Top Pet Websites Worldwide

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When it comes to dog sites, BringFido is Best in Show. But these other sites definitely get a blue ribbon. They are the best resources out there for adopting a pet, finding a veterinarian, getting a pet sitter (when you absolutely have to), keeping your dog safe and happy, and even meeting other people who are as crazy about their dogs as you. Check them out for yourself - you’ll see what we’re raving about.

Pet Friendly Rudy Green's Doggy Cuisine
Rudy Green's Doggy Cuisine Rudy Green's makes "people food for dogs" that comes frozen in a microwave safe, resealable container - Superior nutrition that is 100% natural is perfect for an older, sick or sensitive dog, and can be used daily as an addition to any dry diet. Rudy Green's provides essential nutrients missing from kibble and canned products. And your dog will LOVE you for serving him REAL food! Buy online or ask your pet supplies store, dog friendly restaurants, vets and kennels to provide it! See Details
Pet Friendly VIP Pet Transport
VIP Pet Transport Pet Shipping, Pet Transportation, and Pet Relocation Services Both Domestically and Internationally To Or From Any Address, City, State, or Country In The World. International Pet Shipping Services Are Our Specialty, But We Can Also Get Your Pet To His or Her New Home In The USA Safely and Smoothly Too! Write or Call Us For Your FREE ESTIMATE Today!! See Details
WallyBed Pet Beds WallyBed Pet Beds originated in 1991 and they have been creating designer, high quality pet beds ever since. The beds come in various sizes, styles, and fabrics and are designed so that they can be machine washed and dried while still maintaining their structure and appearance. Say goodbye to pet beds that look like eyesores! Each WallyBed is personally handmade and critiqued in order to ensure that the highest quality was sewn in. Not only are our beds beautiful, but they provide the ultimate comfort and support for your pet. Get a WallyBed and see the difference. You and your pet deserve this luxury! See Details
The Woof Shop The Woof Shop is a pet supplies boutique based in Melbourne, Australia. Always on a lookout to bring designer pet labels into Australia, they source their products from all around the world to bring the most fashionable products to your loved ones at reasonable prices. To them, it's all about WOOF! See Details
Fido Friendly Magazine Fido Friendly Magazine delivers a quarterly sourcebook for you and your dog while traveling in the United States and Canada. Fido Friendly is packed full with great articles and gives you a list of Fido Friendly Accommodations as well as Groomers, Doggie Daycares, Kennels, Fido Friendly Restaurants, Bark Parks and more. See Details
DryFur Pet Airline Super Store DryFur's Pet Airline Super Store offers all items required for safe, comfortable pet airline travel. They have been in the pet industry since 1997! See Details The easiest way to insure your best friend!

Dog liability insurance protects you from financial responsibilities if your dog injures a person or causes property damage. There are many breeds of dogs that are considered aggressive by nature, but all dogs have the potential to cause harm unintentionally. The cost of insuring your dog will be much less than a potential lawsuit against you due to injuries or damage caused by your dog. At we insure all breeds so no matter what your furry family member looks like – we’ve got you covered. Check us out for a FREE quote!
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Abel Pet Supply Quality dog gear for the active dog and handler. You can find us at local dog agility trials and flyball tournaments as well as other events. Local delivery is possible. All treats are all natural from North America, nothing from China. Support local! We do not sell pets. See Details
Ruff Armor RuffArmor makes uncommonly tough seat covers for big dog owners with a stay-put fit. Each seat cover set comes with FREE SHIPPING and a lifetime guarantee. Only available online at See Details
Posh Pet Glamour Boutique We sell designer dog clothes, dog carriers, dog beds, dog costumes, dog collars, dog gift baskets, dog birthday cakes, and also have a large selection for your cat as well. The One Stop Shop to Spoil your pet! See Details
Doggie Diva Dog Boutique The Doggie Diva dog boutique is a unique, online pet boutique that specializes in everything cute and trendy, sporty and pretty for dogs and other pets. From luxury dog carriers that look like purses to disposable dog shoes that protect dog's feet from injury, snow, salt, etc... Doggie Diva has it all plus we provide personalized, round the clock customer service unlike any other online dog product store. See Details
Chillspot Chillspot™ is the only cooling pet bed that uses thermodynamics to create a cool surface where an animal can lay to escape the heat of the day. Its patent pending design consists of an insulated base and twin custom fabricated aluminum tiles that house specially sized non-toxic freezer pods. The durable base keeps the pods cold, and the "Chill" is delivered uniformly across the tiles by simple thermodynamics without electricity. With its flat powder-coated surface, Chillspot™ doesn't look like the traditional fluffy pet bed, because it is not like any other pet bed. The best way to describe why Chillspot™ works is to ask a simple question: Where does your dog go to lay down when it's hot and needs to regulate its body temperature? He or she goes to the kitchen or bathroom and spreads out on a cool tile floor. The last place your pet wants to be is curled up on a warm fluffy surface. The portable Chillspot™ replicates the cool tile floor your animal prefers, and remains cool all day to help your pet stay safe and comfortable indoors or out. See Details
Pitbull Supply # 1 website for Pit Bull supplies. See Details
Miss Bee Haven Honey Bones Greenville's very own all natural dog bones made with a touch of honey from Greenville's honey hives. See Details PetSmart is the largest specialty pet retailer of services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets. They operate more than 1,352 stores in the United States and Canada, providing a broad range of competitively priced pet food and pet products; services including pet training, pet grooming, pet boarding, and pet adoption services. Veterinary care is also provided by Banfield Pet Hospital, currently found at over 60% of PetSmart locations. PetSmart stores are stocked with more than 13,000 products, all available at every day low prices. In addition to providing great value, they have the broadest, deepest product range in the industry, including thousands of products exclusive to PetSmart. And they're constantly on the prowl for innovative new products that can help pet parents raise healthy, happy pets. See Details
Aw Paws - Creative Pet ID Tags Aw Paws prodices hand-crafted unique pet id tags. I have 100s of unique tag designs to match your pet's unique personality FUNNY.. CUTE.. TOUGH.. BIG.. SMALL.. CATS.. DOGS.. You name it..
They are durable and waterproof - not to mention eye catching.

