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USA-Europe: 3 Dogs in one crate? 1 Paul 9mos ago
Relocating pet dog from Portland to Nairobi, Kenya 20 Vivian 10mos ago
Southwest Airlines no dogs on International flights 1 STEVE 11mos ago
Can I take my dog in the aircraft cabin US to UK? 1 Sheila 11mos ago
Transporting Pets in the Cargo Hold 61 Djdj 1yr ago
Largest dogs allowed in airline cabin 1 C.A. 11mos ago
Flying with a Shar Pei 1 Pao 11mos ago
Moving back to the US 1 Petrus Villela 1yr ago
Documentation that doesn't cost an arm and a leg 1 Del 1yr ago
Dog from Los Angeles to Edinburgh - help with shippers 1 Liz 1yr ago
Bringing a Golden from China to US 1 James 1yr ago
Bringing small puppy, newly vaccinated to Canada with a airport stopover in US 1 Ben 1yr ago
Beachfront hotel in Cancun 1 Cheryl 1yr ago
Help with info 1 Cassandra 1yr ago
Having a third party (my aunt) send my dog from Tucson AZ to Berlin. Help? 2 Donna M 1yr ago
Unacommpanied Dog from US to Germany 2 Diana 1yr ago
Traveling through (but not into) EU with dogs as checked baggage 2 Krystal 4yrs ago
Microchip 1 Roxy 1yr ago
Microchip scanner for rent/buy cheaper? 2 Sabine 1yr ago
Taking cats to Mexico 1 Janice 1yr ago
Why not take a a cruise ship 1 Birgit Bohn 1yr ago
Share a Charter Plane USA - Europe 1 Simone 1yr ago
Not Sure 1 anna masotti 1yr ago
Flying with my cat from Los Angeles to Austria 1 Silvia 1yr ago
In cabin pet travel on Lufthansa from Greece to USA - Weight restrictions issue 2 Silvia 1yr ago
From Finland To The US 1 Stephanie 1yr ago
Mexican Best Westerns 2 Sue 1yr ago
Not sure where to go... 1 Gayleen 1yr ago
Rules for Vancation bring my pet to and from mexico 1 Len 1yr ago
traveling back from zagreb croatia 2 Becca 1yr ago
Flying a Cat from Shanghai to Chicago or Milwaukee. 2 Becca 1yr ago
Returning to the US after vacation with my dog. What needs to be done? 2 Becca 1yr ago
Kennel in Managua? 2 gail 1yr ago
How do I get my tiny Yorkshire Terrier from China to the US 2 Becca 1yr ago
How do I get my tiny Yorkshire Terrier from China to the US 1 Becca 1yr ago
Lufthansa flights on United 2 Natalie 1yr ago
Bringing puppy form Austria to Canada 1 Ingrid 1yr ago
Flying from Spain to Mexico 1 Philippa 1yr ago
Boarding kennels for our dogs during our road trip ! 1 Claire 1yr ago
Transoorting an old laborador from brazil to Canada 3 Elena 1yr ago
URGENT: Requirements to import a dog into US from Tanzania 2 Kady 1yr ago
From United States to Denmark 1 Alyssa 1yr ago
Travelling with my dog to Germany/Italy from the US by air 3 mishka 1yr ago
Pet friendly hostels in Central and South America with a dog 1 Mary 1yr ago
travel with pets 1 rez 1yr ago
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