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USA-Europe: 3 Dogs in one crate?1Paul1yr ago
Relocating pet dog from Portland to Nairobi, Kenya20Vivian1yr ago
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Can I take my dog in the aircraft cabin US to UK?1Sheila1yr ago
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Moving back to the US1Petrus Villela1yr ago
Documentation that doesn't cost an arm and a leg1Del1yr ago
Dog from Los Angeles to Edinburgh - help with shippers1Liz1yr ago
Bringing a Golden from China to US1James1yr ago
Bringing small puppy, newly vaccinated to Canada with a airport stopover in US1Ben1yr ago
Beachfront hotel in Cancun1Cheryl1yr ago
Help with info 1Cassandra1yr ago
Having a third party (my aunt) send my dog from Tucson AZ to Berlin. Help?2Donna M1yr ago
Unacommpanied Dog from US to Germany2Diana1yr ago
Traveling through (but not into) EU with dogs as checked baggage2Krystal4yrs ago
Microchip1Roxy1yr ago
Microchip scanner for rent/buy cheaper?2Sabine1yr ago
Taking cats to Mexico1Janice1yr ago
Why not take a a cruise ship1Birgit Bohn1yr ago
Share a Charter Plane USA - Europe1Simone2yrs ago
Not Sure1anna masotti2yrs ago
Flying with my cat from Los Angeles to Austria1Silvia2yrs ago
In cabin pet travel on Lufthansa from Greece to USA - Weight restrictions issue2Silvia2yrs ago
From Finland To The US1Stephanie2yrs ago
Mexican Best Westerns2Sue2yrs ago
Not sure where to go...1Gayleen2yrs ago
Rules for Vancation bring my pet to and from mexico 1Len 2yrs ago
traveling back from zagreb croatia 2Becca2yrs ago
Flying a Cat from Shanghai to Chicago or Milwaukee.2Becca2yrs ago
Returning to the US after vacation with my dog. What needs to be done?2Becca2yrs ago
Kennel in Managua?2gail2yrs ago
How do I get my tiny Yorkshire Terrier from China to the US2Becca2yrs ago
How do I get my tiny Yorkshire Terrier from China to the US1Becca2yrs ago
Lufthansa flights on United2Natalie2yrs ago
Bringing puppy form Austria to Canada1Ingrid2yrs ago
Flying from Spain to Mexico1Philippa2yrs ago
Boarding kennels for our dogs during our road trip !1Claire 2yrs ago
Transoorting an old laborador from brazil to Canada3Elena2yrs ago
URGENT: Requirements to import a dog into US from Tanzania2Kady2yrs ago
From United States to Denmark1Alyssa2yrs ago
Travelling with my dog to Germany/Italy from the US by air3mishka2yrs ago
Pet friendly hostels in Central and South America with a dog1Mary2yrs ago
travel with pets1rez2yrs ago
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