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Great beach for dogs

Olde Port Beach

Plenty of room to spread out and not as heavily populated as Avila Beach. Since there are no dogs allowed on Fisherman's Beach and Avila Beach is limited to morning and evening, Olde Port Beach IS the place to bring your pup for an all day hang. If you are able to get there early enough, it is also a great place to watch the sunrise over Cal Poly pier.

Sep. 06, 2022

Nice outdoor tables with decent amount of shade

The Counter

Dogs welcome in patio area which has lots of umbrellas and trees to provide shade on hot sunny days. Service and food are generally good. The tables on the patio can be close together in some spots so dogs that wander might cause problems.

Sep. 22, 2021

Great food but no special amenities for dogs...

Falafel's Drive-In

Best falafels in town and sometimes there's a long line to order but well worth the wait. This is a no frills, "order at the window" type place so don't expect any special treatment for dogs and bring your own water bowl for your pup. Almost all of their seating is outdoor you and your pup will probably be able to find a spot to enjoy the great food or order to take home because their ordering and pickup windows are both outdoors as well.

Sep. 22, 2021

Our dog went to this restaurant and was able to bring us along

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

Dogs can bring their humans to dine in their outdoor patio. Definitely a dog centric restaurant complete with dog menu. Food was typical American bar and grill fare but well prepared and tasty. Iced tea was a bit lack luster but then we went to a bar and grill and ordered iced tea so what did we expect. Our pup definitely loved what she ordered but had a bit of trouble chasing the plastic bowl around trying to get every little bit of rice. If possible bring a better bowl to make it less frustrating for your pup to eat.

Update: After a number of repeated visits we found the service to be a bit unreliable. I gave them 5 bones for our first visit but I'm taking one away due to the terrible service we got twice since then.

May. 04, 2021

Nice large outdoor area that is puppy friendly

Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery

As regular diners here, I will say that the service can be hit and miss sometimes. In general mostly good but we've had a couple of bad experiences so dock one bone for that. They have a "hidden" dog menu so you should ask them if interested.

Aug. 27, 2021

Dogs welcome in nice patio seating with great food as a bonus

Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill

Was looking for a place to eat on our way out of town after visiting with family and found this little gem tucked inside the Northridge Fashion Center. Brought water bowl for our pup and we felt very welcome. It wasn't her feeding time so we didn't explore what we could have ordered for her but the food for humans was really good all around. Beef ribs were generous and perfectly cooked with the meat just about to fall off the bone but not so much where it would fall apart. Will definitely go back next time we are in town with or without the pup.

Aug. 27, 2021

Great service at this location!

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

We are Lazy Dog veterans having been to many across CA. This is the first time we tried the TO location and we were not disappointed. As usual our pup was welcomed loved what she had. What stood out was the service at this location. We had what was probably the best service we have ever had at any Lazy Dog location.

Aug. 27, 2021

Dog friendly but service was less than...

Opa! Authentic Greek Cuisine

We had a lunch reservation and specified outdoor table. When we arrived, they couldn't seat us until 30 min after our reservation time. We waited another 15-20 minutes before the server even came by. By the time she came to our table we knew what we wanted to order so we ordered food and drinks right away. She came back about 5 minutes later with a bowl of water for our pup but didn't bother to bring our drinks or even water for us on a hot day with sun beating down on half the table. It was another 10 minute before we would get our drinks which all the ice had melted and was obvious it was sitting at the bar for a while. One of our party ordered an appetizer as her meal and we made it clear it was her meal. After 15 more minutes, the one appetizer dish came out and nothing else. A neighboring table that ordered after us got their whole order at the same time. It was obvious our server rang that item up as an appetizer which pushed our order out. It was another 15 min before we got the rest of our food. In the time we had been sitting waiting for our food, our mostly shaded table had now become full sun on a warm day so we asked if we could get the next available table in the shade. This was met with, "I'll have to check" all the way up to the manger and everyone had attitude about how those tables were for people with upcoming reservations. I reminded the manager that we showed up for our reservation and had to wait ourselves and all we were looking for was a swap of table. After several minutes of discussion and convincing they grudgingly agreed for us to move to an adjacent table less than 10 ft away. When we got our bill finally, we found that they had charged us $4 for a side salad that the server offered as an available side for my lamb souvlaki when I asked what sides they had available. We will NOT be returning to this location.

BTW, the location in Campbell has much better service and I ordered the exact same dish with the salad as my side without a $4 charge.

May. 10, 2021

Great food and dog friendly


First of all, we have been going to Dish Dash for well over 15 years and it is one of the very few restaurants that has never disappointed us with either food or service. With the recent expansion of their outdoor dining, we decided to call and ask if we could bring our dog and were very glad to hear that dogs were welcome in their outdoor dining area. They don't cater to dogs specifically but we felt very welcome and the wait staff did not give us any attitude or problems. Make sure you bring your own dog bowl for water and enjoy their wonderful food.

May. 04, 2021

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