Cold-Weather Canines: The Best Boots, Jackets and Dog Coats for Winter

Posted by Billy Francis

Winter is upon us, Fido. It’s time to start planning for cooler temperatures, gusty winds and trudging through the snow. When you’re outside with your dogs this winter, make sure you pay attention to their behavior. If they bark, howl or tuck their tail, they’re probably feeling the chill. But don’t let the weather stop you from enjoying the outdoors together. Check out our favorite jackets, boots and dog coats for winter and keep your pooch toasty and safe in the cold.



“Green is definitely my color.”Photo by @ruffwear

With the right gear, dogs can join in most winter pursuits. Equip your adventurous pooch with one of Ruffwear’s cold-weather jackets. Powder Hound is a hybrid jacket that combines cozy insulation with stretchy fabric for outdoor pursuits. Cloud Chaser has a waterproof, windproof and breathable softshell to protect against even the harshest weather conditions. And the Quinzee is an insulated winter jacket that can fold down into itself for easy storage.

Ruffwear’s Powder Hound jacket is $84.95, Cloud Chaser is $79.95, and the Quinzee is $79.95, all available on Amazon.

Orvis All-Weather Dog Parka

Orange is the new black.Photo by @mooseyisontheloose

Come rain or snow, dogs can run wild yet stay cozy with the All-Weather Dog Parka from Orvis. Made in Vermont, a state known for extremely cold and wet weather, the parka is completely waterproof and insulated to protect against the harshest conditions.

The Orvis All-Weather Dog Parka costs $79 on Amazon.

Canine Styles Down Puffer Coat

Canine stylin’.Photo by @earlandharv

New York’s oldest dog emporium, Canine Styles, has been catering to dogs since 1959. The Canine Styles Down Puffer Coat, a signature item, is water-resistant, snow-repellent and stuffed with real goose down. Velcro closures and additional darting to the back keep this coat fitting snugly around your dog without restricting movement.

The Canine Styles Down Puffer Coat costs $125.

Chilly Dog Blanket Coat

"I Look Fly. I Look Good. Touch My Swag. Wish You Could!”Photo by

Can’t choose between a blanket and a coat? Thanks to Chilly Dog, you won’t have to! These dog blanket coats combine the warm coziness of a blanket with the stylish trim and tailoring of a coat. You can select from a variety of attractive designs, and all items are made from 100 percent wool. While these coats aren’t recommended for extreme outdoor use, they’re ideal and quite handsome for a walk around town during the fall and winter months.

Chilly Dog Blanket Coats start at $36.99 on Amazon.


Gooby Fleece Vest

“Leaves me alone!”Photo by @goobypet

The Stretch Fleece from Gooby adjusts to accommodate a dog’s barrel chest, and the large armholes don’t restrict movement. The fleece provides neck-to-tail coverage at an affordable price. If you and your pooch are looking for more severe-weather protection, Gooby also offers a range of water-resistant padded vests that are perfect for the great outdoors.

Stretch Fleece from Gooby is available for $13.60 from Amazon. Padded vests start at $36.46.

Fitwarm Turtleneck Sweater Pajamas

“Wake me up when it’s springtime, OK?”Photo by @frifrithemorkie

One of the coziest looking items on our list, Fitwarm’s Turtleneck Sweater Pajamas are made of knitted fabric, so you can use your dog as a snuggly heating pad on chilly nights. This item works as pajamas for older dogs and a warm sweater if you’re going on a brisk walk together.

Fitwarm Turtleneck Sweater Pajamas start at $15.99 on Amazon.

EXPAWLORER Fleece Dog Hoodies

“Bring it, winter.”Photo by @the.weilder.sisters

We know you’ve got at least one hoodie in the closet. Why can’t Fido have one too? These comfy fleece dog hoodies are soft and stretchy, and the hoodie will come in handy in the rain or snow.

EXPAWLORER Fleece Dog Hoodies start at $15.02 on Amazon.


Ultra Paws

One step at a time.Photo by Ultra Paws

Match Fido’s suave new jacket with some dashing winter boots from Ultra Paws. Footwear for Fido ranges from Rugged Dog Boots, made from recycled tires, for hunters and explorers, to the more basic Snow & Go boots for basic paw protection.

Rugged Dog Boots start at $39.95 on Amazon; Snow & Go boots cost $17.95.

Wagwear Dog Booties

“On flea-k.”Photo by @wagwear

The sleek and slick Wagwear Dog Booties provide any dog who wears them with a comfortable Wellington-style boot to show off at the dog park. These classy boots are designed with an open-vented slit construction, making them easy to slide on and off for hounds on the go.

Wagwear Dog Booties cost $64 and are available from Wagwear.

Ruff Houzin Dog Australia Waterproof Boots

“I promise I won’t pull a face … not!”Photo by @ruffhouzinpetstore

Ruff Houzin’s Dog Australia Waterproof Boots are equipped with an anti-slip sole, perfect for running at top speed in a slippery dog park. They’re available in a range of colors and look both rugged and stylish on a pup’s paws.

Fido can pull on a pair of Dog Australia Waterproof Boots from Ruff Houzin for $19.99.


Musher’s Secret

“I think they got the message.”Photo by @musherssecretpawwax

Musher’s Secret is prepared using completely natural products, providing canine paws with a breathable barrier against snow and chemicals on pathways. It can even be used to moisturize cracked noses and elbows.

Musher’s Secret starts at $12.75 on Amazon.

Zoo Snoods

“Get a moooooove on!”Photo by @rockytheluvabullrhino

Zoo Snoods offers a variety of knitted snoods for dogs. The fun designs include antlers and bunny ears to transform your pooch this winter. In addition, every time you purchase a snood, Zoo Snoods donates money to animal welfare organizations.

Zoo Snoods start at $14.99 on Amazon.

Winter Harnesses

“Can we ditch them? They’re holding us back.”Photo by @nonstopdogwear

Choosing the right harness for your dog can be overwhelming. One of the most popular brands in the world of Canicross is Non-stop dogwear. The Freemotion Harness is versatile, designed for pulling in a variety of winter sports like skijoring and snow running. The ergonomic fit allows dogs to run freely and change direction in a flash.

The Freemotion Harness is available for $67.99 on Amazon.

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