The Biltmore Estate is pet friendly! Dogs are allowed to explore the extensive grounds and roam through the more than 250 acres of landscaped gardens. Fido is also welcome to join the humans at several restaurants with outdoor seating in Antler Hill Village.


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Biltmore Estate has received a rating of 4.4 out of 5 bones by 14 dog owners on BringFido.

  • Oct. 22, 2018
    Wonderful Experience

    First off—forget the dog kennels. We were told the ones in Park-C (next to the mansion) were closed but the ones in the Village parking lot were open. We took forever to find them but if you drive beyond the parking lot and behind the animal farm you’ll see a sign. I was expecting dog kennels like the ones you see at Petsmart but these were really disappointing. There were four stalls with chain link fencing and some wooden boards/ bare concrete. There’s enough room to house a few big dogs in one stall but the water bowl is filthy with bugs and leaves. Speaking of bugs, there were so many cob webs and spiders around you can tell no one is in charge of cleaning these kennels and they’re so far away from the village its like the dog kennel idea was an afterthought. It was cold today too and there was no heating/comfort for Fido-just cold slab of concrete. If it rained I think the pups would get wet too and there isn’t much of a view—just workers driving around. I don’t expect the staff to treat dogs as well as we owners do and I know this is just a convenience thing but I truly wish they would put more thought into these kennels considering how much revenue the estate takes in. Seriously, at the very least cleaning the area once a month would be an upgrade. It felt like we were surrendering our pup to the most run down shelter by leaving her here so we changed our minds and took her with us the rest of the trip. I highly suggest if you go in groups to split: while a part of your group explores the house the other group can go gift shopping or tour the trails and that way you can take turns taking care of Fido and no one has to drive back and forth to those awful kennels. If you absolutely have to leave your pup in a kennel know that the house tour is 2 hours long so definitely bring your dog a bed and water bowl.

    Besides that this was a great day for us and our pup, she got a lot of exercise and there was plenty for her to see and we couldn’t believe we spent 8 hours here hurrying back and forth between tours and trying things out before shops closed. The estate is enormous and there’s so much you can do, the gardens/ trails covered sooo much land you’ll spend at least 2 hours there and Fido is welcome there and everywhere outside. Shops and all the restaurants have outdoor seating as well. Tip: if you have a doggy stroller or a dog bag and your pup well behaved you’re likely to be welcomed in the shops.

  • Oct. 09, 2018
    Pup-tastic Day!

    We took our chihuahua to Biltmore and spent the whole day. They don't allow dogs in the house itself but otherwise we were welcome in all the gardens, on the patios of the restaurants and they even let us bring him to wine tasting and in the store (although he was in his dog "purse" versus on his leash and you hardly knew he was even there because he doesn't bark and just watches). It was a lovely day and he was definitely worn out.

  • More than one year ago.
    Pups first visit to the Biltmore

    We are pass holders and have been visiting the Biltmore for many years. This was the first time that we brought our pups. We wanted to enjoy the grounds and had no intention of going into the house on this trip. We had a great lunch at Cedric's on the patio. The staff was very accommodating when we visited the courtyard between the house and the stables. Dean came over twice to visit the pups and to check to make sure that everything was ok. He even went into the ice cream shop and came back with ice cream bowls of water for each pup.

  • More than one year ago.
    Not for my dog

    I'd read good things about the Biltmore Kennel reviews. We drove past them yesterday and there's no way I would let my dog stay in the kennels. She was much better off staying in our truck with a good fan running. The kennels appeared to be in disrepair. There are 4 kennels but none were being used. We thought of using the kennel while we visited Antler Village for the wine tasting and lunch. Nope. Nope. Nope. I'm not neurotic or even that fussy but I don't feel that my dog would have been safe or happy in the kennels.

  • More than one year ago.
    Great tour, clean kennels

    Learned from Bring Fido that the Biltmore Estate has self-service dog kennels available to guests that want to tour the house (dogs are allowed all over the property but not inside the Estate or Conservatory. There are about 10 kennels in the corner of Parking Lot C - they are outside, covered, cement slab, and have a lock with a key that you take with you. Also, there is a hand well pump to pump clean water (suggest bringing your own water bowl). It was a cold morning, so we brought our dog's bed, blanket and a bone to keep him occupied - he was also wearing his jacket. The kennels were clean and in a wooded area. In the summer, they would be well shaded. In the winter, they get the sun in the morning. The tour of the house is about 2 hours and the shuttle bus to/from the house/parking lot is about 10-15 (with waiting in line). Overall, this was a great solution for a couple of hours and the ability to take dogs all over the property. Take the hike down to bass lake!