You can take a look at my tag designs on my website.

If you have any special requests please feel free to contact me.
See Details Petfinder is the largest online, searchable database of animals in need of their forever homes. The site is updated daily and has listings for nearly 200,000 adoptable pets, simultaneously providing you with a directory of over 14,000 shelters across the US, Canada, and Mexico. If you're interested in adopting a new doggie (or any other type of pet), you can search their database by breed, age, size, gender, and location. There's even a personality / temperament assessment and picture preview of most animals. Petfinder makes it really easy to find just what you're looking for and, best of all, the service is totally free! See Details
Laura Stinchfield—The Pet Psychic Laura Stinchfield is an internationally known animal communicator / The Pet Psychic ® and animal trainer. Laura’s clientele ranges from other animal trainers (domestic and exotic), veterinarians, rescue groups, celebrities, to private consultations with adults and children.
You can order private phone/Skype sessions on her website.
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Pet Alive Just like humans, domesticated animals like dogs and cats are affected by the health hazards of modern living. Pollution, poor nutrition, stress, and unhealthy lifestyles can lead to a variety of illnesses and conditions that are very similar to those experienced by humans. In fact, many, if not most pet health concerns can be addressed by helping your pets to live a healthier lifestyle. Pet Alive, part of the Native Remedies family, is the leading brand of natural remedies for pets on the market and back up their products with a one year money back guarantee. See Details
Happy Lapper TM The Happy Lapper TM is a frozen dog treat holder designed especially to keep those small treat cups in one place allowing our beloved dogs to finally enjoy it without chasing it around the room. It is comprised of 100% non-toxic materials and is made in the USA. The unique design holds most all brands of frozen doggie ice cream. It has a non-skid bottom with an extended paw that can be placed under any weighted object making it effective for all dog breeds, large and small. The Happy Lapper is a clever but simple solution to a common problem that makes life more enjoyable for us and our dogs. See Details
Walk Your Dog With Love Walk Your Dog With Love handcrafts a unique dog harness that makes walking any dog a pleasure. It is a no-choke, no-pull, easy-on dog harness. This means traveling with your best friend just got even easier. It is vet approved, rescue endorsed, trainer recommended and loved by dogs and their guardians all around the world. See Details
Friendly Dog Leash® Walker This tangle free walker is different from your standard coupler system. Our unique "T-bolt" design allows the dogs to go over and under each other, without tangling! You can walk up to three dogs on one lead. They come in three sizes, small, medium and large. We also offer reflective webbing, for those night walkers. Only available in large. Go to our website and see for yourself. Check out our hands free Belt Loop that slips on any size belt up to 2 1/2" wide. See Details
The Hydro Pet The Hydro Pet has specially designed, pressure-powered water jets with no electrical components that expel the dirty water and bio material buildup from the bowl as they are refilling it with fresh clean water.

The Hydro Pet is an automatic pet water bowl that fills with fresh clean water. Every time your timer watering system runs, the old water is flushed out by running over the recessed portion of the bowl watering the nearby trees, shrubs or plants. This process creates a fresh clean water source for your pet and eliminates the breeding of disease-causing insects such as mosquitoes.
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dooup The only 5 in 1 pooper scooper in the world that contains unique patented ‘scoop-flush technology’.

It works to simultaneously spray a garden and animal friendly sanitizing fluid over the affected area while clearing the waste into the storage chamber; working to prevent the spread of the 23 million bacteria contained in dog waste.

This ultimate garden gadget provides contact-less, hygienic clearance and stores around a week’s worth of dog poo before automatically sealing the waste away – saving you bags and time and keeping your home environment clean and safe.
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