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My own dogs attacking eachother when meeting new dog

Hi there,
I have 2 Boston Terriers. A female who is 3 and a male who is 15 months (we are his 3rd home in his life).
Upon rescuing Marty (male) we could tell he had not been socialized very much. His pads on his feet were barely scuffed and he just acted weird when meeting other dogs and humans.
He now can meet humans on a walk and sniffs them and will meet them, however dogs are a whole other ball game.
When we are on a walk (all 3 of us) and we meet another dog Marty starts to bark like crazy. Lindy (female) who wants to go and meet them and play then starts barking at Marty. The barking then escalates to Lindy and Marty barking at eachother and Lindy usually attacking Marty. Even if I don't have Lindy with us Marty will bark and bark. I try to break his concentration and forcefully make him sit. However when I have the two it is all I can do to keep them seperate (or Lindy will bite him repetedly) or pick him up so she doesnt keep biting him.
Anyone have any suggestions on how to stop this? or bring the energy down to deal with it? and please don't say walk away as I know we have to face this and work through it.

Originally posted by Laurissa from Dawson Creek, BC, CA
March 22, 2013 3:51 p.m.



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