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Rip off $

Bass Pet Resort & Spa

I will start with the good. This place does seem to care for your dogs based on what we saw during the facility tour. Now, let’s talk about why we gave this place a 1 star review.

1) They don’t list their pricing online.
2) They offer multiple “packages” to give your dog more attention and play time.
3) They are unclear on how often the dogs will be let out for relief.
4) Their pricing is vague and misleading.

Below is the scenario we experienced.

We were told by Janice on our tour the cost was $29.95 per pet per night plus the chosen package. We were also told we would receive a free night discount since we have two dogs.

Gold “Paw” Package - $19.95 per pet per night.
Silver “Paw” Package - $14.95 per pet per night.
Bronze “Paw” Package - $9.95 per pet per night.

We chose the Gold “Paw” Package for $19.95 per dog for one night. We were told it would be $29.95 per night plus the $19.95 for the package. We asked Rebecca at the check-in what time we needed to pick up the dogs to avoid any additional charges. She said “11 am is the standard check-out time but we could pick-up at 4 pm since we had chosen the Gold “Paw” Package”.

Below is how our final bill was given to us vs. how it should have looked per our conversation with their staff during the tour and at check-in.

Bill they tried to charge us for.

Two night stay per each dog. $59.90 (2) = $119.80

Two Gold “Paw” Package per each dog. $39.90 (2) =$79.80

Less Deposit taken at reservation = -$25

Total they gave us for one day when we arrived to pick them Up.$174.60!!!

For one night for two dogs. They tried to charge us for two full nights and two gold “paw” packages! Then they proceeded to change the bill around and try to talk their way out of what they originally told us.

How our bill should have been.

One night stay per each dog. $29.95 (2) = $59.90

Gold “Paw” Package per each dog. $19.95 (2) =$39.90

Less Deposit taken at reservation = -$25

One Free Night = -$29.95

Total should have been. $69.85 at pickup.

Even when they tried to “fix it” they still did not give us one night free and argued with me about what they originally told us. If you plan on brining your animal there I would recommend getting everything in writing with exact details and have them sign it. They lied to us at every turn in the process and we still did not end up paying what we originally were told we would.

Jun. 22, 2019

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