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Tommy Shumpert Park at PetSafe Village

The Tommy Shumpert Park in Knoxville, TN, is a dog-friendly area affiliated with Pet Safe Village. The park has two separate off-leash fenced areas, one for small dogs (30 lbs and under) and one for dogs of any size. The small dog park has lots of grass and mulch to keep your pup's feet comfy. There are benches and lots of space for Fido to run around without getting harassed by the big dogs. The "all sizes" area has lots of grass, benches, and a mulch walking trail. It also has a pond with a dock so your dogs can swim around during the hot months. Bring towels because it will get muddy. Visit Website

Or call (865) 215-6600 for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Tommy Shumpert Park at PetSafe Village has received a rating of 4.5 out of 5 bones by 16 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Alicia
    Jun. 22, 2022
    Great park!

    I'm so glad this park came up on BringFido while we were on our road trip! It has 3 large enclosures, lots of trails/areas to choose from and ample seating to stop and take in the beauty of the park. A must-go if your pups love playing in water! Very clean and well-maintained

  • Cathy
    Sep. 12, 2021
    Great Spot

    Clean, spacious, worth the short jaunt from I-75.

  • Holly
    Jun. 6, 2020

    Very cool dog park!

  • Julie
    Jul. 14, 2019
    Highly Recommended Dog Park !!!!

    This park outdid my expectations big time. It sounded like it was going to be really small but it wasn’t. No where close to being small. There was 3 huge dog enclosures and then the huge enclosure with a man made dog pond with several walk in spots and a dock diving spot . Beautiful and well maintained park! Defiantly will be back when in the area again.

  • Johnny
    More than a year ago
    Perfect way to unwind

    We have been going to Tommy Shumpert for about 6 months now, and we absolutely love it. To start off, the parking is perfect. Nice and close to the entrance, and always plentiful. There is a doggy water fountain available before you enter the fenced area, and once you do, there are 3 separate sections for your dog to do whatever they want. There's a section for smaller dogs, larger dogs, and a large area with a pond for whomever wants to join in the fun. It is usually crowded on weekends and on weekdays after 4pm. We have never had or seen any issues with true aggression, and most scuffles are controlled by the dogs themselves. All owners have seemed responsible, and we always look forward to dog park days.

  • PAT
    More than a year ago
    Fun and Friendly Place

    My baby loved the park, his first time off leash (since I have had him). All of the other dogs were very friendly and most of them got along with all the dogs. There was a slight scuffle at one point but both dogs resolved it themselved. We loved the dog park and will definitely go back. Next time we will bring Taco some water although he probably won't stop and take the time to drink it. I gave 4 bones because there is no water inside the play area.

  • Diana
    More than a year ago
    Pet Safe is Awesome!

    This is the best dog park we have been to ever! It had two sections for large dogs, so you could prevent your pup from swimming in the pond if you so desire. We have two 2-year-old Afghan hounds & wearing them down can sometimes be challenging... Especially on a cross-country road trip. We planned our trip around dog parks, because they need them. They loved the park! It was fairly muddy due to rain, which gave us a few heart-stopping moments when puppies ate it & slid in the mud, but they loved it. They ran laps around the pond like it was cool. Other patrons didn't want their pup to socialize with ours, or talk to us for that matter. They went to the non-pond section. Our boys were sad about this at first, but they still had a blast. The dock was awesome as well, because we were able to trick them both into getting into the pond, while we walked on the dock, to get most of the mud off. If we ever are back in the Knoxville area, this will definitely be a stop on our trip.

  • Penelope Ashton
    More than a year ago
    Dog Nirvana

    Baby (rescued bait dog pit bull), Deelilah (rescued border collie and Jack Russell mix) and Princie (rescued COLLIE and JACK RUSSELL mix (How did that happened--love conquers all I guess) loved the park. We moved here from a large farm with lots of space to run and play so the dogs and I needed some room to roam. Thanks Knoxville we love our adopted city's dog park.

  • Patricia
    More than a year ago
    Awesome Park

    This is the first dog park we have taken our dogs to since moving to Knoxville and we absolutely love it. Not only is it well maintained but it is also wheelchair friendly with the paths. Our dogs just loved it there.

