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Little Outdoor Seating but Great Place

The Talented Cookie Company

There is very little outdoor seating and you must go in to order but they always have delicious treats and their coffee is very tasty with lots of flavor options! Staff is always very friendly and the place is clean. They also have a mini boutique with fun and interesting trinkets.

Nov. 09, 2018

Best Around

Great Outdoors Restaurant

Staff is always super friendly and helpful, the outdoor seating is great, the whole place has a nice atmosphere, and the food never disappoints. They often have live music, an added bonus!

Nov. 09, 2018

Great Space, No Supervision

Squirrel Ridge Park

I have only been to this park once and have neglected to return due to the gross lack of pet supervision. Many people bring their dogs to the park which is great but few were actually monitoring their dog's behavior. In the half hour I spent there with my dog many fights (of various breeds from large to small dogs) broke out, yet no one responded appropriately. The instigating dogs were never removed from the situation or taken aside to cool off. As for the space, it was a very large area with option for large and small dog areas. There were plenty of water options, benches to sit on, shady areas, and the place seemed fairly well kept and had hoses so you could clean your pet up. I would love to frequent this place more but I feel that safety is a huge factor especially with such a large number of dogs in an enclosed space. I just don't trust the lack of supervision on the owner's part and would not want to put me or my dog in a dangerous situation.

Nov. 09, 2018

No Good

Haisley Lynch Park

The park is right near downtown and there are often questionable groups of people hanging around the perimeter. Would not feel safe going there, especially not alone, even with my dog. The park is rather small but has the potential to be a great location if they could clean up the area.

Nov. 09, 2018

Great place for people AND dogs!

Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

Friendly staff, well kept facilities, beautiful landscape. The easy to understand map helps you navigate the gardens and there are often water bowls for the dogs. They also have small pavilions and seating areas at various locations if you or you dog need a rest in the shade. Every time I have been with my dog I have run into others with their dogs! Make sure to bring your own bags to pick up after your dog. There is a general admission fee of $8 per adult, $4 per child, and under the age of 5 is free.

Nov. 09, 2018

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