8 Themed Vacation Rentals to Suit Fido's Unique "Paw-sonality"

Posted by Billy Francis

Every dog’s dream house is different. Spending the night in an old train depot might be heaven for a “ruff’” rail buff, but your princess would probably prefer a fairytale stay in the ever after. Whatever your best friend loves, there’s a themed vacation rental for her on this list.

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1. Hicksville Trailer Palace

Joshua Tree, CA
Hang your hat in Hicksville. Photo by @winstonthedtladog

Surrounded by the epic peaks of Quail Mountain, Hicksville Trailer Palace in Joshua Tree is a breath of fresh air in the still Mojave Desert. Home to 10 pet-friendly trailers, each with a different theme, there’s something for every dog: “Cow-good-boys” can saddle up in The Pioneer, while dogs who like to play dead can hunker down in Project Z. The palace complex is fully fenced, so your pooch can roam without a leash and visit Fort Dog, a canine area with a wading pool. Human guests can make use of the solar-heated, saltwater pool and archery range, or just stare in wonder at the gorgeous sunsets and vast unpolluted sky.

Nightly rates start at $75.

2. The Arcade-BnB

Stillwater, OK
“Where’s the tennis ball-catching machine?” Photo by Airbnb

Have you ever spent all day in an arcade only to be kicked out before getting the high score? The Arcade-BnB is the gameroom you’ve been looking for. Sleep where you play or play all night on the eight arcade machines, which include a pinball and basketball machine. Don’t worry if you run out of quarters, all the machines are set to free play. Elsewhere in this magical wonderland, you’ll find a gym to build the necessary arm muscles to dominate the leaderboards, a pool table and a backyard with a fire pit where you can play with your dog for a change. In the daytime, clear your mind for an evening of gaming and let your pup splash about at nearby Lake Carl Blackwell.

Nightly rates start at $99.

3. The Ever After Estate

Clermont, FL
No, really … who let the dogs out? Photo by VRBO

Bring Fido and up to 45 guests to The Ever After Estate (yes, we said 45). This fairytale private island has 12 themed bedrooms that are whimsically decorated, including a Harry Potter dorm with a Hogwarts mural; a Star Wars room with an AT-AT and a life-size C-3PO model; and The Dog Gone SoundStage, a canine-themed recording studio full of plush stuffed pups. After laying down the lyrics for Puppy Love, take your pooch for a walk on the grounds. Along the way, check out the human guests sliding down the monster slide into the pool, stop for a round of mini golf, or play fetch in the luscious green gardens.

Nightly rates start at $1,985.

4. All Aboard Train Depot

Washington, IA
They mention dogs. That must be a good sign. Photo by Airbnb

If your dog enjoys spending time on scenic train rides, he’ll relish a stay at All Aboard Train Depot. Located next to an active freight track in a historic railroad depot, this rental should be the next stop for all Labradors who love locomotives. When your pup needs a break, disembark at Sunset Dog Park. This pretty spot just down the road from the depot gives your pooch the chance to do a different kind of training.

Nightly rates start at $68. For the same price, you can stay with your hound next door at the Hobo Hotel.

5. The Houdini Estate

Los Angeles, CA
Sit and stay. … Photo by Airbnb

If your magical mutt can make her dinner disappear in the blink of an eye, the spellbinding former home of Harry Houdini should be on her bucket list. The legendary illusionist used the 5-acre property’s pool, hidden tunnels and deep-water tank to practice his acts. The Houdini Estate also features an expansive lawn for Fido to practice his own tricks and an hour’s worth of pet-friendly hiking trails, which feature unexpected ocean views along the way. Even the best “paw-scape” artists will struggle to find a way out of this fenced property.

Nightly rates start at $1,750.

6. Man Cave

Geneva, FL
“Down with the ‘paw-triarchy.’ This is a dog cave now!” Photo by Airbnb

The Airplane Hangar Man Cave is full of toys for boys and girls. This fully operational hangar is decorated with a classic motorbike, license plates and other Americana memorabilia. Check out the amazing vehicles in the garage, including a bright yellow plane and matching three-wheeled car. On an evening walk around the vast property, sniff out the other funky rentals like the treehouse and yurt. Keep your pooch leashed, as you’ll be sharing the space with adorable alpacas, chickens and pygmy goats (which you can learn to milk). Fido also will have to cohabitate with Phineas the Man Cave feline, so only bring canines who are cool with cats.

Nightly rates start at $60.

Far out, man! Photo by Airbnb

The trippy Hippy Hut should appeal to all the “Woof-stock” fans out there. As long as your pup doesn’t mind sharing the land with free-range chickens, he’s invited to lose himself in this magical kingdom in East Windsor. Located 45 minutes from the hugely popular 8th Ave Dog Beach, the eclectic hut puts a mellow twist on the typical glamping experience. Spend your days hanging out in hammocks, swaying from side to side on the unique trampoline swing, chilling on the grass couch and enjoying fires inside and out. Don’t forget to introduce Fido to Father Nature, explore the one-of-a-kind grounds and lose yourself in the good vibrations at the Hippy Hut.

Nightly rates start at $85.

8. Thunder Ridge

Gloster, MS
“Doggy paddling in style.” Photo by Airbnb

Immerse yourself in nature at Thunder Ridge. Dogs who love going for a paddle but want to do it while social distancing will have a grand time at this secluded getaway. You’re encouraged to walk barefoot alongside your pooch and dip your toes in the spring-fed creek on the property. While you’re wading, see if you can find fossils or petrified wood to take home with you. Homochitto National Forest is the backdrop for this stunning vacation rental, which you can explore by day before lounging on the porch and enjoying the evening chorus provided by the abundant wildlife.

Nightly rates start at $125.

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Banner photo by @sessilly.