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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to join the Forums?

Nope, it's absolutely free.

Are you going to sell my name to anyone?

No. We will not sell your name to anyone, and you don't even need to register to participate in the Dog Travel Forum.

Do I need to register?

Like we said, you don't need to register to participate in the Dog Travel Forum.

How do I post a new topic to

To post a new topic in the Dog Travel Forum, you must first decide where you want to post the topic (see below). Once you decide where to post, there is a "Post New Topic" button on the main page for every destination forum. It leads to a page where you can enter your name and hometown, along with the title - try to keep it short but descriptive - and message for your new topic.

Where should I post a new topic?

To get the most replies, you should post your topic in the most specific geographic forum. For example, if you have a question about San Francisco, you should post it in the San Francisco Forum, not the California Forum or United States Forum. By posting in the San Francisco Forum your message will automatically be includes in four separate forums:

San Francisco > California > United States > World

If you post in the World Forum, your message will only appear in that one forum. Of course, if you have questions that aren't destination specific, you may post them in our Pet Air Travel Forum, International Pet Travel Forum, Dog Discussions Forum, Suggestions/Feedback Forum, or Off-Topic Chatter Forum.

How do I reply to a post?

Click "reply" and type in your first name, hometown, and response to the post, then click "send."

How do I delete posts?

Travelers cannot delete posts. If you believe a post contains objectionable content, or you posted by mistake, please email to report the problem. Posts are removed solely at the discretion of the forum administrator.

How do I edit posts?

We're sorry, but you can't edit posts after you've submitted them. Please email to request any changes.

Can I use HTML?

We're sorry, but travelers cannot include HTML in their posts. However, URLs in forum posts will automatically be hyperlinked.

Can I post images?

No, images can't be included in forum posts, but you can add them to our photos section and then link to that page in your post.

Will I be notified if you change or delete a message of mine?

We reserve the right to modify or remove any message on the forum for any reason. You will not be notified if your message is removed or modified.

If I have an objection to a post, will you remove it?

The Dog Travel Forum is an open, unmoderated forum for discussion. All posts in the forums are entirely the responsibility of the travelers who posted them. If you find a problem with a post, feel free to report it to We will look into all objections, but changes to the forums are made solely at the discretion of the forum administrator, and you will not be notified of a decision.

I still have a question. How do I get help?

Please send an email to We'd be happy to hear from you.

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