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Central & South America Dog Travel Forum

There are 45 topics posted in Central & South America Dog Travel Forum. Please "speak" up if you can help answer a question thats been posted about Central & South America, or post a new topic if have a question of your own.

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Moving to Buenos Aires1Mary Louise 1yr ago
Adoption in Ecador1Evelyn1yr ago
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Dogs From Bahamas To Costa Rica1Stewart2yrs ago
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Lima, Peru1Gretchen2yrs ago
dog transpo1jim dotson3yrs ago
kennels for boarding1Anne Kilcline3yrs ago
Pet sitter hoping to relocate to Roatan1Cheryl3yrs ago
Dog pension in São Paulo or Arujà1Manuela4yrs ago
Planning a vacation with our pets1Deb4yrs ago
Neutering / Spaying Services1Connie4yrs ago
Traveling with Fido in Peru3Pablo4yrs ago
How dangerous for dogs in Honduras?1Aline4yrs ago
my pet rabbit1liz4yrs ago
pet sitters and dog walkers?1Mary5yrs ago
Flying my dog from Dublin to Buenos Aires2MIRTA5yrs ago
Dog Boarding1Kenda5yrs ago
Who Watches1Cindy5yrs ago
Travel to Buenos Aires1Kim5yrs ago
bringing a dog to travel in argentina1twink`5yrs ago
in cabin flights1staci bernstein6yrs ago
Service dog travel accepted?3Amy6yrs ago
dogtravelnorthchile1matty7yrs ago
I am moving my dog from Costa Rica to South Africa1Phil7yrs ago
dog puppy1izabela & spencer7yrs ago
Boarding Kennels14TP7yrs ago
Pet Friendly Holidays14TP7yrs ago
Travelling from Sao Paulo to Curitiba with dog1Cyrus7yrs ago
Can Dogs Fly In-Cabin into the U.S.1Erica Saunders8yrs ago
How to bring dog into the US from Argentina?1Emma8yrs ago
Dog Travel in Cargo1Brit8yrs ago
Traveling to Lima with my dog1Ashley9yrs ago
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