Will You Take the Dog Bowl Challenge?

Help Canines-N-Kids #LickCancer

Posted by Jessica Roberts

The Canines-N-Kids Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on raising awareness of cancers that can afflict both children and dogs. The group was founded with the goal of bringing together pediatric and veterinary oncologists to work creatively and constructively on finding treatments.

In December 2020, Canines-N-Kids rolled out a fun and tasty campaign to spread the word about their mission and to raise funds: The Dog Bowl Challenge.

Photo by BringFido/Jessica Roberts

Accept the Dog Bowl Challenge

The #DogBowlChallenge encourages people to either participate or donate to cancer research - or better yet, both! Contributions of any size are appreciated and can be made at caninesnkids.org/dog-bowl-challenge.

Step 1: Prepare for the Challenge

Grab a can of whipped cream, two clean dog bowls, and a friend with opposable thumbs to video the challenge. While it’s safe for pups to enjoy a small amount of whipped cream on special occasions like this one, if your pooch doesn’t do well with dairy, you can swap it for a spoonful of peanut butter or other pet-safe but messy human food.

Step 2: Nominate Participants

Introduce the challenge to your viewers, and nominate three other participants who want to help #LickCancer. Canines-N-Kids has provided the following script to help:

Step 3: Fill the Bowls, Race Fido

Dish up a dollop of whipped cream in one bowl for you and a second bowl for Fido. Then, join your pooch on all fours and attempt to finish your treat before he does. Just don’t forget to start recording first!

TIP: Ask a human companion to put the bowls down for you both so your pup doesn’t get a head start. Check out how Fern and Harriet got it done!

Step 4: Share, Share, Share!

Upload your video to any and all of your social media accounts, and be sure to tag The Canines-N-Kids Foundation and your three challenge nominees in your post! Include the hashtags #DogBowlChallenge and #LickCancer in your caption to help spread the word.

Photo by @caninesnkids

Step 5: Donate

Looking to spread cheer and generosity during this season of giving? Include a donation of your own. Canines-N-Kids is focused entirely on raising money to benefit clinical trials for canine and pediatric cancer patients, and advocating treatments for patients that are humane, provide or improve quality of life, and ultimately benefit them in their battle against cancer. To learn more about the organization and to donate, visit https://caninesnkids.org.

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