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Gulf Shores, AL, US 36542
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Fort Morgan Beach Overview
Hours: 8am-5pm CST
Cost: vary
Dogs on a leash are allowed on beaches in the city of Fort Morgan, but must remain on the beach between the Engineer's Wharf and the Fishing Pier. Please 'Visit Website' to view a map of permitted areas. Please note that there is a fine of $500 for visiting areas outside of the permitted areas. Tip: Park at either the Fishing Pier because the fort parking can sometimes be a little busy. You'll find the dog-friendly beach runs parallel with the main road (after the gate).
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Average Rating:
Fort Morgan Beach in Gulf Shores, AL, US has an average rating of 2.9 based on 14 member reviews.
Beautiful Secluded Beaches
Jill Reed Manning in Fort Morgan, Alabama
I think Fort Morgan has some of the most beautiful, natural beaches along the entire gulf coast. I have grown up down here all of my life and have seen lots of changes, some good, some bad... but one thing that hasn't changed is how gorgeous the beaches are! Our beaches are pet friendly (except for the State owned areas along the peninsula). Most of the gulf front homeowners do own the land into the water however the law states everyone has a right to walk the beach in front of these gulf front homes AND there are tons of public accesses along the peninsula that you can enjoy (if you aren't staying gulf front). Fort Morgan is really a great spot to vacation!
Bethany in Tuscaloosa
My husband and I brought our Aussie to Fort Morgan beach. It's small but very clean and quiet. Some people mentioned that the place was trashy but that wasn't our experience. Maybe it's because we were there in snowbird season but whatever the reason, it was very nice. We took the Our Rd entrance (thanks, Caleb!). There are several privately owned houses so we stayed closer to the water so as not to intrude but we had plenty of room to play and throw the ball. We had a lovely day! I'd recommend it to a friend. Would give five bones if there was a bathroom!
Tana in Houston
For those that don't like looking at the oil rigs, how did you get down to Fort Morgan? Did you walk or ride your bike? Without the oil rigs, you can't drive.....
great spot and friendly people
daisy in New York City
We stayed near Navy cove. At the end toward the fort and ferry. The beach access was very easy and we walked to reach the beach. We played ball on the beach with the leash close by. Everyone was friendly with our dog. The beach was clean and the water was clear.
Caleb in Columbus, GA
Reading about this beach here and on other sights makes it seem as if there is dog friendly access at the end of Mobile St. THERE IS NOT. If you want a good spot and you aren't staying in Fort Morgan, i would drive into the town and turn down (OUR ST.) < that is the name. There isn't a parking lot, but there is beach access and space to park along the sandy streets (traffic is low, just don't get stuck in the sand). There probably many other public streets you could turn down as well. It's a nice uncrowded place to bring some chairs and spend the day with your pet. (no facilities) Enjoy!
Great Beach!
christine in Biloxi ms
I have a full review here -- http://pawprintsandpaintbrushes.blogspot.com/2013/03/fort-morgan-beach.html Basically, the only reason I didn't give it five stars is because there are some dead things on the beach, like fish bones and such. But honestly, its a great beach to take your dog too. The water was clean, it was secluded, to see more pictures and descriptions check out my blog post.
not really for swimming
jimmie in birmingham, al
Been here off and on for several yrs because if you get a rental in the area, you can have your pets on the beach. Seems to be getting crappier every time we go...couple of yrs after oil spill, it was the worst beach we've ever seen. Tar balls all over, sea trash like you wouldn't believe...from old tennis shoes to toilet brushes, and plastic and more. I think thre had been a storm a few days before, so i could understand the seaweed everywhere, but, i couldn't understand why property owners or the town would not come out and clean up the trash...It was ridiculous. Well, we went back in may, 2015, and decided it wold be the last time..the water is murky, there are very fe w birds, and beach still not that clean, and it smelled like dead fish...We had to drive into gulf shores to get on a cleaner beach...very sad...still picked up a few shells that had tar balls stuck to them...cannot even see any of those little digger shells, that dig into the sand when the tide rolls in...no wonder there are no birds on the beac...nothing for them to eat..this beach is ruined from the oil spill...go somewhere else, and enjoy a clean beach that you can swim in with fido...sad..Don't believe what you hear about the beaches being cleaned up, etc...BP should be banned from our country for what the have done to the gulf.
Nice beach but those Oil Rigs!!!
Todd in Memphis
Took our dog to Ft. Morgan peninsula last week and the beaches were pretty nice and we walked our dog there every day....no issues. One thing that does bother me though....are those nasty Oil Rigs all over the horizon on BOTH sides! The Gulf and bay side are littered with these monstrosities and 2 days out of the 4 we were there...we heard a constant siren alarm which happens every time it is deemed foggy out on the water. It's coming from the oil rigs to alert ships of its location. What a way to ruin the beach. Very sad to see how this turned bad from the last time we were there 10 years ago. A few rigs were present in 2005. Now we count well over 14 in plain view.
side visit
Pam in Opelousas LA
Our original destination was the fort. Beach was a side trip just to get her some exercise. No dead fish but the largest jellyfish I ever seen. The reason I give this 3 bones is due to humans not taking care. This is more a fishing relaxing beach and not for swimming. Highly recommend the fort tour
Jo in Dallas
Not sure if we did this right. Felt super awkward having our dog at the historical site....not sure we were even in the right place. Thanks to Caleb's review we found an amazing beach off the OUR RD entrance!!!! Thank you so much Caleb!!!!!! Saved our trip. There are ZERO dog beaches anywhere.....
Douglas in Fort Morgan
Contrary to popular belief, most of the beaches out Fort Morgan Hwy are PRIVATE and not public - so as you trespass on private property you and your dog may not be welcome!
You Call This a Beach
Gayle in Sioux Falls
A very I attractive beach. If I wouldn't swim there, and I wouldn't, my beloved dog isn't either. Murky looking water. Views of oil rigs. Facing Mobile Bay not the Gulf. And was charged $10 for the pleasure of being here.
The nastiest beach ever
Szilvia in New Orleans, LA
The reason I give 1 bone to Fort Morgan Beach is because no bone is not an option. This beach was a huge disappointment. I do not recommend it to anyone who love their dog. This beach was covered with countless pretty big sized dead fishes. I don't know what caused their death but the water and the sand both looked polluted. The whole place smelled. It was just disgusting. Do not take your dog there! The park itself is overpriced and has short hours anyway, closing at 5 PM.
Beach Polution
Residents in Fort Morgan
Dog owners do not respect the beach. Reasonable rules for dog and pet visits are not followed . They leave their dog droppings and polute the beach. Ask some one to restrain their dog is not going to happen. The county sheriff's office should enforce reasonable rules.
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