Guidelines & Posting Etiquette

Dog Travel Forum Guidelines

1. Ask questions.

While we'd love to hear about all of the great dog parks, beaches, and restaurants you've found that welcome Fido, we'd prefer for you to post them to the restaurants or activities section. Similarly, if you'd like to comment on a particular hotel, it's best to submit a review on their listing in the hotel section. Save the forum for your questions about traveling with Fido.

2. Do not post messages that are not travel related in Destination Forums.

It's okay to post message that are not travel related, but please keep them in the Dog Discussions or Off-Topic Chatter Forums only.

3. Please be considerate.

Insulting or offensive posts will be deleted.

4. Do not post commercial messages.

Please DO NOT post advertising, surveys, or classified style messages in an attempt to sell, rent, or trade anything (especially pets). These will be deleted. Please contact instead.

5. Do not post political or religious discussions.

This forum is open to dogs of any breed, religious affiliation, or political party. Please refrain from posting messages that are religious or political in nature; they will be deleted.

6. Do not tout your own website.

Please do not use the forum to announce updates on your personal website. They will be deleted.

7. Post your destination questions in the most specific forum.

To get the most replies to your question, you should post it in the most specific geographic forum. For example, if you have a question about San Francisco, you should post it in the San Francisco Forum, and not simply the California Forum or United States Forum. By posting in the San Francisco Forum your question will automatically be listed in four separate forums: San Francisco, California, United States, and World. Do not post your topic more than one time. Multiple posts will be deleted.

8. Be patient.

While many questions get a swift reply, others might need several hours or even days before receiving a response. If you don't get an immediate reply, please be sure to check back later or subscribe to our RSS feeds.

9. Help!

If you have questions about participating in the Dog Travel Forum, please check out our FAQs section or email

10. Bring Fido!

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy meeting your fellow members, but don't spend all of your time on the computer. There are more than 25,000 pet friendly hotels out there, and even more dog parks, beaches and restaurants. Bring Fido to check 'em out, so you'll have even more to talk about.

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