Friends of Fido Present 26 Howl-o-ween Costume Ideas

Posted by Lauren Barker

We asked our followers on Facebook to send us photos of their pets' spooky, funny and fur-ocious Halloween costumes, and the results had our tails wagging! We’ve picked out a few to share in case Fido is still trying to decide on this year’s getup.

“Can you sign for this?”Photo by Linda Rincones-White

With Amazon Prime’s two-day shipping, it’s not too late to be every dog’s favorite delivery driver. Order a UPS, DHL or USPS costume for your pup. Friend or foe, Fido will impress his most frequent visitor with his matching uniform.

“Des bonbons ou un sort!”Photo by Bertha Villanueva-Shertzer

There’s something deliciously cute about food costumes. Dress your French Bulldog as French toast, your Italian Greyhound as a slice of pizza, or your Golden Retriever as …

“Okay, but isn’t the hat a little much?”Photo by Ashley Miller

a pineapple? We didn’t say it had to make sense.

“It's ‘tricky’ to look this good” - Run-D.O.G.Photo by Bertha Villanueva-Shertzer

Every dog wants to be treated like a celebrity. Your pup can be his favorite musician, athlete, movie star ...

“I feel so Goofy in this thing.”Photo by Melissa Ogle

or cartoon character.

“Friends dress up for Halloween.”Photo by Jenn Gren

Television characters are always a hit …

“It smells like winter is coming.”Photo by Jenn Gren

especially when the TV show is a hit.

“They allll float, Georgie.”Photo by Jenn Gren

Movie villains are fun, too.

“I’m trying to blend in with this fall display.”Photo by Vanessa Szymanski

However, sometimes the cutest costumes are traditional Halloween favorites. Dress up your little pumpkin, spooky witch or hairy werewolf.

“No one is going to recognize me in this.”Photo by Anja Treinen

Of course, your outfit doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

“Just checking to see what all this Halloween buzz is about.”Photo by Stacey Tillberg

Let the costume fit your dog’s personality. This pooch is clearly as sweet as honey …

“This is me staring into your soul.”Photo by Brenda Klingler

while this one is, well, you know.

“Is this really happening? You’re kidding, right?”Photo by Laurel Iamundo

Costumes that make your pup appear to be walking on two legs are sure to evoke laughter. Fido can be a walking teddy bear, penguin or a guitar player.

Nothing could go wrong with a crew like this to save the day!Photo by Kristine Boyd

Superhero costumes are always life-savers! You can create your own with just a few supplies, or you can buy one here.

“Abracadabgrrrrrra!” Photo by Debi Staker

The magic happens when you get creative. Your pup can be anything she wants to be with just a little imagination.

“We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Paws.”Photo by Hannah Duclos

You can also make Halloween a team event. Dress up your whole gang, or grab some friends and trick-or-treat together. Your furry crew can follow the yellow brick road …

“Expecto Patronum!”Photo by Kristine Boyd

attend Pawgwarts …

“One of us is loving this. The other, not so much.”Photo by Josie Benfield

or just be a humble lobster fisherman with his catch.

Order the chef’s special at Niko’s Ristorante!Photo by Raena Alexis Latina Lawson

Create matching costumes for human and furry friends ...

“We’ve got some work to do now.”Photo by Rosalie Zwizanski

or dress up the whole family.

Some bunny’s twinning!Photo by Carissa Musaraca

You can even dress alike.

“I think this is a good look for me.”Photo by Angela Earley

This year, the lion’s mane is all the rage.

“They’re going to think I’ve escaped the zoo!”Photo by Kristeen Bartsch Mulder

But if Fido prefers a less popular African beast, the Zebra is always a fine choice. Try pet-safe Warren London Critter Color to give your pet’s coat a temporary dye.

“This is how I dress everyday.”Photo by Jennifer Beck

Go with what you already have. Your stylish pooch may already have something in his wardrobe.

“Everyone smile for the camera!”Photo by Maria DiStefano

Even if it’s a little bit tacky (Mom's words, not ours!).

“Can you see the resemblance?”Photo by Theresa Anne Staas

Or maybe your pup is lucky enough to already resemble a handsome Brad Pitt, no costume required (and no questions asked).

Thanks to all our readers for submitting their pup’s howlingly fun costume pics!

What is your dog dressing up as this Halloween? Leave a comment or tweet us @BringFido!

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