Animal Quarantine Service Yokohama Head Office
11-1, Hara-machi, Isogo-ku
Yokohama-city, Kanagawa, 235-0008


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Entry Requirements

Traveling with your pet to Japan can be fun, but you will need to complete the following items before departure.

  • Your pet will only be allowed into Japan if they have a microchip.
  • They must get a rabies vaccination twice or more after the microchip is implanted. The second and booster/additional rabies vaccination needs to be given no more than 31 days apart after the previous vaccination and within the effective period of the previous vaccination. Pets must be at least 91 days old at the time of rabies vaccination.
  • After the second vaccination, blood (serum) sample shall be taken from dogs and cats for blood test (neutralizing antibody titration test against rabies). This needs to be done by a laboratory designated by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan, which for the United States it is the Kansas State University Rabies Laboratory. Blood sampling should be done on or after the date of second vaccination and within its effective period.
  • Your pet is required to undergo a waiting period of at least 180 days between the date of the blood sampling and the date when you and your pet arrive in Japan. If rabies vaccinations expire prior to arrival, dogs and cats must be revaccinated (given a booster/additional vaccination) before the expiring date of the prior vaccination.
  • Be sure to notify Animal Quarantine Service at the airport in Japan at least 40 days before your arrival that you plan to bring your pet.
  • Lastly, within 48 hours of your departure, your pet will need a health certificate as well as Form A & C below to be filled out by a private veterinarian or a veterinary officer at the USDA.

Quarantine Information

Pets will be quarantined for 12 hours or less only if the entry requirements are met. However, if you and your pet arrive anytime before the 180 day waiting period is completed, your pet will be subject to quarantine at the AQS facility to make up for the days in shortage.

Download Entry Application

To download the application form required for entry into Japan with a domestic pet, please click the .pdf icon below.

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