Miscellaneous Pet Services in Airville, PA

Need to find a pooper scooper, animal communicator, or other pet professional in Airville? You’ll find information on all of our recommended pet businesses in Airville below. Coming from out of town? Get a discounted rate on pet friendly hotels in Airville.

Pet Friendly Thankful Paws
Thankful Paws Thankful Paws understands we live in a time of economic uncertainty. Life can throw any one of us an unexpected scenario, like unemployment or disability, at any given time. When we are faced with a financial crisis, the last thing we want to worry about is giving up the part of our life that makes us feel whole and complete, our pets. Thankful Paws helps take the financial burden off the minds of pet owners in need by providing food and supplies to their loyal, faithful and loving pets. They also help the homeless among us. They understand the love and attachment everyone has for their loyal companion - Thankful Paws helps those who are homeless by providing pet food, leashes, blankets, bowls and flea medicines. Our purpose is to make a lasting contribution to the quality of life for pets and people. We delivers pet food and supplies to financially needy seniors, veterans and the homeless. Also, we provides education and assistance concerning animal welfare and related public health issues. See Details
Pet Friendly Elbe Pet Photography
Elbe Pet Photography Elbe Pet Photography is a small business that specializes in capturing the raw and genuine personality of your pets. We are proud pet enthusiasts and understand the importance of catering to individual pets' needs. Under no circumstance will a Elbe Photographer sacrifice or jeopardize a pets health, safety, or wellbeing in order to solidify a photograph. We believe that the best photos are the ones that are taken while your pet is comfortable, happy, and safe!

To accommodate our clients, Elbe does in-studio, preferred location, or in home photographs. Our rates depend on the location, size of shoot, and desired prints.

Because of the nature of our work, all photo sessions are by appointment only. Please email us at ElbePetPhotography@yahoo.com to set up your session today!
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Lost Pet Help Geri's Pet Detective Agency offers professional lost/missing pet recovery services in Lancaster. Their goal is to reunite pets with their owners in the safest and most effective way possible! Geri Welch has experience locating and reuniting lost pets with owners, caretakers, and/or rescue groups and/or shelters. Her lifelong passion, empathy & love for animals coupled with her expertise and use of cutting edge technology and tenacity, produces effective results in the recovery of lost pets. She always puts the safety and welfare of the animal and persons involved first. She is available by phone 24/7 for her clients during a case. Geri’s initial consultation provides valuable information including missing pet profile, probability, checklists, resources, and recommendations for a plan of action so you can make an informed decision about if adding additional services is desired or not. Additional services include signage, social networking, physical searches, real time surveillance camera/video and humane trapping. Time is critical when looking for a lost pet. Call, message or email for further information. See Details