How Many Is Fido in Dog Beers?

Posted by Jessica Roberts

If you’ve ever wondered whether you can share a cold one with your pup, the short answer is: no. The alcohol, hops and carbonation are all unhealthy for your pet. But that doesn’t mean he can’t sip on a special concoction created just for him! These clever companies have created delicious and healthy dog beers just for our canine companions. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, or any occasion where you find yourself pouring a pint at your favorite pet-friendly brewery, order up some hooch for your pooch and drink responsibly together at last.

Bowser Beer

“Sláinte is táinte!” Photo by @onecentween

May you always have a clean shirt, a clear conscience, and enough coins in your pocket to buy a pint of Bowser Beer for your best mate! Formulated specially for dogs and made with real human-grade beef, chicken or pork, the non-alcoholic bottled treat is a healthy option for four-legged revelers. Served up in a green dog bowl, the beverage is the perfect way to celebrate with your lucky charm on St. Patrick’s Day. Choose from three different flavors: Porky Pug Porter, Cock-a-Doodle Brew and Beefy Brown Ale.

A Bowser Beer Variety 3 Pack is $13.99 on Amazon.

Woof & Brew

“Pour one out for my homies.” Photo by @west_pugs

Woof & Brew is a fun U.K.-based pet drinks company that sells unique, healthy tonics for dogs and cats. Its award-winning Bottom Sniffer Beer is made with beneficial herbs such as dandelion, burdock, bladderwrack and nettle, which aid digestion and improve coat health. Woof & Brew also created the world's first doggy herbal teabags: Bark Jeeling, Earl Greyhound and Lapdog Souchong. Pip pip, cheerio, pup!

Purchase a 12-pack of Bottom Sniffer Beer For Dogs from Woof & Brew for £35.88, or sign up for a personalized subscription service.

Good Boy Dog Beer

“In dog beers, I’ve had one.” Photo by @stellas.stories

Houston area residents Megan and Steve Long began creating specialty treats for their Rottweiler, Rocky, who has sensitivities and allergies to many foods. Their line of all-natural brews just for pooches contains fresh ingredients and, crucially, an absence of alcohol, making it a refreshing and healthy treat for your “barkfly.”

Good Boy Dog Beer is available in four different flavors:

  • IPA Lot in the Yard (pork)
  • Mailman Malt Licker (chicken)
  • Session Squirrel (veggie)
  • Crotch Sniffin’ Ale (peanut butter)

Good Boy Dog Beer is available in several Houston area stores and brewpubs, and can also be ordered directly from their website. A Sampler 4 Pack with one can of each flavor is $18.

Bark Brew - Dog Beer

“Hair of the dog, amiright?” Photo by @bentleybearmalshi

Whether you pour Fido a cold one right into his dish, splash it over his food, or freeze some beer cubes to enjoy on a hot day, he’s going to be so happy to “pawticipate” in yappy hour with you. Crack open a Bark Brew - Dog Beer in one of three flavors that dogs swear are actually delicious: Beef Ale, Chicken Ale or Calm Ale. Each flavor includes glucosamine to promote healthy hips and joints, and the Calm Ale is made with hemp oil extract to help your pup relax.

All three flavors of Bark Brew - Dog Beer are available on Amazon. A Pawty Pack, which includes one of each flavor, is $19.99.

Floof Brew

“It’s Floof o’clock somewhere.” Photo by

Bond over a brewski with your furry buddy without worrying about messing up his health and fitness goals. Created intentionally to help our four-legged partners live happier, healthier lives, Floof brand treats are made using only natural and fresh human-grade ingredients sourced from restaurant suppliers. The non-alcoholic dog brews, Moo Shine (beef flavored) and Rooster Shine (chicken flavored), both include ingredients like flaxseed, turmeric, sea mussel and barley grass, along with high-quality bone broth.

Floof Brew can be purchased on Floof’s website by the bottle for $12.90 - $13.90, or as a monthly subscription delivery for a discounted price.

Snuffle Dog Beer

“Trust me, I’m 21 in dog years.” Photo by @choco.and.cookie

What’s better than having a beer alongside your drinking “pawtner?” A beer and fries! Hailing from Belgium, Snuffle Dog Beer recently released crispy crunchy canine fries to pair with its popular canine beverage. Although human beer and fries belong in the junk food category, Snuffle Dog Beer and Fries are actually a healthy way to treat your four-legged friend. The dog beer contains Vitamin B, malt barley extracts and mineral oils, while the fries are made of potatoes and cornmeal, crisped up in an air fryer and containing only 0.8% fat.

Both flavors of Snuffle Dog Beer are available on Amazon. A four-pack of beer is £14.99 plus £12.99 delivery to the U.S. The Dog Fries sell for €53.24 for a pack of 48 bags at

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