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Pump House Dr and Park Dr
Richmond, VA, US 23221

James River Overview
Your pet will love to join you as you stroll through this beautiful riverside park. They're welcome as long as they remain on-leash.
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James River in Richmond, VA, US has an average rating of 2.5 based on 2 member reviews.
off the leash
monique in cfield
I agree I've been on the foot bridge and have seen dogs off the leash. Bad owners ! It's too late when their precious oh no my pitbull is friendly has it's mouth clamped down on a person of other dog ! I say take pictures of the offenders and post them online and show the police
Beware of Dogs Without Leashes
Hedy in Richmond, VA
As a Richmond local it is nice to see that the James River is a option on this web site. However, please know that every time I have been over the walking bridge on Belle Isle that there are dogs, with their owners, off leash. Recently, there was a good sized crowd walking both ways on the walking bridge, and a family with a baby in a stoller going one way, and an off leash adult size pit bull goin the other direction. You could just see everything in the near vicinity tense up as these two met just a few feet from each other. This clearly demonstrates a disregard for and disrespect of other people as well as other dogs. The City of Richmond does a very poor job of enforcing the leash requirement unfortunately, and there have been several dog attacks that have ended tragically. The owners do not realize that they cannot control their dog until it is too late, and that should NEVER happen. I think there needs to be more enforcement of the leash requirements and more signs - litter the area with signs - it is better to do that than to wait to have a dog attack a child or another dog. One suggestion whether you trek this area on your own, with your family or with your dog is to carry dog mace with you. You can purchase it at your local gun store. I have two cannisters of it. My dog and I have been attacked two times by a loose dog in the past year.
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