Pet, Flicks and Chill: The 10 Best Dog Movies and Series on Netflix

Posted by Billy Francis

Draw the curtains, prepare the “pup-corn” and chill with your best friend for movie nights every night. Fido may not be able to enjoy the latest flicks at the local drive-in right now, but he can still be entertained by the biggest four-legged names in the business. This barking selection of unbelievable canine movies and series now streaming on Netflix will leave you laughing, crying and begging for more.

1. Dogs

“Bravo, Zeus!” Photo by @netflixdogs

Dogs change lives for the better every single day, and this touching series demonstrates just how much they do for us. Delve into the unbreakable bond between canines and their caregivers on this emotional rollercoaster. Learn all about Rory and his doodle pals who can sense seizures; the risky plan to reunite a refugee with his long-lost Husky, Zeus; and how shelter dogs in Costa Rica and America live life before finding a home. Over the six episodes, you’ll laugh, cry and fall completely in love with the four-legged cast of this life-affirming “dogu-series.”

The first season of “Dogs” is available now on Netflix. The streaming service has confirmed that the “pup-ular” show will be returning for a second season.

2. White Fang

White Paw! Photo by

This animated version of Jack London’s classic short story will help ease Fido’s boredom and transport you both on an epic adventure through the early 20th century Canadian Yukon. Directed by Oscar winner Alexandre Espigares “White Fang” tells the story of a wolfdog who must overcome desperate situations and evil villains to find his way from the snowy wilderness to the loving family he’s always longed for. The unique style of animation adopted by the French creators of the film brings the hardy characters to life and paints the poignant classic in vivid detail for Netflix’s audiences.

If you’re a Jack London fan, read our interview with motion capture artist Terry Notary, who played the role of Buck in the recently released family adventure, “The Call of the Wild.”

3. To Be Of Service

Hero's best friend. Photo by

More than 500,000 American Veterans suffer from PTSD. For many returning soldiers, adjusting to regular life after being in a war zone is an uphill struggle. “To Be Of Service” explores their road to recovery and how dogs can help by walking by their side, completing tasks and providing life-changing service. To the outside world, it’s not always clear that somebody is suffering from PTSD. This emotional movie shows how a soldier’s best friend can help with invisible afflictions, too.

4. Benji

Have you seen Benji? Photo by

Have you ever imagined Kevin Mcallister with four paws and a scraggly mane? It’s up to Benji, a street dog with a heart of gold, to rescue two of his best friends from kidnappers. Our four-legged protagonist pushes dumpsters as well as boundaries when it comes to saving the day in this stirring story.

5. The Healing Powers of Dude

Dude, where’s my anxiety? Photo by

Navigating the world of middle school can be overwhelming, especially if you suffer from social anxiety disorder like Noah. Thankfully, scruffy pup and failed service dog Dude is adopted to calm him down, walk by his side and narrate from the canine point of view in “The Healing Powers of Dude.” More sensitive dog lovers may be keen to point out that Dude’s behavior in the show isn’t exactly regular protocol for an emotional support animal, but the bond between the pair makes up for his lack of professionalism. As an added bonus, the humorous special effects bring Noah’s daily struggles to life and make the sensitive topic approachable.

6. Bolt

Bolt found his fur-ever home. Photo by

Bolt” takes method acting to the next level. The adorable American White Shepherd believes his on-screen role as a heroic superhero is real and has to adapt quickly when he’s lost in the real world without any actual powers. With the help of streetwise alley cat Mittens, Bolt strides out on a coast-to-coast adventure from The Big Apple to Hollywood. This animated adventure is full of laughs provided by Bolt’s attempts at using his non-existent powers and the growing friendship between the pair. This one shouldn’t be missed!

7. The Secret Life of Pets 2

Meet the human cast of "The Secret Life of Pets 2." Photo by

The Secret Life of Pets answered the question every pet owner has asked himself: what does my pet get up to when I’m not around? The sequel continues the journey deep into the psyche of domesticated animals and their classified lives behind closed doors. Tune in to witness cats teaching dogs how to be cats, cows pretending to be dogs and a bunny rabbit superhero in this fun-filled animated flick from the studio that brought you “Despicable Me” and “Sing.”

8. Pup Star

Pups and peeps. Photo by

Singing sensation Tiny the Yorkie is kidnapped. After escaping, she goes on a musical adventure to find home, friends and her true voice. What Pup Star lacks in quality, it makes up for in cringeworthy dog puns. During the movie, kids can sing along, but everybody else may want to bring earplugs. Fans will be pleased to know there are three more “squeak-quels” available on Netflix: Pup Star: Better 2Gether, Pup Star World Tour and Puppy Star Christmas.

9. Patrick

“I’m pretty fly for a small, wrinkly guy.” Photo by

Patrick” tells the familiar tale of a dog tumbling into a human lap and spinning her life upside down. Sarah has been abandoned by her boyfriend, and she’s feeling pretty down. Enter mischievous Patrick the Pug to become the companion she never knew she needed. The wrinkly faced lead’s “pugly” performance somewhat rescues a plot that’s more fluff than fiber.

10. Russell Madness

“Tag me in!” Photo by

The one thing that street dog Russell wants more than anything is to find a family who loves him. He’s overjoyed to stumble into the Ferraros, who are in the midst of reviving their grandad’s wrestling organization. Russell has the chops to make it as a canine wrestler, as long as he can stick to the strict training regime set out by his inexplicably primate coach, Hunk. Wrestling fans might get a kick out of “Russell Madness,” but don’t tell your friends at PETA that you’re watching a movie about dog fighting, even if it is in a family comedy.

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