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Fiesta Island Road
San Diego, CA, US 92123
(619) 221-8901
Fiesta Island Off Leash Dog Park Overview
Hours: 4am-12am
Cost: FREE
Most of this large sandy island in Mission Bay is designated leash-free for dogs. Lots of sandy dunes to romp in, and the calm bay waters lets the more adventurous dogs take a quick dip. There is a designated off leash location on the backside of the island as Sea World will be on your left, fenced in front with signs. Very private with endless shores to run. Bring water for your dogs, there are porta-potties located around the island.
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Average Rating:
Fiesta Island Off Leash Dog Park in San Diego, CA, US has an average rating of 4.4 based on 7 member reviews.
Love this Place
Kevin in San Diego
My 2 dogs love this place. They can run, swim and climb hills. Besides the fact this is the biggest dog park I have even seen, they love all of the open space to run.
A must go
Robert in San Deigo
Huge open area. Only water area is in the middle where 3 trees are. provided by water jugs. plenty of beach area as well as (during spring only) plenty of green shrubs. good place during summer ( SD parks dept. moes over all weeds to keep fox tails down)
Dog Smorgasborg
newt gingrich in Washington DC
This place is great for Large breed owners having trouble feeding their dogs. With all the Chihuahuas and Shitzus running around, your Big Dog won't be hungry for long. Especially if they can eat on the run. It's so easy for the little ones to get lost in the mix, so if your beast is quick and clean who'll notice. As a side benefit, the small dog population gets culled leaving behind only the fastest and smartest small breeds behind. Making a much stronger genes pool. So yeah people bring your little ones to the park, we can't wait to Meat... You
Fiesta Island
Lea in Hillcrest
We had so much fun but I did notice there were many people with unfriendly dogs. I recommend Fiesta Island but it might be a goo idea to keep your small dog on a leash at first. ALSO, be very careful of beehives!! There was a huge beehive under a picnic table. I did track down a guy who worked there and they eventually had the hive relocated but I was told they have a bee problem.
love this place
Joni in San Diego
One of my favorite places to bring my dog for some exercise since I get plenty of exercise with her. A walk around the fenced area takes us over an hour to complete. Lots of water play and hills for running up and down. Could use a couple more strategically located trash bins. The only drinking water for dogs is brought is what is brought in by jugs and left under the trees in the middle of the island but last time I was there I did notice someone left a bowl and jug by the southwest side of the island. Would also be nice if more people cleaned up after their pets. All in all it's still one of our favorite places.
Beth in San Diego
With a 10 month old Puppy, it is nice to have a wide open area for him to run. Other dog beaches are confined to a small area with so many dogs it is hard to keep track of everything. Fiesta Island is nice because of the wide open areas. There may be hundreds of dogs but it still seems empty. Plus if my little guy gets too crazy and starts annoying the older dogs, I can just turn around an walk the other direction. Plenty of open space.
Great place to be free!
Chelsea in San Diego
There is just so much space for your dog to be free. So many dog parks are fenced in, and dog beaches can often be crowded due to space. Dogs of all sizes play here, with room to walk away if there isn't a friendly encounter. (Usually is though) It would receive a higher rating if more owners cleaned up after their pets. Just watch where you step, and bring a towel in case your dog likes to swim!
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