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Pretty Good Park

Point Isabel Regional Shoreline Dog Park

GIGANTIC. Huge off leash area to roam around. Parking lot with small shop to have your dog bathed at after and pick up a couple supplies, and somewhere to get human food! Bathrooms available, trash cans available so you don’t have to walk too far holding poop. You can occasionally encounter not so great owners over the weekends, but if you need to go somewhere you’re sure to always run into dogs even when slightly rainy, this is it. (Bring a jacket, can be cold as it’s by the water). You can also let your dog go in the water. Beware of foxtail season, it’s real bad here, and I avoid the place altogether.

Dec. 16, 2019

Better Than Nothing

Mosswood Park Dog Run

This is better than nothing, good for a quick stop to go to the bathroom,, or toss a ball a little. Just a small enclosed dirt area under highway 24 (loud). Pretty ugly park. Sometimes no dogs here if your dog needs interaction.

Dec. 16, 2019


Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve

A huge park for on or off leash hikes, with shady hikes and sunny ones (this place can be really hot compared to other parks in the area, not so great for heatwave weather). There’s so much to explore, you’re more likely to get lost than bored with the same scenery.

Dec. 16, 2019

Large But Can Be Chaotic

Alameda Dog Park

I used to bring my last pup here because it’s huge for an enclosed dog park. May bring my current pup here when he’s a little bigger. I found that there can be some owners who huddle and talk, and are inattentive to their dogs so fights can happen, and poop doesn’t always get picked up. However, if you’re needing your dog to play and it’s say rainy, or some time less likely to find other dogs at parks, this one might have them. There is a huge tree like thing dogs can get into, humans can’t, which can be problematic due to sitting water underneath getting dogs sick. But if your dog needs a large, enclosed space to run, this is a good place.

Dec. 16, 2019

Good Park

Joaquin Miller Dog Park

I learned late on about this park with my last pup. It has both a large dog and small dog section. Not extremely large. Sometimes no dogs here though during the day, but usually at least a few. I’ve found the owners to be much more attentive than the ones at Alameda.

Dec. 16, 2019

Nice For A Change Of Pace

Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline

Interesting blend of nature, and being under the airport. Not a lot of dogs, some times I don’t run into any. Off leash allowed. Currently under construction but still useable.

Dec. 16, 2019

Great For Hikes And Dog Socialization

Redwood Regional Park

A few off leash trails, a few on. Lots of dog walkers, lots of dogs with their humans. This is a more social dog hike, so if your dog doesn’t get along with dogs that well you might try somewhere like Leona Canyon where there aren’t so many dogs. It was perfect for my older dog who still liked to socialize, but was bored with just playing in a park. Watch out for the occasional bikes on the smaller trails. Has more challenging and more flat trail. Water, bathrooms, and parking lot. Not many trash cans for poop though.

Dec. 16, 2019

Great Exercise For Pups And Humans

Leona Canyon Trail

This park is beautiful and woodsy, you can have your dog on leash or off. Not crowded. There’s a pretty steep trail if you want to challenge yourself and your pup, and a more flat one more mobility disability friendly.

Dec. 16, 2019

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