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Lack of access to nature 1 Arthur 12mos ago
Suggestions for a 4 day vacation with 2 dogs! 3 clas 1yr ago
NEW LEGISLATION means that Montreal is now DANGEROUS for your pet. 1 Robert 1yr ago
Dog Friendly Beachs 1 Brenda 1yr ago
No public place to swim 1 Sam 1yr ago
Off leash enforcement Oakvale green 1 Joseph 1yr ago
outdoor pet friendly restaurant regulations 1 elena 1yr ago
what do i need to travel to Canada with my Dog 1 Tony 1yr ago
Cat in the cargo hold 1 Janet 1yr ago
Any Dog friendly accomodation in Big White? 1 Colin 2yrs ago
Best pet friendly hotels near Algonquin Park 2 Becca 2yrs ago
Shopping 1 Carole 2yrs ago
Day care while attending Women's World Cup games? 2 Robb 2yrs ago
Does my Lab need medical attention? 1 Glady 2yrs ago
What is the best/worst ground cover for an off-leash park 1 Lisa 2yrs ago
restroom breaks for humans with dogs travelling alone in summer 2 Becca 2yrs ago
Re: Dog Grooming in Kingston 1 Linda 2yrs ago
New here- needs help -URGENT please 2 Alex 2yrs ago
Travelling to Greece With a Rabbit 1 Katerina 3yrs ago
Dog friendly apartments 1 Christopher 3yrs ago
Doggie Daycare 1 Heidi 4yrs ago
Air Travel with Dog in Cargo Hold 2 julie 4yrs ago
Places to swim? 1 Lynne 4yrs ago
Can you help me reunite with my dogs? 1 Kourosh 4yrs ago
Ideas for dog parks wanted also ideas for cat parks welcome too 1 Rose 4yrs ago
Dog-friendly rentals! 1 sarah 4yrs ago
My own dogs attacking eachother when meeting new dog 1 Laurissa 4yrs ago
Doggie daycare? 1 Elisha 4yrs ago
Dog Park 1 Tina 4yrs ago
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