Dogs in the News: October 2021

Posted by Billy Francis

Similar to celebrities and political figures, pups often find themselves in the news. However, unlike their two-legged counterparts, canines usually grab headlines for all the right reasons. From a pocket-sized pinch runner to a group of dogs dubbed “geniuses,” these brainy and brawny pooches all made the news this month.

Fastest Canine Around the Bases

Los Angeles, CA
“Anybody need a pooch pinch runner?” Photo by

Macho from Malibu has written his name into the record books as the fastest dog to run the bases at an MLB stadium. Lori Signs, the Jack Russell Terrier’s owner, used the bite-size baller’s love of popping balloons to train him to bound around the bases. To beat the Guinness World Record, Macho needed to score a home run at Dodger Stadium in under 24 seconds. He managed it in just over 21 seconds.

Romanian Soccer Aims to Give Animal Homelessness the Boot

Bucharest, RO
“I actually prefer tennis.” Photo by

During communist rule in Romania, scores of people were required to move into apartment blocks which didn’t allow dogs. As a result, many furry friends were abandoned on the streets. To this day, the number of stray animals in the southeastern European nation remains very high, but some of the country's best and brightest soccer stars are stepping up to lend a helping hand. Before their matches begin, footballers from both teams will carry stray dogs onto the pitch as part of an initiative to find homes for abandoned animals. The campaign, called "Fill the Gap in your Life," hopes to highlight the serious issue of canine overpopulation in Romania.

Peanut Interrupts Prime Minister’s Press Conference

Athens, GR
“Hear ye, hear ye! I am hungry.” Photo by @kyriakos_

Humans may think they are in control, but we all know who really runs the world - dogs! The Greek prime minister’s recently-adopted second in command, Peanut, interrupted a news conference with the Slovakian prime minister, possibly to talk about foreign policy or to ask him if he had any treats. Although this is the first time the former stray has interrupted a press conference, he loves to greet all world leaders who come to meet his dad. Peanut’s rags-to-riches story of a life on the streets to the most powerful dog in Greece should be one to inspire all pooches.

Amazing Canines Learn Names of 100+ Toys

Budapest, HU
“This one is called burger.” Photo by @geniusdogchallenge

“Sit” and “stay” are useful commands that most dogs can master, but how many pups know how to put all their toys away in order? Hungarian researchers have spent two years scouring the globe to find dogs to take part in the Genius Dog Challenge, and only six have made the grade so far. The perceptive pack, all of whom are Border Collies, have learned at least 28 toy names. Some have learned over 100! Do you think your pup has what it takes to become a genius dog? Find out here.

Washington Capitals Welcome a Hockey Pup

Washington, DC
“I don’t want to play goalie.” Photo by

The Washington Capitals are preparing for their first face-off of the new NHL season on October 14 by hanging out with the team’s new service dog in training, Biscuit. The adorable Chocolate Lab puppy will spend the next 14-16 months going through training and socialization with the Capitals players, staff and fans, before he makes his way to his forever home. Biscuit is the latest service dog to be trained by the Capitals in partnership with America's VetDogs, a New York based non-profit that provides service dogs to veterans and first responders with disabilities.

The American Humane Hero Dog Awards

“Not all heroes wear capes, but some wear collars!” Photo by

Forget about the Oscars and the Grammys, the biggest awards night of the year is nearly here. Cheer on a few canine superstars on Wednesday, October 20 at 9 p.m. at the 11th annual American Humane Hero Dog Awards. The star-studded, two-hour celebration on Hallmark Drama is hosted by Carson Kressley and honors outstanding working dogs from around the country. Among this year's heroes are SSG Summer, who cleared routes for troops on active duty, and Little Man, a search and rescue dog who himself was rescued from the rubble of a tornado.

Hero Dog Alerts Owner to House Fire

Chicago, IL
"You’d do the same for me, Dad.” Photo by @chicagosuntimes

Service dog Rello saved the day when a recent fire tore through a Chicago neighborhood. The fast-acting American Bully woke up his owner, Coy Freeman, and alerted him to the danger when he caught a whiff of smoke entering their home. Mr Freeman and his uncle were able to escape the blaze and even evacuate other animals in the property, thanks to Rello's heroics.

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