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Where can my DOG go on RUSSIAN RIVER

I just moved to Marin County, trying to find places along Russian River where I can go swimming, small beach public areas along river, away from cars, where my dog and I can hang out with friends or just ourselves.... but I have no idea as I am new to the area......a lot of the lakes and things around here only allow dogs on leashes....does anyone know any areas with directions on where I can take my dog with me to hang out on a beach area where dogs are allowed along the Russian River somewhere?

I am sure there has to be somewhere, I just need to be pointed in right direction.....much appreciated, having a rough time with job and some other things, need to find some new places to go and rest my head. Thanks email me at: [email protected]

Originally posted by Michael from Fairfax, CA, US
July 9, 2011 8:11 a.m.



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