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Okay for a Stroll, but Know Your Dog

Sehome Hill Arboretum

Taking a stroll here is great, but be aware that toddlers and young kids from the Fairhaven daycare do group walks in the woods, and some students just may really hate your dog, regardless of how friendly it is. If you have your dog off-leash, it's best to know if it will walk by your side and if it won't run into the woods or at others. If it does either, you should leash it up. Joggers, students, and passing faculty have gotten snippy with myself and others, despite the fact that they were in no danger, were not being jumped on, and were going the opposite direction.

Oct. 07, 2018

Good Store, Great Service, Awesome for Dog Owners

Village Books

My college roommate, a 15 lb dachshund mix, had huge anxiety problems when I left him in the car, and would sit on the dash. At one point, I exited a store and found some guy egging him on into a barking fit (which also scratched up the whole front of my car) and after that, any runs to the dog park were followed by a quick run home before doing my daily errands.

One of the bigger draws about Village Books is that it allows dogs, which was great. I got to support an indie bookseller, have my dog by my side without worrying about some passerby causing him to tear up my car, and I had a HUGE selection of books to choose from.

They also have books haven't seen in years, and a store attached that sells gifts. There is something for everyone, and their salespeople really try to help you out. I felt like they cared about their customers.

I've also seen a dude with a cat on his shoulder here, so it's not just dogs.

Oct. 07, 2018

Such a Great Experience

Silverdale Dog Park

Brought our dog here, and had one of the best off leash dog park experiences I've had at the dog parks in Kitsap County.

Went with a friend, and so many people I have never met before were friendly and interactive, and they were totally fine with sharing toys when my dog stole their dog's things.

Owners were aware of their dogs' aggressivity levels, and overall it was simply a fun experience. I even took our toddler, and my only worry about was that they would eat poop off the ground, because all the animals were friendly to her, or just simply stayed away if they were not. There was also a great puppy area, which I noticed some owners use as a means of calming their pets before and after playing in the large dog park.

Oct. 07, 2018

Great Dogs

Dog Park at Frank Raab Park

I have been going here for awhile, and have only had trouble when I took a dog I was house-sitting and it became aggressive (given that it was a snow dog and almost 90 degrees outside, so that was really on me).

Any other times I have gone over the years, the dogs have been fine. The only turn off is the owners, who can be pretty judgemental if your dog is purebred, too small for their taste, too large for their taste, too much like a puppy, etc. I tend to stick to the side and remain silent, mostly because I've had enough bad interactions with owners that I just don't want to repeat those again.

Overall, however, the park is nice, a little small, always has toys, and is on an incline, which I think helps to tire out the dogs more.

Oct. 07, 2018

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