  • Diane
    More than a year ago
    best in show

    without a doubt this dogpark is the best in the Knoxville area, the pond was closed at the beginning of the summer due to repairs but has been reopened for months, Karen is correct there are some owners who walk the trails with their animals prior to coming into the park or have multiple pets that are able to go the 30-50 feet to the gate without being leashed, I have yet to see any of those animals do anything but head striaght for the gate they know what is in store for them and are excited to get into the park to play. Like any park there are busy times and slow times, i might suggest that anyone with reservations come early in the day because between 4 and 7 there are often 20 to 30 dogs playing in the park. PLEASE do not bring your dog in the area on a leash, and force them to stay on a leash, while it may make the owner feel as if they have more control it has the dog at a huge disadvantage and it adds to their anxieities when 10 dogs are sniffing and you only have a 3 foot radius to escape. I have been taking my 2 dogs to this park since it opened, usually about 4 times a week. During all of those time, once I saw two men who needed some life skill lessons and twice i saw agression between 2 unnutered dogs, both times the owners were quick to remove the agressive animals from the park. Other than that you have your general complainers in life over little things like a stolen toy/ball or the leash issue mentioned above. In closing, my only complaint is that some people tend to bring small children to the DOG PARK, which is fine if you know what you are walking into , but to get in and be offended by dogs running and chasing each other at a high speed, is in my opinion foolish...puppies and large animals like to run and play. Often they have no control over their bodies and I have not only seen a pack of dogs take someone down, I have had that happen to me and ended up in the emergency room with a broken knee as a result of being between a 6 month old lab and the water in a tug of war chase. Also , with winter approaching rmember to get there before the sunsets there are no lights in the dog area and they ahve turned the water off due to the pipes freezing so make sure yo ubring your own water..

  • Rudy
    More than a year ago
    space to run

    I have been to several of the area parks, this one is the largest. it has 3 large fenced in areas, one that has a large pond (although its being renovated). The only down fall is that although there is are benches very few are in the shade if your looking to sit and relax. They have planted several trees so in the future there will be more shaded area its just not there now. I normally visit between 11-3 and there is almost always someone there often several people. There is room for improvement but this is one of my favorite at the moment

  • Garret
    More than a year ago

    WARNING - the Pond section is closed. We drove 20 miles to this park and found it half closed. We had planned to beat the 106 degree temps by soaking the pups, but we just ended up dehydrated inside and out. 30 JUNE 2012.

  • Janice cash
    More than a year ago
    About the Dog Park

    I like the fact that the small dogs are separated and have a play area to them-selves,I''d bring water since its not in the area, [and is at front entrance ]there was some shaded areas, the two benches that was there, were in the sun, so good ideal to bring your folding chairs to sit in the shaded spots,and the address is wrong its off of riffle range road turn left on fountain city rd. and take the 1st right follow signs park in the back wish there were some climbing and tunnels for the dogs like Victor Ash but besides that our little Taco loved running around meeting new friends just glad there parks out there for our little doggies,PS Bring some toys with ya & don't forget the water they have poop bags on site with garbage can that was nice also

  • Karen
    More than a year ago
    6400 Ft. City Rd.

    Great park to take your dog. However, beware as there are people that are not keeping their dogs on leashes getting from the car walking to the park or not using a leash as they are using the walking trails. Just know that you should hold onto to your dogs leash as there are people there that apparently can't read or just think they're not going far, so the dog can run free.

  • Terry
    More than a year ago
    great park .. wrong address

    this is a great park to go ti but the real address is 6400 fountain city rd knoxville, tn

  • Dave
    More than a year ago
    Great park for swimming

    The Tommy Shumpert park is a great place to take your dogs if they like the water. There's a big pond for them to swim and play in and lots of stick to throw around.

    the biggest drawback is that the only water fountain (for people or pets) is at the main entrance to the park which can be quite a trek if you're already thirsty so bring your own water

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Tommy Shumpert Park at PetSafe Village