  • More than one year ago.
    Fun with some restrictions

    Overall, this was a good experience at the Biltmore. We arrived at the Estate in the morning, and were directed to the parking lot that hosts the kennels. We dropped our Westie off in the kennels which were very clean. There was a lock and key provided, so we knew she would be safe while we toured the house.

    We asked the bus driver before getting on the bus to the estate if we could come back after our tour, and bring our dog on the bus to tour the grounds and gardens. However, only service dogs are available on the bus. He recommended we leave her in the kennel until it was time to drive over to Antler Hill Village. We ended up leaving her while we walked the gardens.

    On the drive over to the village, we noticed there was garden parking so it seems we could have moved the car there after our tour to take her around the gardens. It would be nice if they allowed well-behaved pups on the buses and had the kennels closer to the estate so it's easier to tour the grounds with your dog.

    However, I am very glad they have the kennels at all. We were staying an hour away, so leaving her there all day just was not an option. In addition, the Antler Hill Village was very accommodating. We had a nice lunch outside on the covered patio. They brought her water and even carrot sticks to munch on (we had to ask for the carrots, of course). We had fun walking around the village, and we took turns doing the complimentary wine tasting since she couldn't come in (which was completely understandable!). Overall, a great visit!

  • More than one year ago.
    Pets Allowed On Grounds and Antler Hill Village

    You won’t have to leave anyone behind. The grounds are perfect for walking your pets, but please keep them securely leashed at all times. Pets (except service dogs) are not allowed in any building. All pets must be leashed on estate grounds for their own safety as well as the comfort of our other guests. Please be courteous of others and pick up after your pet.

    A very limited number of outdoor, unattended pet kennels are available at Biltmore. They are self-service and available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested in using a kennel, please see a parking host for kennel information upon arrival on the estate.

  • More than one year ago.
    Wish there was a "grounds only" ticket option

    We spent half a day touring the gardens and hiking trails...I'm not sure if our dog has ever been that tired! We planned the trip to do the outdoor activities only. The kennels were closed due to dog flu - and we didn't plan to leave our dog in them anyways. It was a lovely day - my only complaint is the ticket price is the same even though we had no intention of touring the house. It would be great if they sold an outdoor only ticket at a discount that gave you access to gardens and trails, but not indoors. Even at the full $60/person, it was still a wonderful visit and I'm glad we were able to see so much of the outdoor areas with our dog in tow.

  • More than one year ago.
    Great for dogs

    They are welcome in almost all areas. Tons of walking options. We made an entire day of touring and hiking.

  • More than one year ago.
    Fun even with our pup

    We spent an afternoon on the Biltmore property. The mansion was closed for the afternoon but the rest of the grounds were open. Our golden doodle was one of many dogs at the facility. The village had a winery and places which were dog friendly to eat drink and relax. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks Biltmore staff and Bring Fido for the recommendation

  • More than one year ago.
    Fun even with our pup

    We spent an afternoon on the Biltmore property. The mansion was closed for the afternoon but the rest of the grounds were open. Our golden doodle was one of many dogs at the facility. The village had a winery and places which were dog friendly to eat drink and relax. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks Biltmore staff and Bring Fido for the recommendation

  • More than one year ago.
    Loved the kennels!

    We took three dogs with us on a visit to the Biltmore Estate. They waited for us in a shady kennel with unlimited water while we toured the Estate. The kennel was big enough to house two Westies and our 40 pound mutt with plenty of room to spare. There was no wait and we were there in late August. What a nice surprise!

  • More than one year ago.
    Lovely Time

    Went there with 2 large dogs. The trails and exterior grounds are dog-friendly. They just can't go inside the buildings or inside the restaurants. The outdoor seating for the food was very friendly for dogs. Wish I had known about the free self-service kennels! Will definitely go back there again with the dogs!

  • More than one year ago.
    Wear your pup out

    We just got back from our trip to Asheville. We took our two girls out for a 4 hour trek on the Biltmore grounds. They were totally worn out. We took them through the gardens and down to the lake. When we were ready, we let them rest in the self service kennels so we could tour the house. Great time was had by all!

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