Food Trucks With Dog Menus

Posted by Billy Francis

Mobile chefs with fresh ideas for healthy treats, funky food, and slurpy snacks have taken to the streets, moving wherever their “paw-trons” go and working in tandem with doggy businesses and events to attract canine crowds from all around. If you’d like to find Fido’s next favorite meal in the open air, sniff out one of these “paw-some” dog food trucks!

The Seattle Barkery

Seattle, WA
A food truck of my very own! Photo by

In 2014, Ben and Dawn Ford put the keys in the ignition, tantalizing treats in the oven, and hit the road with The Seattle Barkery. Combining their love of dogs with the growing trend of food trucks in their hometown of Seattle, the husband and wife team parked their funky dog food truck in the one place in Emerald City where hounds always abound: Warren G. Magnuson Park Off-Leash Dog Area. They’ve been serving four-legged revelers ever since, with drool-inducing favorites that include Bacon Pupcakes, Mini Cheezy Donuts, and Doggie Ice-cream Sundaes. The truck proved such a hit that they have since added a brick and mortar store, a treat trailer, and a treat bar at the awesome indoor dog park, Dogwood Play Park.

I can’t read the menu from down here! Photo by

In the same year The Seattle Barkery got rolling, Fetch also growled into life as Alabama’s first and only food truck for dogs. Founder Allison Whitfield-Smith fulfilled her lifelong dream of working with canines in her own unique way. You and your pooch will find Fetch pulling up at local dog parks, festivals, farmers markets, and other pet-friendly events throughout the year. Once you track the truck down, Fido can sample many flavors of lactose-free and yogurt-based ice cream, wholesome gourmet bakery goods, and dog treats.

Fido to Go

Chicago, IL
Unfortunately, we’re sold out of everything … ahem. Photo by @fidotogo

Unleashed in Chicago in 2011, Fido To Go is the nation’s original treat truck of its kind. Their menu is made up of handmade, gluten- and allergen-free canine cookies, doggy frozen yogurts, and chews. Fido can even take a selection of cat treats home for Fluffy to sample. You’ll find Maddie and Jak (Fido To Go’s two bright orange trucks) at dog parks, rolling through local neighborhoods, at the beach, and parked at events throughout the Windy City.

Homegrown Hounds

Irving, TX
Mine, mine. It’s all I mine, I tell ya! Photo by

Homegrown Hounds is a food truck that truly makes a difference. Not only do they prepare healthy treats packed full of nutritious ingredients designed to prolong your dog’s life, but they also donate every single penny of the proceeds to nonprofit dog rescues. Menu items include hot dogs, veggie balls, and special food for dogs with allergies or sensitivities. If your pup is on a strict diet, you’ll also find dog toys and pooch products for sale.

Smart Cookie Cart

Denver, CO
Keep moving, Fido. I’m next in line! Photo by

When Smart Cookie Cart founder Bri Bradley learned she had breast cancer at the same time her Aussie dog was diagnosed with lymphoma, she turned the situation into a positive experience. She focused her energy on keeping her best friend happy and healthy by designing treats packed full of nutrients and functional ingredients. The business has grown a lot since the early days of riding a wooden trike around Denver, but Bri hasn’t forgotten her roots. You’ll still be able to catch her at events across Colorado. Smart Cookie Cart also offers treats for sale online, or you can sign Fido up for a customizable subscription service that’s tailored to his individual needs with a new treat delivered every month.

Alice’s Gourmet Wonderland

Irvine, CA
Oh, the Husky fur? That’s free with every order. Photo by

Established in 2018, Alice’s Gourmet Wonderland is Orange County’s first food truck for pups. This fresh business is named after one of the Huskies at the helm, Alice, who is often joined by her brother, Fenrir, to take orders and guard the treats. The “gour-mutt” eatery specializes in dog cookies and a fantastic array of fro-yo flavors, including The Mad Hatter (a blend of peanut butter and bananas) and The Lonely Caterpillar, made with crisp apples and a touch of spice. Find them at various locations around So-Cal.

Treat Waggin’

I think I locked the keys inside Photo by

When Treats Unleashed started selling Apple Cinnamon Hearts at a kiosk in the mall in 2002, they had no idea they’d one day have 17 stores across Missouri. Their growth hasn’t been limited to brick and mortar stores, either. Treat Waggin’ rolls up to events in St. Louis, full of fresh-baked treats, fun toys, and a helpful host to provide useful pet information to guests. You can reserve them for your next pet-friendly event, with prices starting at $100.

“Can I eat now?” Photo by @luna_bella_thejerseygirlaussie

After overcoming many adversities in life, and losing their entire savings to a contractor, Ron and Solo, the founders of WoofBowl, have persevered to give the dogs across the country a healthy and delicious fast food option. Currently located in Milwaukee, the truck rotates to different cities every couple of years. You can find their food truck parked at festivals, fundraisers, and even private events. Canine customers can order a burger or chicken nuggets with a side of sweet potato fries, dog beer, and an ice cream donut for dessert. They also sell merchandise like WoofBowl dog hats, a canine credit card for Fido’s future purchases, and a bag of treats to be donated to a shelter, foster, or dog family in need.

Bone Apetreat

Denver, CO
“Don’t judge me for what I’m about to order.” Photo by

Whether you’re looking for custom designed fresh-baked cookies to celebrate your pup’s Gotcha Day, or high quality, made-in-the-USA chews and treats, Bone Apetreat has you covered. You can find their turquoise “barkery” on wheels at events, markets, breweries, and other locations around the Mile High City. Look for them on warm summer days so Fido can cool off with a bone broth popsicle or frozen yogurt. And if you’re hosting a pooch “pawty”, order a Barkuterie Board of sweet and savory treats, or pick up gifts like antlers, bandanas, and tennis balls. Feline family members will also enjoy a selection of cat treats.

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Banner photo by @theseattlebarkery.