 3.8 out of 5 bones by 12 canine critics on BringFido.

  • More than a year ago
    Lots of Space

    Nice park to locate (although by a jail??). Fun space. Love the separate parks for small and large dogs. Appreciate the human bathroom too.

  • More than a year ago
    Nice green space dog park

    Very nice dog park with tons of green space. Has separate area for small dogs. Several shaded areas for seating and resting. Has water fountains and buckets of water. Our 2 small terriers had a blast playing fetch without being bothered by bigger dogs.

  • More than a year ago
    You've got to be kidding

    Today I took my German Shepherd to this park and he started playing with the other dogs then this man approached and asked why my dog had a muzzle on. I respectfully told him it was NOT a muzzle, it is a head harness in which corrects pulling on the leash. He gave me a dirty look then proceeded to ask me of he was neutered I told him no and he, with a rude attitude told me to leave. My dog is a service dog in training so I like to socialize him as much as possible to refrain from possible future dog aggression. I understand the re enforcement of rules but with rude remarks, looks and attitude I will never go back even when my dog is neutered.

  • More than a year ago

    This park is great! It has sides for small and large dogs, and changes up the sides every now and then so dogs don't get bored. It's a beautiful place and very well maintained. My puppy and I can't wait to go back.

  • More than a year ago
    The difference

    To all that read this I can tell you this from experience. Though Joe Station may have some overbearing volunteers your one seemingly alternative is much worse. The people that RULE the park at 91st could careless about dogs.
    Here is a personal example. There was an unfixed doberman in the park 2 weeks ago. Not only did a volunteer not observe or do anything about that but they also failed to support me when I was trying to protect my dog from unwanted behavior. To put it bluntly this doberman kept trying to rape my dog. He is a very friendly submissive lab. I tried 3 times to move the doberman from my dog. The owner saw nothing wrong with the behavior and the volunteers were sitting on the other end ignoring all. Now it is not there job to police things? Why are they there? To protect the GRASS!!!! Needless to say I was very enranged by this mans dog and things got out of ccontrol. But before there was any violence I left with my dog. I sit here on this beautiful wanting to go back there but tired of the drama. Sadly my dog has real friends there that he will miss. I am hoping when I get to Joe Station there will be new friends to be made.
    After a yerar of going to this other park that was just the latest issue in the park. I dont like the idea of not letting my dog hang with his friends but I wont put myself in that positon again. I love my pets as children and I would do all that is needed to protect them. Think of this as you look for place for your dog to play.

  • More than a year ago
    Horrible Experience

    We usually go to the dog park on 91st, but it is closed on Mondays & Tuesdays. So I thought I would bring my two dogs down to this park. There were only 2 dogs in the small dog side and one of my dogs is a whippet mix so she loves to play and run with big dogs. As soon as I brought her over there, the caretaker of the park approached me and told me that my dog wasn't have a good time and I should bring her to the other side. So I took my dogs to a corner in the big dog side away from the other owners and dogs. They were playing and having a good time. He decided to come back over and tell me that one time he saw a little dog like mine get its neck bit and almost died because the owner brought their small dog to the big dog side. He then kept telling me that my dogs weren't having a good time and that as a dog owner I shouldn't have them in the big dog side. I immediately put on their leases and left. As I was leaving a dog owner came to me and told me that I don't have to leave, it is my decision to have my dogs on the big dog side and that he thought they were fine. Well I will NEVER go back to this park or recommend it to anyone. This old man, the caretaker, had 2 large dogs with him and while cleaning he allowed those dogs to go into the small dog side. Which is 100% against the rules of the park. He also didn't have collars, leashes or tags on these dogs, which is also against the rules! Not only was I following all rules while at the park, but this man had the nerve to yell at me and tell me what to do even though it was at my own risk, while he was breaking 2 rules of the City of Tulsa's dog policy for the dog parks. NEVER GO HERE!

  • More than a year ago
    Just my opinion

    I feel that dogs shouldn't have to be fixed. I made the decision not to have mine due to cost and he's very mindful so I feel that it shouldn't be a requirement

  • More than a year ago
    Great place to let them romp & play

    We were pleasantly surprised! Were a little nervous having never taken our dog to a dog park before. But all seemed to get along well and had a great time playing, romping and running together. Nice place with benches, picnic tables, water bowls, trash containers & baggies for clean up. Just wish there were more dog parks like this one in more communities!

  • More than a year ago
    A great place :o)))

    My dogs love the park! Both dogs and people are very friendly!!! I see puppies who learn to play with adult dogs all the time! We all know that puppies can't be fixed before a certain age. Now it all depends on what you call "puppy"! Meanwhile, we're having great fun!!!

  • More than a year ago
    Nice Surprise

    This was our first time to go to a dog park, didn't know what to expect. Pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness of the facility & the friendliness of the other park goers. It's large enough we were able to get by ourselves but dogs able to play together, as well. Not sure if this is ordinary or what. Glad we came & we will be back! Thanks!

  • More than a year ago
    NO place for puppies

    While it states it is for large and small dogs, puppies are not allowed. I have a puppy to young to be spayed but she is not allowed to come meet and play with other dogs until after she is fixed. This rule should only apply for adult dogs not puppies.

  • More than a year ago
    Amazing for Pooches

    This is great place to take your dog when they need to be socialized and run off some extra energy. The pet owners who frequent the park are very friendly. All keep good watch of the dogs. Our dog is all smiles when she goes. We are very greatful for the city to offer this and the volunteers who keep it great for our doggies.

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