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Beware 1 john 9mos ago
Flying with two Pets where one is an ESD 2 Ann 1yr ago
Boston Terrier MIX flying to Hawaii this summer 2 Don 1yr ago
Terrible experience with American Airlines 2 Jana 1yr ago
Cheapest, easiest way to get a large dog from Texas to NYC? 1 Jana 1yr ago
Moving to Hawaii 3 Kay 1yr ago
Certificato buona salute 1 Lidia 1yr ago
small dog huge travel crate wtf??? 1 lily 1yr ago
Sherpa X large bag 1 Sally 1yr ago
Corgi 30lbs 1 Jodi 1yr ago
Flying with my dog! Need suggestions 1 Divya 1yr ago
Problems with Delta 1 Thom 1yr ago
Share a Private Jet to Europe 3 camo 1yr ago
Checking dog to fly? 2 camo 1yr ago
Allegiant Air 1 Ferell 1yr ago
Pet Carrier for Airlines 1 Sandra 1yr ago
Dates Please 1 Eve 1yr ago
Traveling with esa 2 Kate 1yr ago
need advise ! 1 Rakesh 1yr ago
Does Virgin america and United weigh dogs to make sure under 20lbs 1 Veronica 1yr ago
Anyone want to share a charter to San Juan or St.Thomas? Pet Propel ? 2 Becca 1yr ago
Flying from Dallas, TX to Orlando, FL to San Juan, Puerto Rico 2 George 1yr ago
in cabin to hawaii 1 sharon 1yr ago
Large Sherpa on United? 1 Shannon 1yr ago
Shuttle service from LAX to Long Beach 1 Melanie Boudar 1yr ago
Flying from Beirut to Los Angeles for Turism, wiht transit in GDG 2 Becca 1yr ago
Traveling on KLM from Amsterdam to Los Angeles, CA 1 Tiffany 1yr ago
How to fly a doggi from Philippines to Europe 1 Barbora Novakova 1yr ago
Best Airline for flying 2 labs across country 1 Jenny 1yr ago
Flying to LAX from Hawaii non stop 2 Robert 1yr ago
Emotional Support Animal Letter 2 Bert 2yrs ago
Paperwork 1 katie 2yrs ago
Better to drive 22 hours with dog or fly them out to denver 2 Crystal 2yrs ago
Bad experience at Bush Int Airport 2 Becca 2yrs ago
Pet friendly private jet operators? 1 Kai 2yrs ago
Layover in Switzerland before Italy 1 JoAnn Corry 2yrs ago
10.5 h flight from Portland, OR to Germany 1 Karla 2yrs ago
Airline Fees Too HIgh 1 Richard 2yrs ago
Carry on transport 1 Charlotte 2yrs ago
weight limit for in cabin travel 2 Jonathan 2yrs ago
Shipping a dog. 2 Jonna 2yrs ago
What shot records are needed? 1 Brenda Williams 2yrs ago
pet entry requirements 1 Faye 2yrs ago
Fly with Emotional Therapy Dog 4 Eileen 2yrs ago
best place to purchase a crate for air travel 1 Cheryl 2yrs ago
Moving to Mumbai seeking travel options for my dog 1 Alex 2yrs ago
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